Dish Network Sucks. . .

So Dish Network came to put in more wall jacks so I could move the TV to different parts of the livingroom.  Within the last month, I have rearranged ours and Emma’s rooms.  I can’t have a room stay like it is for to long.  Dustin called home one afternoon and I ran to the phone out of breath.  He asked why I way out of breath and I didn’t want to tell him I had blocked the door with the dresser and was trying to move it to get to the phone so the girls wouldn’t wake up.  I responded with the cool, calm and collected, “no reason” and he told me to quit moving furniture around.  Man does he know me or what?!?

 Anyway, Dish Network not only drilled a hole in our ceiling and didn’t tell me, they also didn’t install the jacks right and now we have no satellite.  I’M A STAY-AT-HOME MOM, I NEED THE DISNEY CHANNEL!!  I NEED FOOD NETWORK!  I NEED BRAVO!  I don’t know what my obsession with Bravo is, but I have to have my bravo reality shows.  They can’t come until Monday and I’ve watched:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (twice), Ice Age the Meltdown (twice), Serendipity, Cars, Baby Einstein’s , Premonition, Batman Begins, The Family Stone, X-Men – X2 United, the 40-year-old Virgin, Baby’s First Moves, Barbie’s 12 Dancing Princesses, Barnyard,  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Mickey Saves Christmas (4 times), VeggieTales – Gideon the Tuba Warrior,  Happy Feet.  And for Happy Feet being targeted towards children, it was a little suggestive with the penguins dancing to the Artist formally known as Prince or Prince’s song Kiss.  It was a little PG-13 if you ask me and just a little too weird for small children to be watching.

I’d like to point out that I haven’t stuck my children in front of the TV all day to watch these movies, but some were on repeat while we went outside to play or did other things.  I’m not a bad mom!  Of course Dust and Emma ran to town for a billion things and picked up some movies and of course one of them didn’t work.  What is it with our luck and TV related things.  Everything else works smoothly for us, why not the TV and TV paraphernalia?  I’m so about to go nuts, but I think once Ellie starts to feel better and things get a little more normal around here, I’ll quit obsessing about the lack of satellite TV at 1:00 a.m.


Baby Mama. . .

mini-me.jpg mini-me-2.jpg mini-me-3.jpg mini-me-4.jpg

Yah, who do they look like now?  And everyone didn’t think I was the Mama.  We all knew that Dustin was the father, or Paco from the Caribbeans.  So I found some pictures at Mom and Dad’s and look at the mini me’s.  Finally, people will believe that these children look like their Mama!

poor Ellie. . .


My little baby girl is not feeling well this week.  We went to the doctor on Tuesday because she couldn’t quit pooping (I know, I know, lucky for me) and spitting up every thing.  Ellie has hand, foot and mouth disease, one of the many different strands that are going around.  This viral infection is contagious and I’ve been waiting for Emma to catch it.  Thank God, all her hugging and kissing on Ellie hasn’t given her the poopys.  I thought Ellie had ROTO (the worst thing your child can get that you will never forget because of all the poop and horrible, awful, disgusting smell), but no.  I have to let it run its course and in 3-7 days, we should be out of the clear.  Ellie’s still isn’t feeling better today and seems to cry at the drop of a hat (she’ll so be ready for puberty).  Ohh, and she cut another tooth yesterday, YAH!  So maybe all of this hitting at once will keep her from getting sick for a while.  My poor baby. . .


my breakthrough. . .from a couple of weeks ago

Parenting is a constant justification of how and why I rasie my children the way I do.  If I have to explain myself or give deatiled reasons for choosing to do this or that for my kids, I’m going to lose it.  I don’t give out unsolicited advice for people, so why should they?  How old do I have to be before I am considered an adult?  After my eighth kid, do I finally know what I am doing?  Apparently not taking birth control correctly. . .

Just because I had children earlier than most would have thought for me, doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing.  Yah, your way might be working for you, but maybe I’d like to try my own.  I know I’m setting back the women’s movement by breastfeeding, making my own baby food and staying at home, but why should I feel bad for that.  I’m embarrassed when my baby food making abilities get brought up, like I’m going to make the other mom feel bad for buying jars of baby food at the store.  I’ll take my couple of hours once a month and puree’ everything my “Baby Bible” says I can and save a crap load of money.  Why must I explain myself because I am different?

I’ve never been able to give the yes or no answers to the simplest of questions.  I justify.  “Did you have a good day today?”  My answer, “Yes. . .because of this, this and this.”  Maybe if I just started saying, “Yes, I had a good day,” I could be done with that conversation and then move on.  I am somewhat of a tributary conversationalist.  I start a conversation aka “the river.”  I go into a story (the stream), usually a little long, then make an off the wall comment (the tributary) that brings up another story that eventually gets me back to the original topic, “Did you have a good day?” aka “the river.”  It’s like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, one way or another, three of my stories will lead me back to the first conversation.  Jess says I’m a good story-teller because of this peculiarity.

Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to quit justifying and explaining myself to every person that questions what I do.  It’s my life, deal with it or better yet, live your own.  I have two beautiful, healthy girls and a husband that comes home to a clean house and dinner on the table at 6:30 p.m. every night so we can go swimming or walk to the sno-cone place.  Maybe you shouldn’t be questioning me, maybe you should be taking notes.

Okay, the last part of that was when I was really angry a couple of weeks ago, but I have since then calmed down.  I might add that this is to no one imparticular (or at least to anyone on my email list) as you all wonder to yourself, “Did I say something to her?”  But just an overview of a tired stay-at-home mom that wants nothing but the best for her family and friends and can only vent through her fingertips because somehow SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS makes her feel better than to say it out loud.  If only she would fight with her husband like this. . .


Get Out of my Way. . .


I think I’m going to lose that last 13 pounds pretty easy now that Ellie is crawling. . .yes, I said crawling.  We dropped some stuff off at Cassie’s for the city-wide garage sale this weekend and what do you know, Ellie leaves her comfortable sitting position and heads for the steps (she would have to crawl up to get out, I’m not a bad mom that leaves my kid near stairs that go down).  I was watching her because A. there was a giant workout ball in the playroom, B.  Emma was in the playroom, C.  Emma loves playing “soccer ball” and D.  Did I mention Emma, giant ball and Ellie in the same room??  I can’t believe it, she crawled four times and then stopped because I was making too much noise jumping up and down and clapping like an idiot.  Then Emma started in because she didn’t know what we were clapping about and it looked like fun, and so I didn’t look so stupid.  My little baby is growing up.  She’s on the same track as Emma, so we should be walking in 2 months. . .Ohh Lord, forget 13 pounds, hello 30!  That shopping spree Dust promised me is so close!


Procrastinators Unite. . .tomorrow


I really thought this was going to be my “I’m so angry” post, but instead I’m looking to the comment, “the grass is always greener on the other side.”  However, I believe in the opposite.  I guess it would be, “it could always be worse.”  I cut my foot on the broken garage door unit (the big thing that opens the door) that is STILL sitting in the garage floor since last weekend.  I hobble down to the bedroom and tell Dustin to get that thing out of the garage and then check my foot to see if there is any of the wires left in after it stabbed me.  And as you can tell, I was very sweet with my request.  I then go back to the garage a pick up the unit a drag it (loudly )out to the fence.   Dustin walks out and says that he was going to cut it all apart to fit it into the dumpster and I told him I got him a little closer to getting rid of it.  I go to take more stuff out to the dumpster or shop, wherever I may decide to drop it off at, and Dustin doesn’t want me to hurt myself and he’ll get it.  HE’LL GET IT!  If he was going to get it, it wouldn’t have cut me and made me so angry!    I told him the only reason the garage was clean is because I have to finally get tired of putting things out there to get taken out to the shop or wherever else and I move it.  He leaves for school, only after a forced kiss and an “I love you” because we don’t want to ever leave mad.

Then I start to think when I’m in the house.  You know, he put that garage door up because he didn’t want the other one falling on the girls.  He does get his dirty dishes to the sink, granted there not in the dishwasher, but he knows me and knows that I will just rearrange them, so he does get his dishes to the sink.  His clothes make it to the dirty clothes hamper.  His clothes aren’t put up, but there not on the floor.  He hangs the towel up after his shower.  He puts the seat down.  He gives the girls their baths so I can clean up the house or occasionally sit down.  He’s learning to read between the lines.  He loves me no matter what, he may not like me, but he’ll always love me.


too cute. . .


We took some pictures of the girls after church in their little matching dresses.  It’s just too cute to not dress them alike.  Plus, if Ellie has any problems in the nursery, they know which sibling is hers to help calm her down.  Did I also mention how cute they are???  Notice the bows??  Ellie didn’t have a problem with it.  She also couldn’t see the large tumor on her head, but the bow is really light.  Too Cute!