the pirate and the chicken. . .

You would think this is the start of a joke, but no.  This would be the Halloween costumes Emma has chosen for herself and for Ellie.  Emma being the pirate and Ellie being the chicken.  Ellie was a little out voted because when we said raise your hand if you want Ellie to be a chicken, she didn’t and Emma did.  You would think, pirate???  Chicken???  But at one point Emma wanted to be Chuck E. Cheese.  I want Emma to be whatever she wants and I will support her decision 100%, but I’m putting my foot down when my daughter wants to be a rat for Halloween, mind you a rat that is loved by millions of kids, but a rat non the less.  The pirate and the chicken is an improvement. 


Bow Head. . .continued again

10.jpg  111.jpg 

Dude, once you put all the children and your husband to bed and sit down in a quiet living room, you can get a lot of stuff done.  A couple nights a week, I’ll stay up and work on some of the bows.  You know it’s football season and the entire town goes to the game.  And all the little girls wear cheerleading uniforms.  I made Emma a really neat sweatshirt last year, but I broke down and got her a uniform this year.  I figure it will fit her for this season and next and then Ellie will have it a couple of seasons, so I will get my money’s worth.  I’m in the process of getting Ellie a “Future Panther Cheerleader” shirt, so she won’t be left out.  Emma of course wanted Sissy to have a uniform too, but instead of verbalizing “Mama’s too cheap to buy a uniform that Ellie will most definitely spit up all over before we even get in the truck for the game,” I said, “Let’s get Ellie a really cool t-shirt.”  It’s not that I’m not fair, but I’m not stupid.  Before it’s all said and done, I’ll have spent the exact same on each child because I am my mother.  Maybe not down to the penny, but give or take $.20.

Speaking of bows, I’ve sold my first bow, well two bows, and am on my way to becoming a. . .what do you call someone who has $100 rather than a million?  I’m getting all my friends’ little girls ready for the game with purple and gold bows.  They turned out really cute!  Hope everyone is having a great week with the kiddos back in school!

for everything else. . .

tickets for high school football game:  $7

drinks and snacks:  $10

“Future Cheerleader” infant shirt:  $12

Panther toddler uniform:  $50

watching your 3-year-old daughter practice “GO PANTHEYS” (her E-Rs come out as E-Ys) all week so she’s ready for the big game:  priceless

Ellie and the veggie puff. . .

61.jpg  13.jpg  7.jpg  8.jpg

The life of a veggie puff, like the fish in our house, is short lived.  If you are a Gerber Graduates Finger Foods puffed grains with real fruit, you have no chance.  And if the older sister is in charge of distribution of said veggie puffs, you’re SOL.  I’ll give Ellie her pureed fruits and veggies and then it’s Emma’s turn to work with Ellie on “MORE” in sign language.  And I can’t just type MORE without using caps when I’m telling you how Emma says MORE to Ellie and then touches her own fingers together to demonstrate.  Really, I should type, “Ellie do you want MMMOOORRREEE??  MMMOOORRREEE?”  And this is repeated after Ellie attempts to touch her fingers together and claps instead.  Emma is amused and proud of herself as well as her very intelligent little sister and rewards her with 12 veggie puffs.  Mama intervenes and takes 10 away as well as the canister of veggie puffs.  Emma is given the remaining 10 and repeats the process of MMMOOORRREEE. 

it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. . .


I’m not saying I condone underage drinking, but Emma and I had “Pina Coloda Hour” at the Casa de Tow this evening.  She got the batch before the coconut rum was added, but still in a neat glass with a fresh pineapple wedge.  Hey, it’s all about presentation.  I bought the fruit smoothie concentrate from Target and just followed the directions (add ice and water) and man were they good even before the rum.  Dustin made a bloody mary and it wasn’t too bad.  I’m not a wine person, but it would be nice to know of other drinks I like rather than the old Coke Zero and Vanilla Rum.  I’m definitely going back to Target and getting some more smoothie flavors!

Lost in Lefors. . .

 2.jpg  1.jpg  32.jpg  4.jpg

Dustin went on his poker run this weekend and wanted us to come down there too.  I loaded up the girls and we got to Lefors by lunch time.  Emma was so excited to see all the motorcycles.  Everytime we see or rather hear one on the road, Emma always assumes that it is him.  Long hair, missing teeth or in his 70s, Emma thinks it’s Daddy (sorry Dust).  And of course, in true Emma fashion, we couldn’t go to the bike rally without a baby doll, bottle and blanket (only 20 miles down the road did she forget to grab a purse like Mama’s (my diaper bag) and wanted me to go back).  Dustin dressed the girls for the day in non other than their “Biker Chick” shirts. 

The highlight of the trip for:

Emma: Riding around the block with her Daddy on his hog (errr, what’s the nickname for a Suzuki??)

Ellie:  Smiling a toothless grin at the bikers and noticing some of their smiles were the same.

Mama:  Nothing beats attempting to breastfeed in private when there are hundreds of motorcycles and their owners everywhere.  Well, historical markers are good for other things besides knowledge.

 All in all, we had a great time and got to see another side of Daddy we don’t often get to.  Everyone was exhausted and took good naps when we got home!

Seriously. . .

Like I said before, by no means am I a professional photographer, but c’mon.  I endured yet another (second month in a row) session of crappy pictures.  Why do I keep getting the girls that don’t know what they’re doing.  Every picture is off centered with more of the background than of Ellie.  Seriously, when she asked what the other photographers do to get Ellie to smile, I was like, “Isn’t that your job?”  Seriously.  So, like Toys R Us, I am now boycotting Sears Portrait Studio.  If you look at the pictures, Ellie is missing a leg in picture #5.  SHE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE SURE YOU COULD SEE BOTH LEGS BEFORE TAKING THE PICTURE!  And honestly if I wanted a picture of my 8-month-old reading a book, I’d take it at home.  Only 4 more months of pictures, only 4 more months of pictures.  I was done with the pictures when the girl said, “Ohh, did she wake up grumpy?” I was even more done when she rammed the camera into my arm when I was leaving.  But when the girl took 10 minutes to get the stupid paper out of the printer and by this time Emma was crying (only because she knew she was getting a spanking when we got out to the car), Ellie was crying and I just had my hand on my head doing the silent “What the hell?!?” gesture, I was done.  Seriously.  If I wanted yet another picture of Ellie’s face so close that I can see the drool coming out of her mouth, I would tell them.  In fact, I did tell the girl that I didn’t want any close up shots but more of Ellie standing up because that’s her new thing she’s doing.  And how did the girl respond, “Well, okay, but I’m still going to have to take some close up of her.”  Ergo the 9 out of 12 shots they took were close ups.  Maybe I should go to Burger King for pictures, at least I would get it my way (“Have it Your Way”).  Seriously.  I’m trying expensive Family Photo next month, unless for some reason I’m near Lubbock or somewhere else that has decent photographers.  “How do the other photographers get her to smile?”  Seriously.