the personals. . .

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Emma Sage

Fun-loving 3-year-old that loves her independence but constantly wants to know where her Mama is.

Likes ketchup with a side of chicken tenders, princess paraphernalia, her sister when she’s not eating anything of hers, singing loudly in the car and long drives after dinner in her Cadillac Escalade.

Dislikes sour cream, standing in the corner, the thought of missing something during nap time and boys that don’t share toys.

Noelle (Ellie) Cambryn

Short-tempered 9-month-old that loves to make out with your cheek and takes it as a personal challenge when you baby proof an area.

Likes veggie puffs by the handful, being thrown up in the air, Sissy putting toys on her head during bath time and anything that will fit in her mouth

Dislikes the word “No”, Daddy putting on her pajamas after bath time, waiting for food, someone waking her up during her nap and toys that are out of reach.


woo hoo. . .

I made $62 this weekend on my bows.  Woo hoo!  That didn’t even make a dent in my Wal-Mart purchases or the little parties I went to this weekend, but that’s okay.  Woo hoo!  I should be making another $50 hopefully this week.  Woo hoo!  Please help me stop with the Woo hoo!

best birthday ever. . .

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What an awesome birthday I’ve had!  Well, more like a birthday weekend.  Dustin had Thursday and Friday off, so we left bright and early Friday morning and watched Emma at gymnastics (parent observe day) at 9:00 a.m.  Dustin went hunting Friday afternoon, so that meant a stop at Gander Mtn. was in order.  I stayed out in the truck and fed Ellie and listened to Emma say, “I need to go pee pee, I need to go pee pee,” for 20 minutes.  It’s never a quick trip to Gander Mtn. is it Dust??? 

For lunch we had Red Robin, mmm. . .you have to say it like that if you’ve ever heard their commercial on TV.  I got a free burger for my birthday, so we splurged and got not good spinach dip.  My A.1. Peppercorn burger was pretty good and at 11:00 a.m. Ellie could scream with delight all that she wanted because no one was there.  We left for Kohl’s where my husband of the year took off with Ellie in the stroller to keep her occupied while Emma and I tried on shoes.  I finally bought those shoes I’ve had my eye on everytime I go to Kohl’s with my birthday money (thank you Grandma) and they were on sale for $30!! 

Wal-Mart was next and it was a made run, grab and go and still cost us over $200, but between Sam’s last weekend and Wal-Mart this weekend, we will never need food again.  We got home just in time for Dust to get ready and leave for his hunting trip and the girls and I had a “toenail painting” party to go to.  It was $10 (or so we thought) to have anything painted on your toenails, but when I asked who to make the check out to, she informed us who to pay the $25 to.  $25!!  I was going to have Emma’s done too, but I told her to not say anything and Mama would paint hers this weekend!

The “Cherished Prints” party was this morning where we spent another ungodly amount of money, but it was so worth it if everything turns out good.  I’m done with going to parties, it just costs me a fortune.  The girls and I went out to the mall with Mom and Dad and got some Christmas shopping done as well as a my huge purchase of the year, my black boots for $43 which I used a birthday gift card (thank you my mother-in-law Terry).  The girl asked if I wanted her to put them at the counter so I could still shop, but I decided to guard them with my life instead.  Mom also bought me a suede blazer that was 50% off for Christmas and that too was at JC Penney during their ohh so random once a week One Day Sale.  And the jacket was on the bottom floor.  I didn’t have to go up to the women’s section and pay an extra $4 for clothing because of the whole 1″ they add in material.  I’m officially an XL.  It’s so nice to fit back into clothes again.  Dustin better watch out because he promised me a shopping spree when I hit my goal weight and I’m about 10 pounds away!  What a great birthday spent with my 3 most favorite people in the whole world.  The girls were so good and Dustin took me shoe shopping and to Wal-Mart.  What a husband!  What a birthday!

P.S.  The flowers were from my friend Margie and they were left inside the garage because only in Panhandle could you forget to close the garage door when leaving at 8:30 a.m. and still have everything in the garage and in your unlocked house at 3:30 p.m.  Emma found the flowers and I said, “Ahhh, you got me flowers,” and Dustin replied, “Uhh, no I didn’t.”  We had that awkward moment and I seriously felt like I had a lover and my husband just caught me and then I remembered there was no lover and maybe I should read the card addressed to “Stephanie Powell.”  It was signed “Happy Birthday from your bad good friend.”  And then I knew it was from Margie!  Thank you bad good friend Margie who is know bumped to “occasionally bad good friend.”


family birthday party. . .

This past Sunday, we had Dustin’s side of the family’s birthday party.  Dustin’s dad, mom, brother-in-law and I all have birthdays in September, so we just celebrate them at the same time.  We had such a good time.  Dustin smoked a briskit and everyone brought food.  Since I don’t like chocolate cake, my birthday dessert was homemade ice cream (thank you Tacie) and it was SO good.  We played ladder golf and just spent time together.  Dustin and I are now setting up a third Sunday of the month lunch with his family.  We are the party planners with our friends and are carrying this trait over the his family.  We always make plans weeks in advance so why not schedule in a family lunch.  My mother-in-law thought it was a great idea and she doesn’t have to spend an entire week calling everyone to figure out everyone’s schedule and change plans to accomodate everyone.  I think this will take alot of stress out of planning a party and let everyone relax and have fun.  I know Emma had a blast playing with Meme and Papaw and this way they get to see the girls at least once a month and Dustin can spend time with his parents.  For my birthday, I got $50 JC Penney gift card, $20 Hobby Lobby gift card and $40 which $20 has gone towards gas for Dustin’s motorcycle and his congestion medicine.  I thought this was my birthday???


the fair. . .

We went to the fair on Saturday and ate enough greasy food to last me a year.  I didn’t go overboard like I did last year, but when you’re 6 months pregnant a fair and an all-you-can-eat restaurant are two places you shouldn’t go.  This year we loaded up the girls and met Mom and Dad there.  We kidded and said that this was Mom’s personal Hell. . .fried food, porta-potties, thousands of Amarilloians gathered in one place and carnis (small hands, smell like cabbage).  Emma was big enough this year to go on the rides and did she have fun.  She went on the fire truck that goes around and around forwards and backwards pretty high up in the air which is why the carni man told me to ride with her.  I was in my personal Hell.  I loved riding with Emma, but that other 20 screaming children and the ride going around and around and forwards and backwards. . .good thing we hadn’t ate that much yet.  It was a personal victory for me as there was no way I could have fit in that ride if I hadn’t lost so much weight.  How horrible would it have been if they couldn’t push the bar down because of my stomach?  Not this year!  And I became Emma’s riding buddy, so it was so much fun!  Daddy rode the roller-coasters and Mama was chosen for the around and around and forwards and backwards rides.  Papa just pushed Ellie in her stroller and when she would scream, Dust would give her a veggie puff.  Are we teaching her bad manners?!?  All in all, we ate alot and had a great time and are glad it’s only once a year.  It was so much more fun when we were kids and didn’t think about the rides being put up in 2 hours and how the greasy food was going to affect us the next morning.  Growing up sucks sometimes.


my magazine article. . .

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When I get some time, I’m really going to make out my Life’s To Do List.  One of my ultimate goals or really dreams is to be published.  So, I submitted an article to REDBOOK for its Real-Life Healthy Life series.   They’re looking for the stories of women who took their diet and fitness into their own hands to live their healthiest life ever.  I had to tell them in 500 words or less what I did to make this huge life change.  They want our stories so that they can motivate their reader to make healthy changes in their own lives too.  I also have to submit a before and after photo and thanks to Papa-razzi, I had many to choose from on the before.  You wouldn’t think it would be such a life change, but when I look at the picture from Galveston, I don’t want to ever feel like that again.  I can’t believe I’ve changed that much in three years.  Hopefully I will hear something, but like the craft “fair,” this is good experience and I’m only going to look for the positive in this.  But how cool would it be to get your words published in a national magazine?!?  Everyone keep your fingers crossed!!


what is love. . .


Love is a gallon jar of pickle spears and a 2 pound bag of seasoned croutons.  This is why I shouldn’t go to Sam’s.  Everytime we go, everyone gets to pick out their one thing (within budget reason) that they have to have.  Dustin’s pick was the hot candy fire balls, I choose the six pound bag of tri-colored pasta and Emma picked out the eight pack of Spaghetti-Os (Ellie was due in a month).  This time around, Dustin got a 24 pack of V-8, I obviously choose the croutons and the pickles (I did put the croutons back, but Dust said to get them), Emma chose a six pack of black olives as well as a 36 pack of chocolate/vanilla pudding packs (that was really a purchase for the whole family because Dustin and Emma eat chocolate and me and again Emma eat the vanilla) and Ellie got 160 count of Pampers diapers.  Ellie’s was more of a need than a want, but the Veggie Puff 12 pack had flavors she still can’t have for a couple of more months.  Anyway, with breastfeeding, she’ll get the pickles and croutons two days after I eat them.  It’s win, win situation for everyone!