the pumpkin patch. . .


Last Saturday, we took the girls for our annual pumpkin patch pictures.  It’s the “I hope these pictures will turn out so good despite the 60 mph wind, the sun in their eyes and the dirt blowing in their faces” pictures.  Emma had a blast picking out pumpkins to paint and riding in the jeep they had set up.  Ellie more or less screamed over the traffic and because she couldn’t catch her breath with the wind blowing right in her face.  She was a trooper and gave me “hurry and take this picture so I can go take my nap in the truck” smile.  Ahh, my little girl. . .

I can’t believe it’s already Fall.  I can’t believe I’ll be sending out invitations to Ellie’s 1-year-old birthday party.  I just had her like. . .yesterday?!?  I love Kenny Chesney’s new song, Don’t Blink.  It scares me how time flies by and I start the day with Emma crawling in bed with me and then before I know it, I’m rocking Ellie to sleep at night.  I can only imagine what it’s like for Mom and Dad to watch me and Jess becoming parents and doing the same things they did which they feel like was just yesterday.  I’m holding on to these moments like the pumpkin patch because before I know it, Emma will be writing in her blog repeating these same words about her Mama. 


things you should never do. . .

Because I’ve had so much training as a parent. . .a whole 3 1/2 years. . .there’s two things I’ve figured out you should never do.

~Never attempt to fold laundry with a child in the same vicinity as you.  Even if you’re the bi-district champ of laundry folding, a 10-month-old will crush your record for 7 towels, 9 washcloths, 2 handtowels, 3 kitchen towels, 6 pairs of tall socks, 4 pairs of short socks and 2 pairs of below the ankle socks in a matter of 23.2 seconds.  And this is just one load of laundry.  We haven’t made it to the t-shirts and underwear where you’re the current state champ. . .

~Never put nice clothes on your 10-month-old.  Just don’t do it.  As Ellie sits by the glass front door in her diaper, I am washing her Gymboree Wienie Dog long-all.  Why is it that children decide to sneeze when they have a mouthful of butternut squash and apple sauce?  I put this outfit on her this morning thinking, “Stains. . .be damned, I’m going to put an actual outfit on Ellie,” now all I’m thinking is, “Damn stains.”

girls’ pictures. . .


These are just random pictures that describe my beautiful girls on a daily basis.  Emma is just like her Mama and so cordinated and graceful.  “Instead of making two or three trips, it can so be done in one” is a motto her and her Mama share when it comes to putting up laundry as well as toys.  Ellie’s life revolves well, around Ellie.  Everything is waiting for her, she just has to make it there.  And even if she doesn’t quite get to where she’s going, someone will help her out and get her there.  Ahh, to be Ellie.  Ellie’s motto, “If I’m screaming, you should have been quicker.”


the block party. . .

e11.jpg  e21.jpg

Ellie:  “Hey Addy, what are you eating?”

Addy:  “I’ve got some cheese and meat.  What about you?”

Ellie:  “Just cheese.  I’m working my way up to the big stuff.”

At the end of the party when the kids were on there way to baths and bedtime.

Emma:  “I don’t want Emmy to leave.”

Emmy:  “Why can’t we have a sleep over?”

Emma:  “Mama, I am so sad.”  (this is such an Emma quote)

Emmy:  “AAAHHHHH!!  I don’t want to leave!”


Hour 124. . .

e2.jpg  e1.jpg

Hour 1~Emma threw up and we’re thinking, “Ohh, the spaghetti didn’t agree with her.” 

Hour 1.5~The spaghetti along with everything else she has eaten in the last 3 years of her life apparently haven’t agreed with her.  A wise thing to teach your child is how to puke in a trash can.  Starting on my third load of laundry because I couldn’t get Emma to the bathroom quick enough and I carried most of the vomit between my shirt and my arm. 

Hour 2~Call the doctor and they say to give her 1 ounce of juice only after she hasn’t thrown up in 3 hours.  And this is only if Emma asks for it.

Hour 3~I trade my king size bed in for a twin on the floor in Emma’s room.  And she crawls down her bed and cuddles up next to me.  Mmmm, vomit breath.  But if it makes her stop throwing up, she can breathe on my all night long.

Hours 4-7~I wake up from my 20 minute nap to the sounds of screaming and dry heaving.  Every 20 minutes, my “alarm” would go off and I would just pray Emma would make it to the trash can. 

Hour 7.5~This has been going on all night so I call the doctor again and they tell me to take her to the emergency room.  I pack a back pack, put clothes on, grab Emma and a coat along with Petey, her blanket and a trash can and we are out the door and at BSA emergency room in 30 minutes.

Hour 8~The nurse is asking questions while they take Emma’s blood pressure and temperature.  He tries to be funny and ask Emma if she smokes and Emma replies with throwing up in the trash can.  He says he’ll stop being funny.

Hour 9~My poor baby has to have an IV put in her to help get fluids back in.  She sits there in my lap and just cries.  She doesn’t pull her hand away, she doesn’t scream or throw a tantrum, she just cries.  I was so proud as I wiped my own tears from her hurting so much.

Hour 10~We’re told she’s going to stay the night and they’re fixing to move us to a room upstairs.  Emma looked so tiny in that wheel chair being pushed up to the pediactric unit.

Hour 14~Emma is playing with toys in the bed and having the best time.  She’s so thirsty, but you’d never known that she had lost 2 pounds in a day.

Hour 24~We are out of the hospital and asleep in comfortable beds.  I’m so glad this is behind us.  I wonder why Ellie keeps having diarrhea???

Hour 48~We’ve all felt a little yucky just from all the smells of infant diarrhea, vomitting and a healthy dose of Lysol.  Ohh God, there goes Dustin running for the bathroom.

Hours 48.5-56~I spent the night on the couch and Dustin with his head in the trash can.  I call and tell Mom and Dad what’s been going on at our house and I find out Mom spent the wee hours of the morning with her head in a toilet.  Did I mention they went out of town for one of Dad’s board meetings?  Dad isn’t feeling so well either.

Hour 62~I’m now opening my 5th can of chicken broth in 24 hours, this one’s for Dustin to sip on in the bedroom.  I’m so not a nurse and I’ve had this nausious feeling for the past 2 days.

Hour 72~Another night on the couch with everyone asleep and I’m taking deep breaths and praying that I don’t lose my lunch and dinner because I’m not feeling good at all.

Hour 82~Dustin takes a bath because he’s too weak to stand up in the shower.  His 6-pound weight loss diet has really run him down since it only took a day to lose the it.  But yeah, he’s taking a bath.  He hangs out on the couch most of the day and I’m on my 7th load of laundry. 

Hour 88~We had so many plans this weekend and even during the week because of the hectic weekend.  I drop off a birthday present and head to Thriftway to pick up the big gallon bottle of Gatorade and Sprite and the many cans of soup.  I drove with the window down just because I knew Dustin would be so pissed if the new smell in his truck was stomach bug vomit.

Hour 88~Commence naptime.  Dustin took my glasses off, got my pillow and covered me up with a blanket.  This is the first time that all four Tows were asleep at the same time during the day. 

Hour 90~Dustin and I stay up laying on the couches and just talking.  We watch TV and catch up on what’s been going on.  Amazing how the stomach bug can bring two people so close together.

Hour 102~I wake up to Ellie screaming bloody murder and I rip off the covers and run to her bedroom and she’s not there.  I hear it again from our bedroom and I run in there to see Dustin holding Ellie on our bed.  I ask what happened and he said she bumped her nose, but in my state of confusion and being woke up from a deep sleep, I hear she broke her nose.  All I can think is that CPS is coming to take our children away because we keep going to the hospital.  I need sleep.

Hour 124~I just got off the phone with the nurse on call because Ellie can’t quit pooping.  She’s not eating as much as she normally does and she’s definitely not breastfeeding good.  She also cut another tooth, but poor Ellie just doesn’t feel good.  I’m off to the store tomorrow for Pedialyte.  I’m supposed to be her personal chew toy tomorrow to make sure she keeps feeding so she doesn’t get dehydrated.  Now instead of doing laundry because of puking, I’m doing laundry because of pooping.

Hour 127~Hello king size bed.  Ohh how I’ve missed you.


youtube and me. . .tube

I signed up for youtube so I can share some of the videos we’ve recorded of the girls since Ellie was born and then I think some of Emma with our old digital camera.  I’m cracking up watching these of Emma with Ellie.  I’m laughing so hard and I need to pee which isn’t a good combination.  Hopefully this will work and my name on the is Mama2EmmaEllie because there are so many StephTow’s in the world.  Good thing we didn’t name the girls Alexandria and Bethany-Elizabeth (not that those were our other choices).  Cross your fingers!


Season Premieres. . .


I know that season premieres started last week, but I record everything and only watch the Disney Channel during the day so I won’t see previews.  I get to the shows when I have time to watch it with the fewest interruptions as possible.  In the last three years, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show from start to finish, unless it’s after midnight.  I find I’m most productive after midnight when the house is quiet and I’m alone. . .usually making noise emptying the dishwasher and finishing up the last load of laundry.

Grey’s Anatomy was pretty good.  Nothing can beat when Denny was still alive and poor Meredith was dealing with her boyfriend’s sort of seperated wife.  I love a good story line that is going to take at least eight weeks to pan out. . .and there’s hardly any reruns.

Dirty Sexy Money is now a Wednesday night staple.  Of course this and Ugly Betty are the only shows that Emma repeats to me.  “Is dirty. . .sexy. . .money. . .on tonight?”  Nice.  I love me some Peter Krause from Six Feet Under.

LA Ink is a favorite for me and Dustin.  We get the girls their bath and get the whole night time routine done well before 9:00 p.m.  My show, Jon & Kate plus 8 as well as the Contender is on at 9:00 p.m. and then we catch the repeat of LA Ink at 10:00 p.m.  The tattoos they create are unbelievable and we’re always wanting one after we see an episode.

Big Shots is a male form of Desperate Housewives.  I record it each week thinking I’m really not going to get into it, but alas I stay up til 2 in the morning watching them.  Plus, Dylan McDermott without a shirt is not such a bad thing.  And Christopher Titus is so funny. . .getting the boys waxed. . .ha ha ha.

Dustin’s girlfriend is on Private Practice, but he only watched it last week.  I think he felt bad for me doing bath time since that’s his job.  I really thought this was going to be the answer to Grey’s Anatomy on Wednesdays, but didn’t even finish the first episode.

I think I’m going to have a weekly show run-through about the episodes that were a hit or miss.  If there’s anything worth viewing that I’m missing and is nothing like the Wiggles, Dora the Explorer, the Backyardigans or any other child related TV shows that I am so lucky to see every day, please let me know.  When you start thinking Anthony from the Wiggles is hot (you know who you are. . .and I know who you are!), there’s something wrong.