Tow Rock Band. . .

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Who knew I married into a rock band?!? We had our monthly family lunch/dinner last week with Dustin’s side of the family. We ate dinner and then Dustin decided to bring out our newly purchased PS2 Rock Band. And that was the last of the quietness. All I can say is it’s a good thing Ellie can sleep through anything because we were loud. Dustin and his brother-in-law Trae were in our destroyed bathroom going over all the plumbing he would need to redo everything and could hear us. We started around 7:30 p.m. and didn’t finish until 12:45 a.m.

My “playing the keyboard/piano for the church on Sundays” mother-in-law Terry was rockin’ out to Metallica as back up singer. Dustin’s brother Wes was on drums and guitar. His wife Katy was vocals and an occasional tamborine which was hilarious. Dustin’s sister Tacie portrayed Slash. Dustin didn’t have a top hat (not too surprised by this) so we had to make do with his cowboy hat. Her husband Trae was apparently in charge of Emma and when he wasn’t doing that, he was the plumber. Trae’s list of plumbing parts for Dustin kept getting longer and longer. I was the paparazzi taking pictures the whole time and then I took my turn on the drums! I WAS BORN TO DRUM!!! Okay, I just really like the drums. Dustin and his dad Darrell hung out in the kitchen most of the night (when he wasn’t in the bathroom, that didn’t sound right??) being entertained with the comedy from the living room. . .that would be us.

We had so much fun and I think have to bring it to every family function! Watch for our first CD coming out in the fall entitled “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” with our #1 song “I Play on Medium.” I do have to admit, after an hour of warm-up, we were pretty good!


Dora slippers. . .






 The girls got their Valentine’s Day gifts a couple days early because the Wal-Mart plastic bag wrapping paper we had was a little too see through.  Emma and Ellie are obsessed with house slippers, so Dustin was in charge of finding the girls’ gifts at Wal-Mart after class.  Daddy was the hero when he unwrapped (or took out of the plastic bag) matching Dora the Explorer slippers. Emma’s a big Dora the Explorer fan and Ellie dances in circles to the theme song. Dustin also picked up the nasty conversation hearts candies that taste like a chalkier versiom of  Tums.  You can obviously tell I am very fond of the said candy. . .yuck.  The girls also got cards filled with stickers from their Nana & Papa and Meme & Papaw that are a little bent up from Ellie “reading” them over and over.  The girls are in their new pajamas from Nana & Papa in the pictures.  Emma’s taken them off long enough for me to wash them and then immediately put them back on.  This was a rare moment of Ellie sitting still enough for two pictures and keeping that smile on for both pictures.  What a bunch of cuties!

“hoppy” valentine’s day. . .

Hope everyone is having a “Hoppy” Valentine’s Day! Ellie now knows how to jump. . .with the help of Big Sister Emma of course. Notice Ellie latching her legs around Emma’s leg!

a sleeping baby. . .


Can you hear that?!?  Well, of course you can’t hear that, but according to my next door neighbor, Amber, she could her Ellie screaming from inside her house while we were enjoying a little “let’s get so tired playing outside, Ellie will finally go to sleep” time.  We were outside in our yard, and Amber could hear Ellie inside her house. . .yah, Ellie’s got a set of lungs, so don’t piss her off.  My poor baby has double ear infections. . .and it only took me two LLLLLLOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG sleepless nights to realize that it could be because of her ears.  Sadly, that’s an improvement of three days from the last ear infection a couple months ago.  My Ellie went from sleeping 12+ hours a night to screaming, crying and moaning most of the Sunday and Monday night.  I’m not going to say this has been the week and half from hell for fear that God would say, “ooohhh I give you only what you can handle, let me show you exactly what you can handle,” and poof I’m pregnant.  Ohh God, I just did a little shiver.  So, from now on when I’m up at 2:00 a.m. telling a 1-year-old that she has to go to sleep all while still laying in bed, I will realize it could always be alot harder.   Needless to say because of the picture, Ellie is feeling much better.

when I grow up. . .

Dustin had to make an emergency trip to Wal-Mart after the girls went to bed last night for our joint Valentine’s Day gift. We stayed up til 2:00 a.m. letting our inner rock star out. And let me tell you, after being 1/4 of the 3/4 of the people residing in the Casa de Tow down with the flu this past week, my inner rock star was lacking and a little off key when it came to the singing. I did sport my Alice Cooper t-shirt and put on my tattoo sleeves, but after 25 minutes of them cutting off my upper arm circulation I had to take the sleeves off. Ohh yah, I’m a rocker! Emma got to play when Ellie took her morning nap today. She sings pretty good, but needs to learn the words to Mississippi Queen and Black Hole Sun. But when you can’t read, and you’re 3-years-old, I think you shouldn’t be judge so hard. Watch out world! And you can’t hear the music because the girls are taking their naps. What a bunch of bad asses we are, huh?!? I WANNA ROCK. . .but not too loudly if our daughters are sleeping!!

apple of my eye. . .







Finally, proof that I gave birth to at least one of my girls. . .not that the c-section scars would suffice.  We went out to Mom and Dad’s for Super Bowl Sunday like we’ve done for the past five years, and I looked at photo albums while the girls took their naps.  A trip down memory lane and who know I’d find pictures of Ellie from 1982.  Now I’ve got one that acts just like me and one that looks just like me. . .look out world. . .