shame, shame Emma. . .

I have now decided that Emma is a bad influence on Ellie.  I’ve known this all along, but that sweet smile and those eyes will get you every time.  The crib piano has since been moved to the top rail of the crib.  Those kids are so stinkin’ smart.

Emma:  “Look how I can hold myself up Mama.”

Mama:  “Emma get down.”

Emma:  “See that sippy cup Ellie?  I’ll show you how to climb up this crib and get stuff you need.  Watch me.”

Ellie:  “Mmmm, juice.”

Emma:  “Here Ellie, you’re having a hard time holding yourself up.  Let me help you.  Why are you giving me that look Mama??”

Emma:  “What Mama?!?”

Ellie:  “Ta-da!”


Emma vs. the dentist. . .

Last Monday Emma had her first dentist visit and man was she excited.  I think Finding Nemo sort of gave dentist everywhere a bad name, but that didn’t affect my daughter’s perception of the man that has given her Mama not one, not two, but three root canals.

Emma did so great.  We started out the day with Ellie’s 18-month check up which I was told no shots, but Ellie had to have one vaccination.  Let me tell you, Emma cries more than Ellie does and Emma’s not even getting the shot.  Ellie looks to Emma for support and a reaction on how to asses the situation and obviously if big sister is freaking out so should little sister.  Ellie screamed, Emma cried and then we had Schlotzsky’s.  Normally I would go home after a doctor’s visit, but I planned to appointments in one day because Dustin’s paycheck goes towards the house payment and gas for the truck.

We ate our smoked turkey sandwiches, Wisconsin cheese soup, sour cream & onion chips and our cookies and were off to the dentist.  Emma really was excited and started checking her teeth in the truck to make sure she didn’t have any leftover lunch stuck in any of her 20 teeth.  My little girl was awesome and showed Ellie that the dentist is not scary.  Ellie climbed up in the chair after Emma was done and said, “I go, I go.”  I don’t think anyone would want to stick their fingers in my little pirhana’s mouth just yet.

The dentist office were laughing because they could see me taking pictures of Emma outside the office.  Hello, every first “fill in the blank” appointment deserves a picture moment.  Just wait til you see the pictures from my first breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck appointment. . .I kid, I kid. . .

See???  I’m getting my teeth cleaned, see???  Have you noticed in EVERY picture, Emma always has a tattoo?!?  Is it just me or does anyone else notice this?

“You want to do what?!?  You know, I saw Finding Nemo.”

My camera was in my pocket and on the wrong setting, that’s why it’s a little fuzzy.  Anywho, here’s Emma giving the ole thumbs up, bring it on, I’m ready sign.

Emma got to hold the little sucker instrument and could barely get her lips unstuck from it when she closed her mouth.

Here is said lips stuck together and sucking all her spit.

Look at how clean her teeth are!!  Most kids don’t even make it to the dentist chair let alone the teeth cleaning.  My daughter amazes me everyday.  I was so proud of her!  (I think she looks like Jack here, Jess.)

The dental staff gave her (and of course Ellie) stickers because Emma did so good.  But the highlight of the day was picking out a new tooth brush.  I think from the time we got home until bedtime, Emma brushed her teeth seven times. 

I had to stop by JoAnn’s to pick up ribbon for some bows I’m making and let the girls get something from the $1 bin.  Emma found a sleep mask to wear at night and was just being goofy Emma in this picture.

Here’s what you would see at night if Emma ends up wearing them.  What a silly girl!

big girl Emma. . .

In case you haven’t heard, hell has frozen over and in two weeks Emma and Ellie will be the proud owners of a Shitzu puppy (to which Emma pronounces it SHIT – zoo.  And the “SHIT” is said very loudly and clearly.).  Dustin and the girls apparently caught me at a weak moment because I gave in to the idea that a puppy is a good thing. 

I’m actually excited about Buster Sly Stallone Wyatt Tow coming to live with us.  Yes, Buster Sly Stallone Wyatt Tow is our little male puppy’s extremely long name.  Emma was going to name a female dog Princess or a male dog Buster.  Pat and Toni are our neighbors and they are giving us Buster and they had already named him Sly when he was born.  I couldn’t just rename the dog after he had heard his name for a week.  So it got bumped as a middle name.  Then, you can’t have a Sly without a Stallone to follow it.  And lastly, Dustin as you know has always wanted a boy named Wyatt.  We’re done having kids and all of our fish are female and won’t let a male live in their tank.  Needless to say, Dustin is a little outnumbered and looking forward to Buster coming in two weeks.

The reason for the pictures of Emma in her bed is because she has moved to the top bunk so Buster can stay in her room.  He will stay in what Emma calls her “livingroom.” 

The thumbs up right before our first night on the top bunk.

1 bed rail, 4 pillows and 27 stuffed animals to keep Emma from falling out of bed.

It doesn’t matter, 27 stuffed animals have no chance against Emma the Wallerer.  I’m not sure if that’s a word, but it’s pronounced WALL – ER – ER. 

She hollered for me when she woke up the next morning.  I was worried she would be a little too tired to make it down the ladder, but my little girl did it.

Eating breakfast in the “livingroom” with Rosie.  What a big girl!

my bow model. . .

Here’s some 4th of July bows I made and had Emma model them so I could get a picture.  I love that Emma’s “favorite” poses include some great smiling pictures and the ever so popular check out my muscles. . .

livin’ in a bubble. . .

We are a bubble family.  If you call us at night time, chances are we’re outside blowin’ bubbles.  The Tinkerbell bubble machine was the best $4.99 I ever spent at The Disney Store at their end of the summer sale.  Bubble pictures are always the best pictures too!

something smells fishy. . .

After the birthday party, we went out to Mom and Dad’s for dinner with my aunt and uncle that had come into town.  Emma went fishing with Daddy and used non other than her Princess fishing rod.  I know the little fish was caught her fishing rod, but I’m not sure what rod the mammoth fish was on.  

I loved the little fishy picture because it reminded me of Dad taking me and Jess in our matching Rainbow Brite sweat suits to the lake to go fishing so early one Saturday morning.  I was probably Emma’s age and I caught my first fish that was about the size of Emma’s.  I’m sure as Dad is reading this at work, he’s getting a yellow sticky and writing, “Steph’s 1st fish – maybe 84′ or 85′” as a reminder to find that picture when he gets home.  So in a couple of days, you the readers at home will have proof that I once did enjoy fishing and wore a complete sweat suit outfit.  I wonder if the ankles on the sweatpants were tapered?!?

Daddy my fishing pole!!

Emma dragging her fish out of the water and up the retainer wall. . .poor fishy.

Emma ~ 32 pounds 12 ounces. . .Emma’s fishy ~ 4 ounces

Can I touch him???  This is so not my daughter yet 100% Dustin’s daughter.

Bye Bye Fishy Friend

How big was your fish Emma???  Just like her Daddy.

Emma’s second fish of the day.

skate away. . .

Helmets. . .so we can be safe!

I’m ready to skate, quit taking pictures!!  Cheese!

Chelsea to the rescue.

Hey, what are they doing???  That looks pretty fun. . .

I put the skates on a level 1 which meant she was pretty much wearing shoes and could only walk.  No children were harmed in the making of this picture because no rolling of any sorts was involved in this difficult stunt.

I couldn’t keep ahold of Ellie because she was practically running.  She loved it!

Hey Papa!

Look at me!  Cheese!


Emma learned how to do the splits on the wheels and after the second rolled over toe, Daddy learned to widen his legs and especially move his feet.

Ellie Bellie and Mama

Ellie’s interpretation of the splits.

Dustin and Grandma

About three weeks ago, we went to the Skateplex for my cousin’s birthday party.  Emma had her roller skates, elbow pads, knee pads and her Princess helmet.  We were prepared for anything. . .except when Emma saw all the big girls skating so fast and got a little upset that she couldn’t skate as good as them.  It was so sad.  I told her that Chelsea and her friends have been skating for a really long time and if she keeps skating, she’ll be as good as they are.  Chelsea came over to Emma and saw she was upset, so she held Emma’s hand and took her really slow around the skating rink.  Emma was grinnning from ear to ear and her face was saying, “Mama, I’m skating with the big girls!  Look at me!”  It was so cute!  And then I remember Chelsea being Emma’s age and then I think, “Man, am I getting old?!?”

However, what we weren’t expecting was Ellie to want to participate in the wearing of shoes with wheels and falling on the hard ground repeatedly. . .aka. . .skating.  Ellie loved it!!  When Emma took a break and played video games with Dust, Ellie already had Emma’s skates on ready to go.  I think she did more laps than the other kids and was loving it.  I’m sure her arms were nearly pulled out of their sockets because she would occasionally move too fast and I had the death grip on her hands so she wouldn’t fall too hard.  The skates were nice on my back though because I didn’t have to lean over as much!  Ellie was a good 3 inches taller than usually.