1st day of Preschool. . .

My baby’s growing up!!!!  Sob, sob, sob.  I refer to this day as the 1st day of Emma leaving the nest.  Okay, I know, I know I’m a “little” dramatic.  Actually, today was a great day.  The only tears shed were from Ellie saying “my Emma, my Emma” as we left the building and some almost tears from a Mama and a Daddy.  Now, back to the 1st day of Preschool.

As everyone knows, we’re a different kind of family.  Between Emma’s love of temporary tattoos and Ellie’s new found passion for fake burping and saying “scuse me,” well, we thrive on unconventional.  So what’s more unique than having your Daddy drop you off for your 1st day of Preschool on his motorcycle.  Yep, you heard me.  Pink and white striped dress, church sandals, a Finding Nemo backpack and a Princess helmet made up a very memorable first day.

I called Jess at 1:00 p.m. (Emma goes from noon to 3:00 p.m.) and asked her what I’m supposed to do for the last two hours of this so-called freedom.  Ellie went down for her nap at 12:10 p.m. and so did Buster.  I had washed all the clothes, had them folded and put up and actually contemplated (but only contemplated) the idea of mopping the kitchen floor.  I don’t think I’m going to have an excuse now not to have the house cleaned.

Here are “some” or 18 pictures of Emma’s 1st day of Preschool and , cross your fingers, a video of after we picked her up. 

Lunch of Champions. . .cheesey tortillas and green beans

Another cute one of my big girl about to go to school

Emma starts the tradition of the “1st day of school” picture

Emma and Ellie

Mama (barely holding it together) and Emma, the Preschooler

Daddy (possibly barely holding it together) and Emma, the Preschooler, throwing the ever so popular ROCK ON

Daddy came home for lunch to take Emma to school and Mama and Ellie following in the truck.  Ellie is screaming “I ride, I ride!!”

I don’t think any child has ever been drop off via motorcycle.  I should have put her motorcycle vest on too.

Hold it together Mama, it will be okay

No tears for Emma.  I’m surprised she didn’t tell me, “Mama, you’ll be okay.”

This was Ellie hugging her Emma bye bye.  As soon as we walked out of the building, Ellie kept saying “my Emma.”

Is it time to go pick up Emma already??  I’ve only slept for 2 1/2 hours.

There’s Emma after her 1st day of Preschool!!

I waved at Emma and Emma waved at me.  I waved at her to come here and she ran towards me.  Apparently another mom waved at her son to come there too.  He ran and Emma caught his foot as she ran and flew in the air and landed pretty hard on the ground.  Poor baby. . .so much for a thumbs up picture for the 1st day of Preschool!

Wait, wait, all is right with the world when our afternoon snack consist of “Boston Lager” and popcorn.  Note to self:  try this technique when Emma has her first broken heart.  Note to self:  make sure Dustin isn’t wearing whitey-tighteys and saying, “Cindy (substitute my name here) what’s wrong with her?  Why is she crying in the middle of the night?” 

“ah cheese mama, ah cheese mama!”

Nothing like popcorn and cream soda for Emma and popcorn and strawberry milk for Ellie. . .what a day!

Only three years until I lose Ellie. . .here comes the tears. . .


my pet name. . .

No, no Dustin hasn’t given me a new name.  I’m referring to the name I have given Buster Sly Stallone Wyatt Tow, like he needs another name.  His new name here lately is “Damn Dog.”  This is often said in the sentence, “Get outside and pee in the grass you Damn Dog.”  No, the girls are not hearing this, they are inside the house.

Dustin managed to leave out the whole eight month potty training that Buster would go through.  My kids don’t even take eight months to learn not to crap in the floor!  If Ellie runs for me down the hallway screaming, “Ah poopy, ah poopy,” I’m going to beat Damn Dog.

His new thing is chewing on things.  Shoes, pillows, small childrens’ fingers, etc.  We’re getting it under control, but apparently the girls think his “nibbling” is painful.  I seem to recall “nibbling” from certain small girls that lasted a year at a time that was somewhat painful.  But I managed to get through the pain and repeat it up to eight times a day.

I did threaten to take Buster back to Pat and Toni’s today and Emma replied through tears, “Can I still go visit him?”  We had a talk about not putting our fingers near Buster’s face and being a little tougher.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and the pee and poop will stay in a diaper, in a toilet or outside.  At this point, Ellie, Emma and Buster can choose were they want to relieve themselves.

every couple of years. . .

Two days before Christmas we’ll have lived in this house for three years.  I’ve managed to paint the livingroom and hallway twice, the kitchen twice, our bathroom twice and what is now Emma’s room three times.  We had to prime all the walls when we first bought the house, so does that count as painting a room once???  I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve rearranged furniture. . .in each room.

Needless to say, I like to change things.  A new idea and $25 can change an entire room.  Unless that room is the livingroom and hallway and you choose red, then it’s a little more than $20 but Dustin was on his motorcycle trip and doesn’t really need to know the final total.  What is it he says, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission.”  I’m going to remember that line one of these days!  Yah, I’ll show him for buying those pipes for his motorcycle while I’m out of town with the girls. . .

A new idea, a $25 gallon of “Sawdust” paint and my Aunt Debbie’s talent helped create Emma’s western themed room.  That and missing skin on my knuckles from scraping the ceiling and I’m sure a couple of bruises on Mom’s arms because she always manages to get bruised when she comes over and I put her to work.  I wonder why Mom hasn’t been over in a while???  The room turned out so great!!  Thanks Great Aunt Debbie!!

I made Mom paint over the flowers from Ellie’s nursery (I switched Emma and Ellie’s rooms a while back) so I could be made at her if it didn’t turn out good!

Yeah, those are the “big helpers” we had.  In between Ellie saying over and over, “Mama ahh paint, Mama ahh paint.  Ahh hold ju, Ahh Mama a hold ju.”  And then Emma, “Mama can I paint?  I can paint good Mama?  I’ll just paint a little because I’m little.  Please Mama can I paint???”  Gotta love those big helpers.

Aunt Debbie painting one of the many clouds in the room.  I wasn’t allowed to talk after I made fun of the “sheep” shaped cloud on the ceiling.  “Aunt Debbie told me to shut up.  Aunt Debbie told me to shut up.”  Ahhh memories of my childhood.

The thumbs up from a very happy little girl ready to sleep under the sky for the first time.  Emma hasn’t used her lamp because she wants it a little darker at night.  We still can’t close the door all the way and has two night lights for a 9′ X 10″ room, but it’s baby steps towards sleeping in the dark.

Emma’s Great Aunt Debbie painted a portrait of Emma’s horse Rosie on her closet door.  I wonder what’s going to happen when Emma decides she wants a ballerina themed room???  Looks like Ellie’s inheriting Rosie!

Yeah, I did the butterflies.  I’m pretty talented too.

I love the clouds going up the wall and onto the ceiling!  I told Aunt Debbie if she plays her cards right, when I need her for Ellie’s room, she might get bacon on the cheeseburger I bought her for lunch.

I put up our curtain rod from the living room we weren’t using on Emma’s bed as a quilt holder.  It hides the wires coming out of the desk, I thought it looked pretty cute!