debt free. . .

I have decided to get out of debt. . .nothing crazy like pay off my house in four years while killing myself to do this, but a more relaxed way of becoming quazi-debt free.  I refuse to clean on Monday.  This is where Dustin puts in his funny saying for the day, “I guess this goes for the rest of the week too?”  He’s so hilarious. . .

As I sit here with my spiral in my hands writing down all of our monthly payments, I am realizing there is no reason we shouldn’t be able to pay off things we need to pay off and in turn put a little money back for a rainy day.

My three goals are:

Have vacation paid for before we go in five months, put 10% of Dustin’s paycheck into savings which will turn into the girls’ college fund eventually and have money set back for Christmas.  Attainable, yes but then I looked at how much college is going to cost in 10 and 20 years and I think I’m having a little panic attack. . .breathe, breathe.

Dustin and I refuse to be the people living the good life on the outside, but drowning on the inside because of debt.  I hate living paycheck to paycheck and want my bank statement to look a little happier each month with a little more saved each month.  I am looking forward to our income tax check and getting a fresh start at spending only the money I have vs. the payment plan.  We can either sacrifice now and have an easier future or spend it all now and when the girls’ college tuition payment is due, think ohhh crap.  Here’s to getting out of debt and enjoying life a little less stressed.


sing it, sisters. . .

Ellie has been singing here lately. I’m talking in the car, in the bathtub, during dinner time, etc. The child will sing about anything, “I have a poon (spoon), I have a poon.” Imagine that being sung by a little 2-year-old. It really is adorable.

This morning, Ellie was singing in our bed and we couldn’t figure out what she was saying. She obviously can’t sit still and gets distracted easily, but the last few words were “Bible tell me so.” She had figured out the words to Jesus Loves Me by hearing Emma sing it. Our child is a genius!! Okay, I know I biased, but still, we were really impressed.

The other videos are pretty cute if I say so myself and show the world how musically inclined Casa de Tow is. Enjoy!

Valentine’s weekend. . .

Emma had her very first Valentine’s Day Party at school last week. She was so cute! We went to Wal-Mart to pick out Valentine’s Day cards and she stopped in front of the aisle and said, “What do I do Mama?” She hasn’t ever done anything like this and was completely lost and confused. Emma ended up with (of course) puppies and kitties. She’s such the animal lover.

Ellie got to go to the party Friday afternoon after a long lecture of “NO WHINING, NO CRYING, NO TELLING MAMA NO, etc.” The lecture was a little lengthy, but it got through to Ellie. On our way into the room, Ellie kept saying, “I no cry, I no get spankings.” I think I’ll remember that approach rather than shaking my finger in front of Ellie’s face!

Dustin and I had a great Valentine’s Day on Saturday. Well, Red Lobster was okay, but we went in and out of stores all day long looking at stuff. The girls were at Meme and Papaw’s for the day, so Dustin and I were able to hit every store we’ve been wanting to go to without loading two kids, a stroller, two sippies, a diaper bag, a teddy, a binkie, a back up binkie in case the first binkie fell on the ground, jackets, well, you get the idea. I ended up with Jessica Simpson 4 1/2″ heels and Ed Hardy perfume and Dustin’s going to buy a piece of a gun. . .ahhh true love. You should have seen Dustin sitting in the middle of Dillard’s shoe department during its 70% off sale. . .priceless.

All in all, one of the best Valentine’s Day weekends ever. The girls are loaded with crackers, cookies and candy from Nana and Papa that should last until Halloween so we can pass out that candy instead of buying any (I’m kidding).


Mama and Emma doing the Valentine’s Day cards


Emma wrote her name and I did the other kids’ names.  She’s getting really good at writing.


Emma using her stamper and Ellie being warned to get away from the table and do not touch that pen!  Ellie and pens have a bad relationship that usually involve stain remover on my couch or her comforter and Ellie in the corner.


“Daddy’s Lil’ Heart Breaker” decorating a cupcake and cookie.


Mama:  “Ellie do not feed Lily Kate.  Lily Kate no eat cupcakes.”

Ellie:  “Wilwey nwo eatch cwupcakech.”  She had a mouthful of cupcake when she repeated me.


Some of Emma’s classmates on their squares.


I’m not sure if this is Emma’s friend Emilio or his identical twin brother Emiliano decorating cookies, but according to Emma, Emiliano has longer hair in the front.  I still can’t tell them apart!


Just like at Christmas time. . .yum?!?


Emma:  “I love parties.  Parties are my favorite thing because you get to wear pretty clothes and decorate cookies.  And don’t forget the punch, I love punch. . .”

Ellie:  “Is that a sprinkle from your cupcake on the ground?”

Mama:  “Girls, look at Mama so I can get a picture of you two.”


Emma, Graci and Ellie.  Most of the little girls in Emma’s class have fallen in love with Emma’s little sister Ellie.  Everyday when Ellie hugs and kisses Emma bye, many of the other girls want hugs too.  Ellie, much like her Nana, has somewhat of a bubble.  Graci and Keeley are the only other friend’s of Emma, Ellie will hug everyday.


Kylie and Ellie.  Kylie is Khloe’s little sister.  Khloe is in Emma’s class.  Kylie played with Ellie during the party and kept her entertained.  I’m pretty sure Kylie, Khloe, Emma and Ellie will be playing alot with each other this summer.  Can you say those four names three times fast??


jump n’ jive. . .

We went to a birthday party a couple weeks ago for one of Emma and Ellie’s friend Kellen.  He had it at Jump N’ Jive and the girls had a blast.  They did really good for being at a party during nap time, eating cake and ice cream and not having a meltdown!  Ellie was excited all week long before the party.  She was jumping all around the house saying, “I go bounce house!”  I think we’ve found where we’re having Ellie’s birthday party!


One of the many inflatables the girls crawled through.


Emma kept showing Ellie where to put her feet on the ladder and trying to push her hiney up if Ellie couldn’t make it.


This is Dustin watching the 12-year-olds in the “3-year-old” bounce house and making sure they don’t take out Ellie. 


Ellie climbing up the slide.


What a cutie!  Ellie’s pretty adorable too!


“I love ice cream!!!”


I’m keeping the elastic bands for hair in business. 


“balloon. . .”


Kellen the birthday boy.


This is the girls’ “holy crap” face.  It’s a little blurry, but you can tell their stomachs are in their throats right now.


Ellie was asleep by the time we loaded her in the truck and drove down the street!