Emma’s No Birthday Party. . .

It’s been almost a month since Emma turned 5-years-old and alot has happened in that long month.  First, her birthday party was cancelled due to the “WORST BLIZZARD OF 2009” which is sort of odd because it was the first blizzard of 2009, but anywho. . .blizzard like conditions = zero visability = bad driving conditions.  Not to mention that Emma’s party was a swimming party and at 11:30 a.m. when the party would have been starting, it was a brisk 17 degrees outside.  It was an indoor pool party, but the thought of 24 kids and alot of adults catching pnemonia didn’t sound like fun.

Secondly Emma used her birthday money on a “Best Friends Tent” which turned out to be a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playhut that lasted six days before it started unheming (is that a word?) and a foot long tear that exposed the rod that held the tent together.  That was taken back to Wal-Mart and replaced with a Disney Princess Playhut that has a small tear in the top, but at this point I’ll hire my trusty seamstress (aka Nana) to come up with an idea.  

Thirdly would have to be the 11 fish that mysteriously died in Emma’s fish tank.  She got a giftcard to buy her new fish and they made it less than two weeks.  Yes, I know our home is not known for its track record with fish, but according to PetSmart, our Ph levels were too high (that makes it 22 fish that have made it to that big fish bowl in the sky thanks to the Tows).  I’m not sure what that means, but I think there’s an excellent chance if we find battery operated fish that won’t lie on the bottom or float belly up or get wrapped around the pump, we’ll buy it!!

Going back to the WORST BLIZZARD OF 2009, after the weather subsided, Nana and Papa brought over Emma’s present which keep her busy most of the afternoon.  Mama is no longer in charge of spraying the pans with Pam, you’ll see in the pictures below.  I think we only have sugar cookies left to make in her Easy Bake Oven, so far everything has been pretty tasty.  Apparently children’s baking apparatuses have come a long way since I remember the Easy Bake Oven (which I never got, but I’m not going to go into what I never had as a child. . .achoo. . .puppy. . .that comes out a little smoother when you actually sneeze and say puppy rather than type the word sneeze and then type the word puppy).  

We ventured out and let Emma drop off her party favors to her friends here in town.  She got to open some presents too and really had a great time seeing her friends.  All I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t too prepared this time around for Emma’s party otherwise we would have had 60+ piggy shaped cupcakes in our fridge.  All in all, Emma was great about not getting to have her birthday party.  It just about broke my heart when Emma was playing with her party favors and said, “Don’t worry Mama, we’re going to have a great day today!”  I don’t know many 5-year-olds that would have took it like she did.  What a great daughter I have!!  I am so lucky!


YAH, EASY BAKE OVEN. . .CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS!!!!!  Mama, can we make them right now???????


Ellie:  (mimicking Emma) “YAH EDIE BATE OBEN!!!  What’s an edie bate oven?


Welcome to Emma’s Easy Bake!


Emma stiring the tablespoon of chocolate frosting for her cake.


Emma has sprinkle containers that look like fairies. 


Daddy and Papa putting sprinkles in the fairies bottoms.  Yah, that didn’t come out the right way. . .


Anybody wanna try my cake??


The finishing touches for Emma’s first cake. 


So pretty. . .the cake looks good too!


This would be my fault because I didn’t spray the pan good enough and it got stuck.  Dustin was nice enough to keep pointing out that I didn’t know what I was doing and to stay out of the way.  You accidently turn the oven to “broil” rather than “bake” and no one ever lets you forget. . .I never said baking cookies was my thing anyway. . .


This is the “Papa look” as he nods his head saying, “This is pretty good!”  He was a little surprised as were all of us.


Emma tasting her creation.


Emma and her buddy James at his house when we dropped off party favors for her “No Birthday Party.”


This is the I GOT EARRINGS!!! face.


Emma and Emi


Emma’s party favors consisted of silly straws, Fun Dip (because it’s Aunt Tacie’s and Emma’s favorite candy.  Emma says this every time she gets Fun Dip), farm animal stickers, party blowers, Kung Fu Panda masks, ring stamps for the girls and glow in the dark lizards for the boys.  The masks were obviously all the kiddos favorites.


Emma, Maddie and Avery


Emma’s best friend Keeley (the one on the left dressed for summer) and Emma (the one on the right dressed for winter).  I gave Keeley’s Mama a hard time about the tank top and shorts when there’s snow on the ground outside.


Keeley got Emma Thumbelina because “I really want Thumbelina, so I know Emma will want it too!”


Emma and Keeley’s silly brother Westin.  His mask looked like it had a seriously bad snaggle tooth problem.   It was hilarious!


Best buddies


Ellie and her ninja like skills trying to dodge the camera.  She kept coming around the corner karate chopping the air and raising her leg like a sumo wrestler and saying, “KUNG FU PANDA!”  Which surprisingly enough actually came out Kung Fu Panda!


And we finished the night off with made from scratch pretzels with cheese sauce and sprinkles. . .yah, I kind of threw up in my mouth too a little.


Ironically enough, this is Easter Sunday morning (two weeks later) and Emma is still getting presents.  This was left in the Tahoe we are assuming from the night before, but Dustin hadn’t drove it since he got off work Friday afternoon.  I’m glad it wasn’t a kitten!


Ahhh, PixOs.  The best friend of 1001 bead set and making parents angry since 2005.  I think the starter set Aunt Jessie bought Emma had 500 teeny tiny balls inside it.  There was no card with this gift, but I’m pretty sure this is from Kellen’s Mama.  This is Emma’s new favorite toy.


Hoppy Easter. . .

Today was Emma’s Pre-K Easter Party.  The school was letting out at noon, so Emma’s normal afternoon class came at 8:00 a.m. this morning and the normal morning class didn’t have school today.  The two classes switch throughout the year when there is an early release and I’m so grateful that I didn’t sign up Emma in the morning class.  It was a miracle that we made it there on time, but that getting up early is so not for me. . .or my sleepyhead children.

The hurricane winds didn’t start until the party was almost over, so the plates of breakfast outside on the picnic table actually stayed on the picnic table.  Emma had a blast and I was really proud of how good Ellie was.  Ellie is not known for being a morning person, so I got up at 7:00 a.m., got ready, woke Emma up at 7:30 a.m., got her ready and finally woke up Ellie at 7:45 a.m. so we could leave at 7:55 a.m.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do next year!  If only I liked coffee or breakfast. . .maybe that would help me get through those weee morning hours.

Everyone had a good time and all the kids went home with enough candy to last them through the summer or maybe Halloween. . .I wonder if I can make this last until October, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.  No one’s going to Treak-or-Treat at our house this year are you???  Hope you enjoy the pictures!!  Happy Easter!!


I was in charge of the prizes for the games, so I made bunnies out of white lunch sacks with google eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers.  I asked Dustin if they looked okay and he replied with, “How old are these kids?  And candy will be inside. . .you’ll be fine.”


The kiddos were more excited about the bus ride to Marlee’s Grandma’s house than the actual egg hunt.


The Pre-K kids having breakfast before the festivities begin.


Ellie enjoying a little cheese for breakfast.  She kept telling Ms. Astrid, “I eat all my food.  I like cheese.”


Too excited Emma.


Lillian and Emma right before the countdown to search for 252 eggs.  Each child was supposed to bring 12 candy filled eggs.  At some point, I’m sure the moms hiding the eggs were just throwing them on the ground to get rid of them!   


Emma and Lillian in a mad dash for egg # 176.


I told Ellie right before the egg hunt, “You don’t get any eggs.  You’ll get some this weekend.”  And my sweet Ellie replied, “I no get eggs Mama.  I no like eggs.”  Ellie doesn’t like scrambled eggs, so she thought the “eggs” we kept referring to for the Easter Egg Hunt was scrambled eggs.  Ellie was probably wondering why everyone was so excited to search for scrambled eggs?!?


The weather was so cooperative up until the end of the egg hunt.  It was almost Spring like conditions and the kiddos were shedding their jackets.  Then it got pretty windy.  At least we were able to eat our breakfast and not have plates and juice boxes flying everywhere.


Emma scanning her next find. . .but getting a little frusterated that she can’t find anymore eggs, if only there were 288 eggs.


Emma and Lillian started swapping eggs because one of them would have a few extra pink eggs or some eggs with butterflies on them.  Girls are so funny.  The boys want as many eggs as they can fit into their basket and the girls were searching for the pretty eggs.


Ellie popped a squat on my feet during the “balancing an egg on a spoon” game.  Is there another term for that game?  Ellie was the finish line and as you can tell, she needed a little coffee to wake her up at this point.


Emma and Alexia balancing the egg.


Kiara had the right idea of how to get to the finish line!


The wind was blowing so hard, we were standing five feet away from the kids and couldn’t even hear them call out their numbers for the next game. 


Ellie helping me pass out the prize bags for all the kids.


This shows you how windy it really was.  Emma’s best (guy) friend James, Emma’s best (girl) friend Keeley and Emma. . .and no, Emma is not flipping me off.  She’s saying, “Owww my eye!!”  It was really windy!