tiny little dancer. . .

Emma had her first dance recital a few weeks ago.  She’s done the dance class through the college last summer, but this was the first time their was a recital involved.  Since last August to this April Emma was tapping up a storm and performing  pas de bourrees for an hour every Thursday.

Emma’s favorite part was getting to wear mascara.  Daddy was not as exactly as thrilled about his 5-year-old daughter wearing blush, eye shadow, mascara, lip stick, lip gloss over the lip stick and body glitter.  Emma was such a beautiful little ballerina but now we’re trading in our tap shoes for a t-ball bat and she’s going to have to sweet talk Daddy into letting her wear mascara for her games!  Something tells me body glitter is definitely out of the question. . .


Emma had to wear “body glitter” for the dance recital and boy did she have a lot of body glitter.  We finally got all the body glitter off of her three days after the recital.


Emma ready to tap her way on to the stage.


Practicing her dance moves. . .she’s so cute!


Best friend Keeley and Emma after the recital.  Emma was so excited she got flowers.  Between that and the mascara, I’m pretty sure this was the best day ever!


The little ballerinas receiving their trophies.  Add this to the mascara and flowers and this also added to Emma’s “Best Day Ever.”


Keeley, Emma, Miss Casey and Emma’s friend Lauren.  Miss Casey was the assistant that performed with the girls during their tap routine.


Keeley, Miss Jennifer, Emma and Lauren.  The girls looked so adorable in their little outfits.


Emma and Miss Megan, the other assistant that performed with the girls during their ballet routine.


Me, Dust, Emma and a very exhausted Ellie who apparently was tired of taking pictures. . .ahhh memories.


random ramblings. . .

So it’s now 1:59 a.m. and I am no closer to falling asleep than I was at let’s say 11:00 p.m.  I decided to check email and listen to my ever so popular MP3 player that has all my high school and college CDs songs on it.  A flash back to the 90s and early 2000 and I’m back to tucked in shirts, Dr. Martens, 30 or so pounds ago and awesome dates with guys that actually said, “Okay, you’re a woman so I’ll explain this slowly.”  Yah, that date ended real well.  Imagine me faking sick so that I wouldn’t have to sneak into the movie theater because he didn’t want to pay for the movie. . .awesome. . .has dating gotten any better in the last seven years???

Maybe it’s the Rascal Flatts earlier days, Fuel or when Matchbox twenty was Matchbox 20 or maybe its Vanessa Carlton’s Ordinary Day that I listened to during the entire summer of 2002 in my Mustang with the windows rolled down and the music so ungodly loud that now I would give that girl some look and actually say, “If I wanted to hear your music I would listen to it in my truck.”  This moment makes me think of my should of been “summer fling” of said year.  “Summer fling” is now peacefully asleep in the bedroom and will soon be starting a new work with dealing with all that is involved with that.  Can I just say my marriage is awesome because I really have it made.  I always start off a conversation with Dustin saying that we have the perfect marriage because he gets up every morning to go to work and I get to stay home.  He then gives me a look as if to say that doesn’t sound so “perfect” to him.  And then I ramble for an extremely long time about the tasks I take care of at the Casa de Tow and that his job at the house involves taking out the trash (which he’s not that great at, but hey, I’m not going to complain), cleaning Purple-Pink’s fish bowl (yes, we got fish no. 23) and killing of the occassional spider.  There’s is the paper, rocks, scissors game that we play, often in public, to figure out who gets to wipe the hiney of the child screaming from the bathroom, “I POOPED!!”  I’ve lost the last three times we’ve played.   All in all, I have a great marriage, life, etc. and my husband is awesome for providing such a wonderful life for me and his kiddos.

Ahhh, Tonic is now playing and that takes me back to sophomore year of high school.  Is that the year that I started wearing one blue contact and one green contact?  I’m not sure, but that trend lasted up until I got married and Dustin’s insurance kicked in and we didn’t have eye insurance.  Dustin’s dad once said my different colored eyes reminded him of his old cow dog. . .gotta love “Tow compliments.”  At least I hope that was a compliment being a beloved dog of his and not one that he put down because it had rabies or kept biting people or something. . .hmmmm.

I’m multi-tasking at 2:29 a.m. by shopping or really window shopping. . .ha, ha, ha window shopping by opening a new window on the Internet, okay that was a little lame.  Let’s see window shopping, looking up Matchbox Twenty and trying to concentrate while Mystikal is “rapping” in my ear Danger.  Seriously, I can’t even concentrate while this song is playing.   Thank you for the next button and for Collective Soul.  Well, I’m off to finish folding the clothes finishing up in the dryer and cover up my girls.  Hopefully I won’t wake up “summer fling” while I get into bed.  Thank God I don’t have to get up in four hours!

lil’ miss pedicures. . .

Because Emma’s party got cancelled, I called around and scheduled Lil’ Miss Pedicures for Emma and her best friends Emi and Keeley.  Needless to say, Emi and Keeley’s Mamas want to know if we can do this when it’s my birthday!


The three little princesses headed for their pedicures.


Princess Emi, Princess Emma and Princess Keeley


Princess Emma


What a couple of hams!


Princess Emma requested quite a bit of colors and details for the pedicure lady.  I think she was happy we only do this once a year.


You would have thought Emi was my child because she chose the dark blue.  Amber kept asking if Emi was sure she wanted blue or if she really meant pink!


Queen Amber and Princess Emi


Princess Emma and Queen Me


I wasn’t sure how the girls were going to figure out who would be the one to wait their turn while the other two girls go first.  Keeley walked up to the spa chairs and saw the water and the bubbles and decided to make sure Emma and Emi didn’t get sucked down in the hole before she got her toes done.  Crisis averted, problem solved.


Cleopatra in the making.


Princess Emma and Princess Keeley


Amber and Jennifer on the phone with Jason and Forrest explaining how to make the younger siblings bottle and “do you really think you can take her for a walk?”  I thought this was pretty hilarious until Emma’s Daddy called me next.


Princess Keeley and Queen Jennifer


The girls had such a good time getting pedicures.  I think we’ve found a birthday tradition.


All the painted piggies.


Outside Ruby Tequila’s just soakin’ up the sun.  You can’t imagine we were even noticed with three little girls dressed up as princesses.


This is such an Amber inspired photo.  She likes the not looking, tilted, black & white photos, while I opt for the “say CHEESE!!  LOOK AT ME!!” photos.


Jennifer said, “Hey look, Emma’s pole dancing.”  And it wasn’t two seconds later the other girls joined in.  So, this picture is our girls pole dancing. . .we’re so proud.


This picture was hilarious because Emi just got taken to the bathroom because she got in trouble.  This was a very forced smile because she was really upset.  I’m not sure what’s up with Emma though?!?


Finally after an hour and a half, we have finally eaten dinner.


Apparently princesses don’t have much say in the way things are run at restaurants because the waitress said they were too busy to sing Happy Birthday to Emma (they did it 10 minutes earlier?).  And this was the first and last bite of the fried ice cream the girls split.  Apparently princesses also don’t care for half a cup of cinnamon put in their vanilla ice cream!  It was a little overkill on the seasoning. . .HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!!!

six years ago. . .


Aren’t we cute???


“This is great!!  I have no idea what I’m getting myself into!!  What does the preacher mean ‘for better or for worse?'”


“I’m getting married!  I’m so happy!  What does the preacher mean by ‘in sickness and in health?’  Steph doesn’t complain at all when she doesn’t feel good. . .”


What we’ve accomplished in six years. . .

Six years ago, I was in the process of getting ready for my wedding.  My most fond memories include Dustin’s brother Wes bringing me flowers from the groom, Mom holding a hair dryer centimeters away from my back to cover up “that damn tattoo” and constantly showing my blue flowers on my boyshort panties for my “something blue.”  Ahhh how the time has flown in just six short years.

Six years ago, Casa de Tow was Apartemento de Tow.  We newlyweds rented a one bedroom apartment for $335 a month.  Our bed was in our livingroom floor because that summer was so hot, the air conditioning unit wouldn’t make it to our room.  Our curtains were mismatched towels nailed up over the windows and we shared one bathroom and it wasn’t a problem.  Dustin’s 93′ Ford pickup and my 96′ Mustang were paid off and we didn’t even contemplate the idea of needing a new vehicle.  We ate out twice a week and didn’t have a clue on what being in debt was like.  My specialty in the kitchen was box spaghetti and heating up Ragu’ and everyday when we got home from work we played Playstation 2.  We were in bed by 10:00 p.m. so we could watch King of Queens because it reminded us of our life besides Dad living with us like it is in the show.   And thoughts of changing diapers were not even in the picture. . .ahhhh memories. . .

Six years later, we own a 3 bedroom house in a small town for (after we refinance) less than $700 a month.  Ironically enough our bed is in our livingroom because the girls played and watched movies all day yesterday on it.  I still haven’t passed any classes on how to match curtains with your decor, so the ones that are too small in the livingroom will probably come down soon.  As for the two full bathrooms in our house, yep, Dustin is outnumbered seeing as how the littliest Tow decided to get potty-trained.  If it weren’t for those cute Princess panties Daddy might have had a chance on not getting booted out of a bathroom.  Ellie sure does love her big girl Princess panties!  My 06′ Ford F-150 that offers ample backrow seating and was bought because of its ability to let me breastfeed in the backseat (I know too much information) is three years from being paid off and Dustin’s “hand me down from Mom and Dad” 02′ Tahoe is paid off.  We eat out maybe twice a month but have realized we like our food more than most restaurants.  My specialty in the kitchen is pretty much anything.  I love to cook and Dustin is in charge of the grill.  Amazing what ingredients you can buy when you save the money from going out to eat.  As a stay-at-home Mama of five-year-old Emma and two-year-old Ellie, I’m not sure when I do get off work?  Dustin comes home and occassionally plays our upgraded PS3 but usually finds something to do around the house.  We are never in bed by 10:00 p.m. because Dustin is in the shower and I’m picking up around the house.  I catch up on TV, emails or reading (lately it’s reading) and Dustin kisses me three times like we’ve done for the last six years before he’s off to bed.  I follow two or three hours later because I do enjoy my quiet time at night. 

Okay so maybe alot has changed in six years.  A few things we’ve expanded on would be our house size, Dust’s paycheck and my waistline a few times which goes with expanding our family.  Granted, Dustin has gained 10 pounds since we got married, but seems to be losing more hair each year.  But what a great looking released from prison early because of good behavior, shaved head husband I have!  Have you seen him on his motorcycle lately, it’s a little scary with all that facial hair and shining bald head. . .

Our love has expanded because we’ve gone from the puppy love stage to a deeper love.  We toasted or really high fived each other for making it six years and decided to make the next six years a little less challenging.  We’re done with having more kids and Emma won’t be a teenager yet, so maybe these next six years will be a piece of cake.  For all of those that have finally quit laughing at my optimistic attitude, here’s to another six years married to a man that challenges me everyday, loves me unconditionally and in the end accepts me and wants to do it all over again each day.  I love you more than anyone else could and can’t wait to see what’s in the next six years.