my little graduate. . .

Emma graduated from Preschool last month.  It seems like we just started our first day of school and then all of a sudden she’s in a cap and gown.  I’m very impressed that I didn’t cry because let me tell you that first day of school was filled with a few tears.  According to our friend and Emma’s teacher Ms. Katie, Emma was known as the Class President and she was the one that lead in the class.  She looked like my little baby and a big girl all at once in that cap and gown.  When did she grow up?  I’ve been here the whole time but it has gone by so fast.  Before I know it Ellie will be the one walking down the aisle and graduating from Pre-K. . .okay I am totally not ready for that!


sisterly love


Apparently Emma needed a body guard on the way to the graduation.  Ellie was giving everyone the evil eye. . .seriously, I don’t want to even mess with her.


Ellie and G-G


Emma is on the top row on the far right.


my little graduate *wipes tear*


I’m not sure how much of the graduation Papa got to watch, but Ellie was entertained with him and his pen. . .she also knows he keeps “Papa mints” in his shirt pocket. . .hmmm.


Class of 2022. . .how old do you feel at this moment?


Emma and Ellie


Ellie, Dustin, me and Emma the graduate


Emma and James.  Ellie is very fond of James and practically knocks him down when she gives him a hug.  You could say that he is Ellie’s boyfriend, but I don’t think Ellie’s Daddy would be too happy about that.


Emma and Meme


Papa, Nana, G-G and Emma (“Mama, can I go get my cookie yet???)


Emma’s best friend Keeley and Emma


The above mentioned cookie that Emma had been so patiently waiting for. 


Ms. Katie, Emma and Ellie the honorary graduate.  If it were up to Ellie, she would have stayed with Emma everyday when we dropped her off at school.  I even tried to drop her off a few times, but then Ellie remembered how attatched she was to me and forgot that teddy, her blanket and princess pillow were waiting for her at home for nap time.


Emma’s Preschool teachers Ms. Katie, Ms. Kami and Ms. Astrid


Another good one of my little graduate that looks all grown up.


Emma got to pick a restaurant to go celebrate her graduation.  Can I just say “Thank God” Chuck E. Cheese was not the lucky restaurant that my 5-year-old chose.  Her first choice was Schlotzsky’s, but I told her we could go anywhere and she said, “Even Red Lobster?”  How odd is it that my 5-year-old and 2-year-old like calamari??  Alas, Red Lobster was chosen and six other adults were very happy to go there rather than Chuck E. Cheese!


Mom, Dad and Grandma joined us at Red Lobster


Dustin’s Dad also came too.  It’s so funny any time my and Dustin’s parents get together because Emma always feels the need to introduce them.


my goofy girls


my delicate little flower


my bull in a china closet actually cuddling with Daddy


batter up. . .

About three weeks ago we traded in our tap shoes for a t-ball bat.  Here’s my little slugger playing t-ball.  I think Emma likes it, but we’re still dealing with the bat being a little heavy and her fingers get sweaty in her glove.  We can cross dance and t-ball off the list and see what the fall has to offer our little athlete.


Emma looks like she has the longest legs for a 5-year-old.  Gotta love the baseball socks for the all-girl team!


All Ellie knew was that she needed a hat because Emma had a hat and she needed a glove because Emma had a glove.  And she had to wear both all the way to the t-ball field.


The Panhandle Angels


This is my favorite.  It almost makes me cry to see how big Emma’s getting.  My little girl is growing up.


And this is the moment I learn that t-ball is not really t-ball but it is in fact “coach pitch.”  COACH PITCH!!!  She’s not ready for that!  Actually Emma hit the ball twice when her coach pitched it to her.  I was so proud!


No. 3 swingin’ away.  Would it look bad if she pointed her bat to left field before she hit the ball?!?  Just kidding!


Emma taking off for 1st base.  The helmets are two sizes too big, so all the girls have to hold on to them while they run.


Emma walking off the field after she makes it home.  And that’s how it’s done folks.


This part cracked me up because right before the girls told the other team “Good Game,” Forrest, her coach, told them that they won and the girls started screaming “YEAH!”  The funny part is that they play either three innings or for an hour (whichever comes first, I think?) and no one keeps score.


Emma makes it through her first t-ball game with no bumps, bruises or minor cuts. . .YEAH!!


The two tiny dancers now baseball extraordinaires!!


“This t-ball thing is awesome!  Can we do this tomorrow?”

Casa de Tow. . .

On any given day I will take anywhere from three to 63 pictures.  Depending on the mood of my children. . .whether or not they have had a nap depends on the type of pictures I take.  We were outside enjoying a wonderful warm evening with NO wind.  Okay there was a little wind, but anything less than 20 mile an hour wind is like no wind around here!  I am so lucky and so blessed.


I really like this one of Dust.  What a good lookin’ husband I have.


Daddy, Emma and Ellie


Me and my girls


A silly one of the girls.


Emma’s last day of school. . .

It seems like it was yesterday that Emma started Preschool.  I can see my little girl riding on the back of her Daddy’s motorcycle just starting the process of her next 18 years.  I can’t believe how much she’s grown.

last day

Emma’s 1st day of Preschool. . .she looked so tiny.

last day2

Emma and Ellie

last day3

Yes, I had them wear the same outfits they wore the first day.  Notice how much Emma has grown.  That dress used to cover her knees.  For that matter, Ellie’s dress is a little on the short side too!

last day4

Best buddies


cowgirl day. . .

A few days before school let out, Emma’s class had Cowboy/Cowgirl Day.  Smores were involved and Emma was in heaven.  Ellie got to skip her nap for the day, so she too was in heaven as well.  Not to mention the prospect of getting a smore did intrigue Ellie somewhat.  Enjoy!


Even cowgirls worry about their teeth falling out.  “Keep those chompers lookin’ awesome!  Brush them twice a day and floss em’!”  Okay, am I the only one that remembers that commercial???


Put a skirt on instead of the shorts and Emma has worn this outfit before.


Emma’s class.


Ride em’ Cowgirl!!


What a cute little cowgirl!


Ellie was stuck to Ms. Katie like glue and anywhere Ms. Katie went Ellie was sure to follow.


See why Ellie sticks to Ms. Katie like glue???  Ms. Katie lets Ellie participate.


Ellie and her friend Skylar.  They share the same birthday. . .only Skylar’s is a year older!


Again wherever Ms. Katie is Ellie is joined to her hip.  The teachers treat Ellie like one of their own so Ellie is never left out.  I really appreciate Emma’s teachers for doing this!


Yum!  Smores!!


Adyson arrives. . .

Last Thursday, Dustin’s sister Tacie FINALLY had her baby.  Tacie’s a nurse and I think at some point when Adyson was still in her stomach a week after her due date, Tacie was ready to take matters in to her own hands!  No amount of walking was going to make that baby leave the safety of her Mama’s tummy. 

Our day was filled with story time at the library and then a birthday party that evening followed with Emma’s t-ball game.  I had one minute phone calls with my mother-in-law all day finding out how everything was going.  The weather wasn’t cooperating as well and during her labor, Tacie and anybody else that was with her had to be evacuated down to the tunnel of the hospital because the tornado sirens were going off.  Finally back in her room, Tacie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl five minutes before we got there.  You have to give Adyson some credit, she knows how to make an entrance.  My first niece and what a cutie she is.  Congratulation Tacie and Trae!


Adyson Renee’ arrives on June 4, 2009 at 9:20 p.m. 


Adyson weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20″ and Dustin and I were thinking how tiny our 5 lb and 6 lb babies were!!


Emma the proud cousin.  She told me that night when I tucked her into bed, she couldn’t wait for Adyson to grow up so she could play with her!


Dustin’s got a hold of Ellie’s pocket.  We had a long talk on the way up to the hospital about no touching and kissing the baby.  If you’ve ever seen Ellie play with her baby dolls, you too would be holding on to Ellie’s pocket and saying, “Just look.”


Proud Daddy.


I’m pretty sure this is where Darrell is asking Tacie if she wants another one.


Again, we are all amazed not only at Adyson weighing over 7 lbs but of all the hair she has.


Darrell and Terry’s three granddaughters.  Emma 5-years-old, Ellie 2-years-old and Adyson 25-minutes-old.  Ohh yah, there’s Trae again too.


Ellie, Papaw, Meme and Emma.  Ellie is trying really hard to open her eyes for the picture because she takes pictures like her Meme and closes her eyes when the flash goes off.  Meme did good, Ellie not so much.


Ahhh a family picture. . .how sweet.  Why I didn’t get Trae to get beside his lovely wife that just gave birth to his beautiful daughter I’m not sure?!?


This is curious Ellie.  Curious Ellie loves buttons.  Curious Ellie is curious about all the buttons on Aunt Tacie’s bed and all the wires connected to Aunt Tacie.  Aunt Tacie is cautiously watching her niece Curious Ellie. . .


Emma gets to “hold” her cousin. . .or Uncle Trae wraps Emma’s arms around the blanket while he does most of the work.  Emma has still not quit talking about holding her cousin.


We can’t leave Ellie out.  Obviously Adyson is thrilled that Ellie is “holding” her too.  Ellie is my little bull in a china closet, she’s so delicate!  This is a really cute one of Ellie though.  She kept telling us she wanted to “go to doctor to see baby.”  She also called the hospital the baby sitter too.


Tacie and Dustin.  I think it was a little hard on him to see his baby sister growing up. 


Adyson’s little foot prints on Trae’s shirt.


This is what Dustin refers to as my “Look Ma, it’s a baby!” picture.  Yah, I don’t know what I’m doing either.


Proud Aunt Steph with my beautiful niece.


One more look before we have to go home.


Papaw with 2/3 of his grandkids. . .all granddaughters.