white trash bash 2009. . .

It’s that time of year again to display the fun had at our annual White Trash Party.  This year’s menu was a shrimp boil. . .or as we called it a “shrimp bowl.”  This year also was a no kids allowed party.  There was a disclaimer at the bottom of the mustard stained invitation that read:

“Do to the graphic nature of jorge’s striptease/shirt burning and purty much seein’ a lil’ too much of wade last year, no kiddos this year!”

After a few weeks of planning and everyone trying to improve their outfit from last year, everyone had a great time.  I’m so mad I didn’t take a picture of the front yard because we had the girls’ bikes and a lawn mower sitting out there and our ritual “WELCOME COUSINS” sign we put out.  We had to use the “Congrajuwlashuns Aunt Maybelle” sign from last year because we couldn’t find the original welcome cousins sign and by the time I finished spray painting it, my cousin Diana said it looked like a child’s sign that said “FREE PUPPIES.”  Mission accomplished.

We are in the process of putting up a new fence, so the trash can. . .aka dumpster. . .was easily accessible.  And the 5′ X 8′ confederate flag hanging over the bathtub full of alcohol gave our backyard such a nice touch.  Sadly, two weeks later, the bathtub is still in our backyard.  Thanks again to everyone who helped out and Dustin and a bunch of his buddies at work are already planning for next year’s party!


Ellie and Emma went to Nana and Papa’s house for the night.  This was Ellie’s very first night away from home.  They were leaving our house and heading to Sam’s for some groceries and as Emma calls it “examples” instead of “samples.”


Emma was the one that cried due to some anxiety separation issues we were dealing with over the summer, but cheered up when Papa told her they could make calamari hotdogs like Daddy was making for the party.


Jorge’, Trevor and Chuck.  Jorge’ borrowed an extra mullet we had on the fence for decoration.


Jack and Traci.  All of us agreed that Traci wasn’t dressed up enough, and then I made the comment, “That’s something I would wear to church.”  Which lead to exactly how much cleavage did I show on Sundays?!?


Courtney and Dustin


Dustin, Dustin’s hair and me.


 Our neighbors Kim and Trevor, notice Trevor’s socks. . .oh wait, he isn’t wearing any socks.


 Jorge’ the Shrimp Man


 Dustin and eating the “God Almighty These Hot Wings Are Hot” hot wings.  He hadn’t even started drinking and was already making a mess.  About Dustin’s outfit, notice the Chippendale stripper cuffs.  Very classy.


 A better look at Trevor’s tan.


 Denise and Lee


 Denise’s tattoo.


 I know that’s a lot to take in.


 Everyone died laughing when Lee attempted to bend over and get a beer out of the bathtub.  Everything is already pulled pretty tight and bending over just added to the sight.


 Some of the White Trash Bash 2009 participants


 You can’t have a bathtub full of beer and not have a confederate flag. . .


Diana, who usually makes the confederate flag cheesecake bites, chose to make “Winkies.”  Imagine if you will a Twinkie with two donut holes on the end and then smoothered in pink/flesh colored icing with stratigically placed chocolate sprinkles.  Now that’s creativity at its finest!


We weren’t sure which guy would actually eat one of the Winkies, but at last Jack put his pride aside and devoured the Winkie.  But when you’re wearing a Youth Small shirt when you’re Jack, how much pride do you have?!?white18

And of course not to let Jack feel bad, my husband ate a Winkie.  There’s Dustin really loving the Winkie. . .okay, I’ll stop.  I think I’m about to be sick!


I think this is going to be our invitation next year.  Here’s “Spandex Cindy” enjoying the evening.  The Miley Cyrus collection at Wal-Mart sadly provided many outfits for the women this year.


We used name cards for the voting process because we had a few new people this year.  Traci didn’t have any pockets, so she found a spot for her name card.


 Chuck didn’t have any pockets either. . .or at least that’s what he said.


 The mullet collected the votes.


Jorge’s shirt is part of the Granimal line at Wal-Mart.  For those of you who don’t know what size Granimals are, you can look at some of my girls’ play clothes.  Jorge’ here is sporting a 6T shirt. . .that’s a size 6 TODDLER. 


 Earl Jr. and Peggy Lynn dun got married agin. . .third times a charm!!!  Congrajulashuns guys!!


 Lee had an extra “LEE”suire suit and sadly, it didn’t take much convincing Josh to put it on.  In the background, Smokey and the Bandit is playing on the side of the shop. 


 The White Trash Women.


 Dustin was behind the camera saying, “You’re an animal, give me more animal.”  I’m not sure what animal I am though?  So much for modeling as a future career.


 The White Trash Men.


 White Trash Queen Cindy.  The pleather pants I think made her the winner.


 No surprise here that Lee and his suit won White Trash King.


I have seen pictures of Lee back in high school and every picture looks like this.  Okay, maybe not the brown onepiece that’s four sizes too small, but the face that says, “Hey, you want some of this?”  Lucky, lucky Denise.  Hands off ladies, he all Denise’s!


I asked each winner what their first act as King and Queen would be.  Cindy, if you know her, is one of the quietest, nicest people I have ever met.  So, Cindy wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do as reigning White Trash Queen.  King Lee on the other hand said, “I’m going to go take this d*#@ thing off to get it out of my a@%.” 


Jorge (sober), Doug (not so sober) and Chuck (so not sober)


“Hey Louie!” and Doug.  Every time you saw Louie, something about his outfit just made you say (pronounced HEY LOU A).


We had items left in the past.  A lawn chair here, a beer there, a curler on the other side of the yard, but not this. . .


Lee left his outfit with a lovely note for me in the bathroom.


Courtney’s tramp stamp that rubbed off on the chair.  I think she needs to go get her money back!


Ahhh, the much anticipated vodka soaked watermelon.


This is right before Josh had to leave.  He and Jack had to be at work at 5:oo a.m. the next morning.


Josh still having a good time and another one of Chuck so not sober.


Apparently it’s going to be awhile before Josh leaves and then here’s a good picture of Dustin. 


Ohhh wait, Dustin realizes that he mistaked Josh for me. . .thanks!


So classy.  I would have flashed everyone if I didn’t put shorts on underneath my skirt/beer opener.


Josh and his boobs.


Hey Louie!  Wanna touch my boob?


“What do you mean you don’t want to touch it?!?”


The much anticipated Dustin impersonating Billy Bob Thorton in Sling Blade.  The Chippendale stripper cuffs are still cracking me up!


This is Dustin explaining to Maggie that you take a 32 oz glass of water and “two” tylenol before you go to bed tonight so you don’t have a hangover the next morning.  Something tells me Maggie isn’t going to remember what he said.


Dustin’s lovely tattoo I put on him.  Again, I don’t think tattoo artist is going to be in my future either. . .


This was my tequila buddy Maggie.  And I was the annoying picture taking person that kept flashing everyone. . .wait, that didn’t come out right.


Courtney and her Napoleon Dynamite hair after she took out the curlers.


I let my curlers down and it didn’t have the same effect as it did last year. 


This was last year’s picture. . .hey, I’ve lost weight since last year, but I still have a boob tattoo. . .again, so classy.


Chuck, Chuck’s half eaten Winkie and Diana


Celebrating with the Queen.


Weren’t you supposed to leave like an hour ago???  This was Josh’s fourth attempt at leaving, still unsuccessful.


Dustin and our friend Denise.


This is going to be our Christmas Card next year.  Me, Jorge and our love child Maggie. 


The aftermath of another successful party.  Alcohol and Winkies.  At this point, I’d had way too much to drink and kept calling them “Tweiners.”  Even sober now, that’s still pretty funny!


1st day of Kindergarten. . .

What a day today!  Emma was the only brave one of the bunch that didn’t shed a tear when she went into her Kindergarten class today.  And no, I’m not referring to her classmates, I’m referring to her Mama and sister.  Ellie was a mess last night because her and Emma have shared a bedroom all summer long, so the transition of sleeping in their own rooms is still an ongoing process.  You could hear her down the hall crying herself to sleep and saying, “I miss my Emma.”  It was so sad.

I held it together longer than I thought I would.  But apparently Ellie saying she missed Emma for the 46th time this morning just did it to me.  However, on a positive note, Ellie went and got her crockies (croc shoes) without arguing with me.  Apparently Mama having a little breakdown makes Ellie think, “Ohh God, I finally cracked her!  I didn’t think it was possible!”  My baby sat down in front of me on the floor as we put our shoes on for our walk and looked at me with big alligator tears.  I looked at her and said. . .or more like sobbed. . .”I miss Emma,” and Ellie responded for the 47th time that she too missed Emma.  Ellie crawled up in my arms and cried on my shoulder.  We got it together a little bit to go for our walk, but every now and then I would hear, “I miss Emma.”  I’m not sure how I held it together for that walk!  All I can say is thank God that the trend for giant sunglasses is in fashion still.

We walked for about an hour and then made it home and Pippi Longstocking took over where Mama could not.  That is one of the girls’ favorite movies which was mine when I was probably Emma’s age.  Ellie was in charge of the “pause” button on the remote, so things were starting to look up.  I swear she went to the bathroom five time in the course of an hour just because she could pause the show anytime she needed to.

I called Mom when we got back from our walk and told her how Emma went right into class like such a big girl.  And then I called Mom back an hour later after I had vacuumed, dusted and did other various household chores and asked her what I’m supposed to do for the other six hours Emma’s gone.  Yah, it was a little sad and somewhat pathetic today, but when you’re a stay-at-home Mama and your little girl goes to ALL DAY Kindergarten, it leaves you a little stumped on how to fill your day.  Now ask me this question in a few weeks when Ellie realizes she can play in her big sister’s room without being told what to do and I’ll have my hands full then!

All I can say about my group of friends is they are awesome. . .a little cruel with the “make you cry” emails the night before your baby goes off to school and the “hope you’re not bawling like a baby in a corner” messages left on my phone, but they truly are awesome.  We all coped today because they experienced half day Pre-K with their kiddos.  They seemed to hold up better than I did, but by the time I talked to everyone the second time around, I had a handle on things.

Ohhh, wait.  Wasn’t this entry supposed to be a little more about the big girl of the hour??  Well, that’s what is hard about seeing Emma walk into her class and you don’t go in with her. . .you don’t know what’s going on during the day.  I told my best friend Erin that I have spent the last five and a half years knowing what Emma had done every single day.  It is hard to give up control, and yes, I know I am not one to easily hand over the reins, so this is hard for me.

As for Emma’s 1st day of Kindergarten, Here’s what I got out of her.  “I got to use a pointer finger that looked like a witch’s finger to learn different things.  I went potty a lot but had to not use one of the sinks because Alexia throw up in the bathroom.  My two mosquito bites itched alot, so  itched them and made them bleed.  Mrs. Thompson put two bandaids on them, but these bandaids aren’t like our bandaids and will probably hurt when we take them off.  I played with Keeley and Graci at recess AND MAMA WE GOT TO HAVE THREE RECESSES!!!  We chased after a ball because James wanted it.  I finished my Capri Sun in the Pre-K room and gave Ms. Katie a hug before we went back to our room.  I didn’t finish all of my lunch and wanted to save it for after school.”  This is where I figure out why Emma’s lunch bag is leaking EXCESSIVELY.  Emma decided to save her applesauce and Capri Sun for later and neither her applesauce or Capri Sun are resealable.

That was about the day wrapped up in a nutshell.  Emma did take a few breaths in between telling me what went on and I had to ask a few questions, but all in all, Emma wants to go back tomorrow and she didn’t think she was at school that long at all. . .WHAT, DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG OF A DAY THIS WAS FOR YOUR MAMA AND SISTER!!!  Sorry, still a little emotional, sorry again.

Ellie was joined to Emma’s hip the rest of the afternoon and when someone asked her how she was doing, Ellie replied with, “Mama cried, I cried.”  There’s no keeping secrets when it comes to 2-year-olds.  Everyone’s in bed after a long day and I’m actually somewhat tired after getting up at 6:45 a.m. this morning.  I know, I haven’t been up that early I think since I was breastfeeding a baby.  No more emails or blog entries at 2:00 a.m., now I’m one of the normal people.  I gotta tell you, right now, normalcy sucks.  Tomorrow, we’re walking up to the school vs. parking closer to our house than the school due to the construction still going on.  Maybe I can sleep until 7:00 a.m. and not take a shower?!?  I know, my Mom just said, “Steph!  Just suck it up and wake up early!” to herself.  Hope everyone had a great day with dropping their children off to school and hopefully some tears were shed besides the 2/3 of the Tow females this morning!   


The Emma quote of the day:  “Man, Mama, I’m going to see the sunrise today.”  She always wants to see the sunrise but knows that it happens very, very early in the morning.  Here she’s having “Shrek” cereal and milk for breakfast.


Daddy’s lunch and Emma’s lunch.  School lunches approximately $1.65/day, lunch brought from home $0.84/day.


Emma picked out the butterfly freezer pack which will hopefully make it through the year without getting thrown away.  Hopefully her applesauce and juices will get thrown away though.


Poor Ellie, knowing something is not quite right, but not knowing what that is. . .


The Annual 1st Day of School Motorcycle Ride.  Again, no one else dropped off their child by this means of transportation this year either?!?


Dustin was able to go in late to work to take Emma to school.  He unlike the rest of us was not nearly as emotional as I would have thought.


Emma trying to figure out if lunch bag then backpack works better than backpack then lunch bag.


Ellie just didn’t have it in her to smile for the special day.  She wasn’t ready to part with her Emma.


Emma outside Mrs. Thompson’s Kindergarten class room.  She looks so big.  She was really excited too.


Emma at her very own desk in the classroom.


Ellie putting Emma in one last headlock before we leave.  This turned out to be a pretty cute picture.


I had Dustin take one of me because I didn’t cry. . .yet!


This is post breakdown right before our walk.  You can see little tears in Ellie’s eyes.


Somehow I got a smile out of Ellie Bellie.


Ahhh, the powers of Pippi Longstocking, a freckled face, red head girl you wanna know, she’ll blow your life into a whirl.  Yep, those would be some lyrics from the theme song.  I think Ellie got to watch Pippi twice today to help cope with the loss of her buddy.


Emma a little surprised to see me.  She had such a great day!


Ellie wouldn’t let go of Emma.  She hugged her and blocked most of the hallway for kids to get through.  She held her hand the whole way to the truck.  You could easily say “My EEEmma was missed today.”


My Kindergartener. . .where did the time go???

don’t stop til’ you drop. . .

The title of this blog entry about sums up our family vacation this summer.  Dustin and I are alike when it comes to going on vacation.  We DON’T hang out in the hotel room.  We plan things to do every day because if we wanted to watch TV, we would stay at home rather than be on vacation.  Don’t get me wrong, the much needed “Ellie nap” had to take place each day back at the hotel room as did the much needed “shower and change of clothes.” 

We made it to the hotel Sunday afternoon after Dustin fired me from being the navigator and we both decided that our future as contestants on The Amazing Race would never happen.  Ironically, we did end up at Pappasito’s which it just so happened that I wanted to eat there. . .hmmm, I don’t know how that happened? 

The Hyatt Place was awesome!  The staff was beyond friendly and we really had a good time.  Breakfast ended at 9:30 a.m. and when I say it ended at 9:30 a.m., that means we couldn’t get milk for the girls cereal because it was 9:33 a.m.  It wasn’t a big deal and we gave the breakfast hostess a hard time and deemed her the “Breakfast Nazi.”  The next morning, Dustin had the girls thank the hostess for letting them have milk in their cereal that day!

I’ll warn you, there were somewhere around 300 pictures that were taken during our seven day vacation.  Be happy I forgot the camera when we went to Six Flags the first day otherwise it would have been a lot more!  Hope everyone is having a great day!


The sign reads:  SIX FLAGS OR BUST!!  The girls had just woke up and are sitting on all of our luggage aka crap we need for seven days.


We decided to take our time because Jess and Aaron wouldn’t be home until that early evening, so we made a few stops on the way to their house.  This is fudge from Pecan Valley in Chillicothe.  I don’t think you can tell that Ellie loved her piece of chocolate!


After Dustin had already hauled some of our bags up to the third floor, we found a luggage cart.  It was also easier hauling the girls around too.


It wasn’t as easy when they were swinging like a monkey.


If Ellie was being a little too quiet, this is were we found her.


I wish this picture wasn’t blurry.  Ellie found a seat in the little fridge while she was taking a water break before we hit the pool.


One of three meals we had in the hotel room rather than eating out.  The girls gave Daddy the thumbs up for his “campfire mac & cheese.”


OMG SIX FLAGS!!!  The girls loved our view from the room.


The girls tickling me.


The girls jumping on my spleen and my reaction.


The morning of Six Flags.  It takes the girls a little while to wake up.


Ellie wouldn’t leave Emma alone, so Emma finally put her pillow over her head at some point during the night.  Funny, her Daddy sleeps the same way. . .I don’t know why?!?


This was after five hours at Six Flags and we came back to the hotel to take showers and eat an early dinner before we headed back.


This was on our way back into Six Flags when Ellie decided to jump in the air and forget to land on her feet.  Poor kid, she’s graceful like her Mama.


Ellie and Daddy


Emma and Mama


Ellie looks tired and Emma is a deer caught in headlights.


The Glow in the Dark Parade was really neat.  The girls really enjoyed it too.  Dustin; however, did not enjoy my detour to get to the front gate which lead us around the entire park. . .did I mention that he was carrying Ellie because “I so ti-red Daddy.”


I loved the frogs.


The girls did not love the Joker.


The girls loved Scooby.


Ellie especially loved Scooby and was screaming for him to wave at her.


Dustin loved Marvin the Martian.


Emma’s feet got tired too, so Daddy got to hold her too.


The man in front of us was apparently a sucker for the $3.00 games.  We had to carry our children and he got to carry a gian Taz doll.


Hurricane Harbor was on our “List O’ Fun.”  I told Dust to have fun and go do all the water slides and I took the girls to the kid area.  We met up with Dustin for lunch and then my 30-year-old child was off again to find another slide.  Ellie and I are not big fans of getting constantly splashed in the face and Emma was wanting to be a little taller for the slides, but they had fun in the lazy river.  Emma was wanting me to let her float by herself in the lazy river while Ellie latched on to me and held on for dear life.


Daddy joined the girls in the wave pool and kept getting knocked over by both the waves and a 2-year-old and 5-year-old.


Dustin attempting to get up before the next wave knocks him down.  Emma’s preparing Daddy by holding him down!


This is where Ellie would tell you she “drown-ded.”


Emma bravely battling the waves.


The Waves – 1, Emma – 0.


I love this picture.


Dust and the girls bravely battling the waves.


Ellie so ready to leave Hurricane Harbor.


If Emma was a little too quiet, this is where she was.


She was hiding her snack from Ellie eventhough Ellie was asleep out on the bed.


Dustin had to have Chuy’s one night for dinner.  Thank you mapquest for finding the Chuy’s 10 minutes away rather than the one 40 minutes we were going to. 


The food was one of the best meals we have probably ever had.  We ate and ate and ate.  Ellie was a little worn out from Hurricane Harbor and I really can’t explain what Emma was doing!


Here’s our product placement for Starbucks. 


We told the girls we’d rent a movie when we got back to the hotel thinking, “What’s an $5 movie?  We’re on vacation!”  Then we actually saw that the movie we promised was $15!  It wasn’t even an adult move!  So, we opted for four episodes of Special Agent OSO and High School Musical 2.  I warned Dustin about High School Musical, but there’s just no saying no to his little girl.  Emma loves any movie that involves MANY songs.  I think we overheated Little Mermaid on the way down here!


This would be Day 5 on our Don’t Stop Til’ You Drop Vacation.


Right before bedtime ending Day 5.


So Dustin set his phone alarm to go off at 10:30 a.m. everyday.  It was his “I’m on vacation” alarm.  Every day that alarm would go off with some techno music and Dustin would turn to me and say, “I’m still on vacation!”


Dallas World Aquarium.


The most annoying bird at the Dallas World Aquarium.


The loudest squaking that made you want to pierce your ears with something just to make the noise stop.


The girls and Dustin three stories above the rainforest.


The dark red and green in the water was a giant prehistoric fish.  It looked like something out of Ice Age 2.  You can’t tell, but this fish was about six feet long.


I’m speechless.


Ellie’s favorite was the alligators.  This child doesn’t care for animals too much, but she loved the alligators.  She kept climbing up the fence to get a closer look and scaring her parents a little in the process.


A cute one of Emma.


A closer look at the prehistoric fish.


Unlike her father’s fish stories, Emma is somewhat accurate about how big this fish is.


Birds were flying all around and I was just waiting for something to drop on my shoulder.


Ellie getting up close with the baby alligator.


Emma the Piranha.


Mama and Emma


Another pose for facebook or myspace.


The stingray was fascinated with the girls.  Unless a stingray doesn’t see colors, I think it was their pink and green shirts.  Wherever they would walk, the stingray would move along the tank!


This huge wall tank had sharks, turtles, fish, etc.  I think the girls could have set there all day if it wasn’t lunch time!


My girls.


This was at our table for lunch.  We overlooked the flamingo exhibit.


Emma and Dust


I love this one of Ellie.


Emma walking throught the fish hallway.


Ellie almost napping through the fish hallway. . .or as Aunt Jessie puts it, “Ellie sleeping with the fishies.”


The lovely penguin exhibit that smelled like 5 day old rotting fish.  Yet another profession that I could not have.


Emma walked through the entire exhibit holding her nose.  Still smiling nonetheless.


Dustin wanted this picture for Mom since he knows how much she “loves” centipedes and millipedes.  How sweet?!?


A very colorful chameleon.


Exiting the penguin exhibit.


We’re hitting that two minute mark before Ellie either falls asleep or has an embarrasing meltdown.


Emma the Jaguar.


Ellie the Jaguar.


I know, she’s so scary.


Gee, imagine that family that does funny poses for every picture.  Yep, that would be our family.  Here we are pretending to be flamingos.


Ellie hasn’t yet learned to participate in the funny poses ritual, granted we were very close to naptime.


The flamingos.


Emma and Daddy leaving the aquarium.



Day 6 ~ “Where’s my car seat so I can take a nap?” says Ellie.


Medieval Times. . .this is where I had to hear repeatedly Dustin say, “Do you want me to go medieval on you???”  He’s so funny. . .did I mention it’s Day 6?


This one was taken right after Dustin pressed his face up to mine and squished the right side of my face and well let’s just say it wasn’t one of my best and didn’t make it into the blog!


Yes, you too can go to Ross Dress for Less and buy an Ed Hardy knock off purse for $17.99 and a new shirt for $5.99.  My personal shopper aka Emma was with me and helped me.


Princess Ellie choosing her souvenir.


Lady Emma and Lady Ellie.  Emma kept calling me “Your Majesty.”  I could get used to that.


Apparently, the Lord of Rock, Lord Dustin.


Hands down, the best picture of Ellie this entire vacation.  Do not be surprised if this picture becomes our Christmas card in December.


Ellie apparently got brave and wanted to take her picture with one of the Medieval Times actors.  She tugged on his robe  and put her arm around him because in Ellie’s world that means we’re taking a picture.  He had an accent and spoke way to fast when he gave his name and background, and I didn’t understand a word he said.  So instead of saying, “huh,” I nodded my head and said thank you. 


Ellie settled on the Medieval Kitty with matching purse for her souvenir.  Such an Ellie trait.  Out of all the princess paraphernalia she could have chosen from, she’s chooses the kitten.  Here she’s sticking her medieval kitty in Daddy’s pocket.  I’m surprised she didn’t make Daddy carry her purse too.


Daddy and Ellie


Emma and Mama (I know, I am totally rockin’ that crown.)


Our friendly waitress, the wench, explained that our hands were our utensils, so when it came time to eat the Dragon Tail Soup, my little girl improvised and used a stirring straw.  Emma’s going to be like that person that invented the little plastic piece around the end of your shoelaces and make a billion dollars off of it.


We cheered for the Blue Knight.  I wonder if Dustin was jealous of his hair??


Dustin and his utensils enjoying the chicken, ribs, potatoes, etc.


That’s our girl.


Princess Ellie doesn’t want no stickin’ prince to come wake her up with a kiss, she just wants to sleep.


C’mon Ellie, you can get your fingers to do Day 7.


This is where Ellie says screw it and throws the rock on.  So, when in doubt, throw the rock on.


An overly excited Dustin looking forward to the car ride home.


DAY 7!!  Is it just me or do I have giant man hands?!?


These are Ellie’s throw up buckets.  We have learned in the past, it is best to have something available when Ellie starts that unmistakeable coughing.  We learned the hard way and had to buy a new car seat in Wichita Falls because Mama did not carry such a necessity.  You can see what Ellie really thinks about her buckets. 


We had enough time to drop off our luggage, wash a load of clothes and make it to Dad’s office party at the Dillas’ game.  We look forward to these every summer.  Ellie kept telling us, “I be bwave, I take my pichure with the Dela.”  (Translation:  I will be brave Mother and Father.  I will pose for a picture with the mascot known as the Dilla.)  Dustin’s in the background holding Ellie because she didn’t want to get close to any of the “creatures.”


Ellie and her sunflower seeds.


“What are you lookin’ at?”


Ellie would put a few seeds in and then spit them through the rails.  I don’t even think she got the salt taste off of them!


Me doing what I do best at the Dilla games.  I turned my hat inside out and backwards and rallied the guys to 13 innings and keeping the game going an extra hour and a half.  Ohh no wait, because I was drinking, I thought I was that fan that believes if they wear the same shirt to every game or sit the same way with their right leg resting at a 90 degree angle on top of their left leg, they are the reason their team wins.  Okay, I was just irritating Mom and Dust because after they would tie it up and go into yet another inning, me and Dad would start cheering “rather loudly.” 


Isn’t the Boy Scouts’ motto always be prepared?  Emma has that same motto and decided to bring her Baby Legs for if her legs got cold, her Hannah Montana jacket and Hannah Montana fashionable dettached sleeves in case it got a little chilly on a July evening.  She also has the baseball cap turned ever so slightly which I’m sure her Daddy just loves!  Such a fashionista and at the age of 5!


Nope, this will be our Christmas Card picture.  I might even make this a poster and frame it in our living room.


Sunday night. . .Dust a little sad that he has to start back to work the next day.  I think Ellie is going to need a vacation to rest from her previous vacation.


We haven’t even had dinner yet!  “Don’t Stop til’ You Drop ~ Vacation 2009”