feel the pain. . .

We’ve hit Day 16 on our P90X work out.  Every day is getting a little easier and sadly I’ve become that person that actually feels bad if I don’t do the work out.  Mind you I didn’t say I enjoyed doing the work out, I just feel guilty.

We made it two weeks sticking to the diet and then decided that cooking a minimum of three hours a night was not going to work.  Lunches are the chef salads or tuna salad/chicken salad.  Those meals are so much easier and contain fewer ingredients!  We’ve moved the more difficult meals for our dinners and are doing some of our own recipes that are healthy.  The first week I lost eight pounds.  I think my body was in shock that I was putting it through such rigorous training and denying it butter among other foods.  Going into the second week I started going up on the scale and then back down.  Going from Atkins to eating a lot of carbs was a big change, but now I’m back to Atkins.  I don’t want to eat rice or potatoes, I’d rather eat extra broccoli or spinach.  Call me crazy but everyone we’ve talked to that has done P90X NEVER does the diet, so I’m thinking working out seven days a week at an extreme level would make anyone lose weight! 

Yesterday, I really noticed a difference in the “muffin top” area.  That would be the extra skin that falls over your jeans if you wear jeans lower than your waist.  My “muffin top” is slowly going away and I even agree with the compliment that made me almost hit my husband, “my back fat is not as bad as it used to be.”  You have to love the way a man thinks he is giving a compliment! 

Dustin is definitely having results too.  His stomach is becoming more defined, but when you do 349 crunches every other day, you too would see results.  He gets home every afternoon a faithfully does his work out.  Anybody that looks into our front door and sees Dustin sweating like a pig and me sitting on the couch reading and eating a cheese stick or sugar free jello cup would think I’m a bad wife!  I work out in the morning with my friend Robin so that I don’t have to dread the upcoming torture that awaits for me everyday.

All in all, I’m amazed that I’m in better shape, hell, I’m actually in shape now.  The fact that after two c-sections, I’m doing crunches and sit ups again amazes me.  I was doing volleyball rolls in the livingroom this past weekend that I haven’t been able to do in seven years.  Thank you P90X for making me break down and cry because I was so sore and miserable.  Thank you P90X for making me feel guilty that I don’t want to go into town and eat a huge bacon cheese burger with a side of ice cream with caramel and marshmallows (yep, that’s what I’m craving) because I’d rather do my work out and eat chicken salad for lunch.  Thank you P90X for showing me how ungraceful I can be during the yoga segments but still proving I can put my legs over my head while still laying on the ground. . .granted I can’t breathe very well and Robin has to tell me what the next move is because one of my boobs is sufficating me, but I CAN DO THAT YOGA MOVE!!  And lastly, thank you P90X for even making an “easy day” still make me sweat.  I never knew that the day designated for only stretching would make me hurt a little.


This was I think day seven.  Obviously it was a tough work out.  Ohhh, I remember, this was right after the AB RIPPER.  See, I’m still smiling. . .I think?!?


I stayed like this for a while. . .


Here’s the vegetable stir fry.  It was really good.  The diet is really pretty good, but it just lacks something. . .BUTTER!!!


We splurged one night and had pizza.  Dustin said that this better be worth it and I think his next words were, “Ohhgg, my ggggoogg, dis iz gggooodgg.”  Needless to say, sometimes you just have to reward yourself.


Dustin and the best piece of pizza he’s ever had in his whole life!!


Princess Ellie’s Underwater Kingdom. . .

Let me just say that my girls have the coolest rooms a kiddo could want.  Ellie’s “pish” room turned out better than I could have ever imagined.  Ellie’s Great Aunt Debbie did awesome! 

I made the mistake of telling Debbie she had the easy job of just painting the black and white on zebra fish because I was doing the seaweed. . .and then I saw her shading the fish and painting the eyes and eyelashes. . .and then I shut my mouth!!

Here’s some pictures of the finished product.


Ellie jumping in her bed to touch all of her fish.


Princess Ellie’s Underwater Kingdom


This is Ellie’s door.


The octopus wall with the “Emma” fish and “Ellie” fish.  I was in charge of the seaweed (which I kept calling algae) and the sand on the bottom of the ocean.


Ellie has mermaid bedding with starfish and other sea creatures.  This is also her “big girl” furniture.  Mom and Dad finished off with the last grandchild and getting their “big kid” furniture.  See Jess and I really are saving them money!?!


The seahorses by the closet.


My favorite fish that are over Ellie’s bed.


Seriously, how talented is my aunt?!? 


I’m pretty proud of the light switch plate and the plug ins that I painted.  It’s like they are not even there. . .okay, I know you can see them, but this is so much better than a bright white switch plate!


I painted the fish, which took forever because I kept changing my mind on the colors.  Debbie had way too much paint to choose from.  And then I thought to myself, “Self, I bet you could shade the fish and even do the eyes.”  Yah, that didn’t turn out too good, so I just painted the fish, the sea horses and the sand until 2:00 a.m.  By then, Ellie had been crying for me because Emma’s room had scary shadows on the wall, so I moved her back into her “Underwater Kingdom” at 2:30 a.m.  She fell asleep in about two minutes!

wild hogs. . .

Nothing like a nice ride on the bike on Labor Day to start September.  This was my first and only ride for the summer on Dustin’s motorcycle.  He managed to put on a lot of miles on the motorcycle, but couldn’t squeeze me and the girls on the bike, so we had to settle for my truck if we went anywhere! 

Nana and Papa watched the girls for us and we were off to Perryton, by way of Amarillo, Panhandle, a few ranches here and there, a road I’m not sure had a name and then finally in Perryton.  On the way back, Dust and I had to head back early to relieve Nana and Papa and managed to run into a rainstorm.  Everytime Dustin goes on the motorcycle, there’s always rain.  At that moment, I was really thankful for my chaps, my helmet and my frog togs (did I spell that right?).  Here’s some pictures of the trip.


We spent the night at Mom and Dad’s so the girls managed to wake up before we left.  Ellie was excited about going to Wa-Marn (Wal-Mart) and Sam’s for the “examples” they give people.  Emma just wanted to go back to bed.


I’m such a Biker Mama.  I’m giving my girls hugs and kisses goodbye.  Ohh yah, I’m bad.


One more kiss before we head out.


Biker Mama


You can see my zebra print biker boots in this pictures.  Dustin just doesn’t understand why I can’t buy black boots?!?


Amarillo Sky.


This was right after I yelled, “Let’s take a picture!”  And I stuck my hand above the windshield and the camera almost blew out of my hand.  I don’t think we would have been laughing if that would have actually happened.


There was 11 of us on this ride.


On our way to Perryton.


A good one of Uncle Dougly and Ms. Katie.


This was right outside of Canadian.

P90X. . .

Okay, so my husband decided that he wanted to get into shape to which I didn’t understand because he’s skinny already.  After some Internet searching, Dustin came across the infamous P90X.  He had been wanting P90X for awhile but wanted to make sure I was onboard for the workouts and the diets. . .to which I didn’t understand, “Did he think I needed to workout and go on a diet?”  I can tell you there’s no way to ask your wife to workout with you without looking like an fool.

After some convincing (and apologizing), I agreed to join the P90X Tow Team and commit myself to 90 days of torture. . .I mean workout and healthy eating.  Let me tell you, the best thing to do before starting a workout/dieting program is to clear out your cabinets of stuff you will look at and eventually give in to and eat in a mad furry before your girls walk down the hall and into the kitchen and ask what you are chewing on.  Something is telling you, if you’re hiding what you’re eating, you probably shouldn’t be eating it!

So we spent last Sunday at Wal-Mart and United getting the groceries for four days worth of food.  Why only four, because using the P90X book and going meal by meal to get the groceries rather than taking the time to right each ingredient down was wearing us and the girls out.  Almost three hours at Wal-Mart was a little too much for all of us!

We unloaded about $275 worth of groceries and began the process of cleaning out our cabinets and fridge.  We had to buy a lot of herbs, cooking oils and flour replacements, so the basic items added up.  I’m only using a tablespoon at a time, so it’s not like I’m going to have to spend that every week, thank God!

Anywho, the steaks from the night before, the pizza from the day before, the giant tub of macaroni and cheese, these were things we had forgotten about after we had jumped on board the P90X express train.  Dustin’s stash of chocolate treats and oatmeal cream pies were also not remembered in the cleaning of the cabinets.  Needless to say, our last night of what we considered “good” food involved pasta salad, pizza, coconut crusted tilapia, and anything else we could find in the fridge.  Goodbye butter, so long made from scratch buttermilk dressing. . .I’ll see you in 90 days!


We can’t just let the cookies be thrown away.


Someone has to eat them!!


Yep, we’re excited about the salmon with lemon-dill sauce and the asparagus and wild rice.  Don’t forget the red pepper soup.  Girls, can I have a bite of your hot dog???


I’m not much of a fish eater to begin with, but salmon is a little too fishy for me.


Dustin enjoyed his meal.


Here we’re cooking the turkey bacon for our mushroom omelets.


I’m not sure what Dustin is more upset about, the turkey bacon or the mushrooms in his omelet.


Our newly stocked cabinet with P90X approved food.


Mmmmm. . .turkey jerky.  Actually it’s pretty good!


Mmmmm. . .quinoa. . .what the hell is quinoa?!?


All the vegetables that we have to eat.


Our newly stocked fridge filled with egg whites and skim milk.  Dustin is gagging about the skim milk. . .again, it’s actually pretty good.


The mushroom omelet the accompanies fresh strawberries and cottage cheese.

cheerleading camp. . .

In order to cheer at the football game with the high school cheerleaders, Emma had to go to the Panther Cheerleading Camp on Saturday morning a couple of weekends ago.  Good thing we are used to getting up so early because we were the first ones at the gym. . .apparently I misread the paper and took 8:30 a.m. to mean 8:00 a.m.  Needless to say, who wants to sleep in an extra 30 minutes anyway!

Emma went to cheerleading camp and Ellie had Ady come over to play.  I have to admit, drinking chia tea lattes on Saturday morning was pretty nice! 


Not to be left out, Ellie wears her uniform to go drop off Emma at camp.


This is Emma’s cute pose.


The parents came back to the gym at 12:30 p.m. (not 12:00 p.m.!) for the cheerleaders to show us what they learned.  Emma saw me in the crowd finally.


Ellie and Ady. . .can you tell Ellie is ready for her nap?


Ady and Ellie watching their big sisters cheering.


Ellie, Emma and Emi.  Yes, I know you can see Emma’s belly, but we need this uniform to make it one more football season.  Don’t be surprised if Emma and Ellie are wearing XL so they can grow into them.  I never knew how expensive cheerleading was!!


Yah, we’re not going to be a handful when we’re a teenager.


Emma and me before the football game she gets to cheer at.


Best buds Emi and Emma.


Emma and our adopted daughter Lindsey.  Lindsey stayed with us for two weeks last year when her parents went out of town, so we just made her an honorary Tow.  The girls and I wear her button for all the games.  Emma thinks she is so cool because Lindsey lets her sit with her and the rest of the band during the game.  (It helps to know the band director and have his wife as your best friend!)


Before the game we tried to get Ellie to at least acknowledge the camera and make some sort of smile.  Apparently she was saving her smile for a picture with Uncle Dougly.


Ellie found a seat in the crowded stands with Ms. Katie.


This was right before Emma did a hurkey??  I’m pretty sure I spelled that wrong and that term is probably not even a word in cheerleading. 


Emma the cheerleader.


Best friends Keeley and Emma.


There’s one cheer where you have to jump on your partner’s back and say “grrr.”  It didn’t matter if that was the cheer everyone else was doing, this is what Keeley and Emma did the whole time they were down there.




The little cheerleaders made it back up to us and made sure to perform the rest of the game.  Sorry to the people in front of us that got kicked in the head when the girls jumped up and down or the people behind us that couldn’t see through the hairbows and three sets of skinny arms.

1st day of “gynaskicks”

Emma is just like her Mama and Daddy.  I don’t have to worry about her not knowing anyone in the room she’s in because within five minutes, she’ll know six other people and what they had for lunch and their favorite color.  In other words, we make friends easily.  My youngest daughter on the other hand is a little more apprehensive towards strangers, stuffed animals looking at her at night time, peanut butter or corn to name a few.

Starting off last week was a little rough for Ellie, so we went into town on Wednesday and did all of our running and finished off with pedicures before lunch.  This was our “I’m so excited about gymnastics and having my toes painted that I won’t even think Mama is abandoning me at gymnastics for an hour” pedicure.  Call me crazy, but Ellie occassionally needs a little help trying new things if her Emma isn’t there!

Anywho, on Friday we dropped Emma off at school and she told Ellie, “I want to hear all about your ‘gynastics’ class after school, okay Ellie Bellie?”  She talks to Ellie in this baby voice because she’s obviously so much older than her little sister.  We made it to as Ellie calls it “gynaskicks” and she was ready to go while I filled out the paperwork.  Ms. Brandy couldn’t believe that it was Ellie’s turn because she used to be Emma’s teacher.  Ellie gave me a big hug and kiss and pretty much said, “See ya later Steph, pick me up in a few hours.”  Okay, so it was more like, “Love you Mama.  Bye.”  And then she was off to be the line leader because she remembered where Emma always lined up for class.  Even with a few of the other kids having HUGE meltdowns (we’re talking meltdowns that would make me cry for my mama if I was in the class) Ellie just went with Ms. Brandy to go start stretching and warming up on the mat.  When did my Ellie grow up to be a big girl???

It was nice being one of the moms that had done this before and not the ones constantly standing at the door and peeking in every three and half minutes.  I actually sat in the waiting area and read my book.  I checked on Ellie twice and noticed that when Ms. Brandy moved to help the other kids, Ellie followed her.  We worked on being still and standing in line, but forgot about the staying in your spot.  Emma’s been working with Ellie on standing in line because when Emma started gymnastics when she was Ellie’s age, she didn’t know what standing in line was!

The hour was over and I heard Ms. Brandy say, “Ellie, let’s show them how we do this.”   Ellie stood in line with her hand on her head and got her froggy stamp at the end of the class.  She ran out to show me and while we were putting on her shoes she started to get sad.  I asked what was wrong with her and she said, “I no want to go.  I want to do gynaskicks.”  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  Ellie had a great time and would have stayed for the class the next hour.  I can’t believe she did it!  It took Ellie a good 20 minutes to cheer up because she wanted to go back to gymnastics.

Talk about an emotional week.  We made it through with a few less “I miss my Emma” comments from Ellie each day and finished off with Ellie making it through her first solo activity.  My girls are awesome!!


Ellie tries to do that angelic pose that Emma always does. . .she’s angelic alright!


This was Emma three years ago starting her 1st day of gymnastics or as Emma called it “gynastics.”


Ellie Bellie




She looks so much older than 2-years-old.


Emma was still pretty little for 2-years-old.


Ellie got a froggy stamp after class was over.


After gynaskicks, lunch and shopping all afternoon, my little gymnist is worn out.  Time to go pick up Emma!