happy birthday Mama. . .

My birthday has come and gone and I’m now 28-years-old.  I still see myself in my early 20s, but my hair lady keeps pointing out my gray patches that seem to multiply everytime I get my hair cut or highlighted?!?  I want my future gray hair to look like Anne Bancroft in Keeping the Faith.  Mom has the “respectable gray” coloring that I want, but I need to be more specific and want it in my 50s! 

Anywho, the girls not only got me Rubbermaid plastic bowls and lids for my birthday, they gave me a cards, random toys from their collection and danced for me.  And the fact that Ellie is going through a “no pants” phase, that video will not be posted.  She manages to leave her pants on long enough to drop Emma off at school and by the time we make it back into the house 10 minutes later, she’s had enough of them!  On the up side, laundry has gone down some. . .


Emma asked me if I had a birthday card she could borrow.  Then she asked me to write “Happy Birthday Mama!  I love you!”  So this is the card from Emma. . .she didn’t even write her name!


Ellie colored a picture for me.  She’s more into abstract art.  She also spells her name “E-L-I-E-submarine.”  I’m not sure why she adds submarine at the end each time, but I’m impressed my 2-year-old has four out of five letters right!


Goofy smile on my part, yes, but Emma wrapped up “My Biggest Playtime Book Ever” for my birthday present.  The ironic thing here is that that book was mine when I was Emma’s age and I found it at Mom and Dad’s this past summer and gave it to her.  I also remember wrapping up all of my play jewelry for Dad for Christmas when I was Emma’s age.  I was so excited and proud of myself for getting Dad such an awesome gift!  The look on Emma’s face was priceless when I opened the book up.  She was so proud of herself because she knows how much Mama loves to read and she gave me one of her favorite books.


Emma, Mama and Ellie


birthday party. . .

I got a copy of Dad’s pictures from all the happenings of this summer.  Due to the snow storm and post-poning Emma’s birthday party until June, here are some pictures from her swimming party.

emma party

The Tows having a good time.

emma party2

This is right before we got swept into the whirlpool that was nearly impossible to get out!

emma party3

Emma wanted piggy cupcakes to go along with her barnyard napkins and plates.

emma party4

Sometimes I just want to buy a cake from a bakery to make it easy, but then the frugalness comes out in me and I refuse to pay more than $1.00 for store bought cake mix and make my own cake or cupcakes.

emma party5

I thought my pigs turned out pretty good!

emma party7

My big 5-year-old. . .well, she’s now closer to 6-years-old as I type this. . .

emma party8

This is Jewel and Emma.  Needless to say, Jewel was accepted into Emma’s stuffed animal collection that takes up most of her twin size bed.  I think Jewel makes nine stuffed animals. . .and yes all of the stuffed animals are named!


taking a breather. . .

Amazing how being at stay-at-home mom is not as much fun as when you are staying at home because you are sick.  I don’t mind staying at home for days on end as long as it is optional.  When you are told not to leave the house and are FORCED to stay at home, there in lies the problem.  I always tell Dustin that’s why I don’t go out into the workforce.  I have a problem with people telling me what to do, including doctors.  Dust says he doesn’t like people telling him what to do, but I tell him he handles it better than I do!

Finally after seven long days of coloring, reading, playing PS3, computer games and watching really bad movies, we are back to our normal routine.  Ironically enough, today Ellie and I laid on my bed and she watched Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween and I read a book.  That’s pretty much what we did for the last seven days in the livingroom, but today there was no coughing and we could breathe out of our noses.  Ahhh progress!

Emma made it to school this morning in good form.  It’s 12:10 p.m. and no one has called to say that Emma is running a fever or coughing to much or whatever nurses call parents with to come pick up their sick kids at school.  Emma was ready to go back to school so she wouldn’t have to take anymore naps.  The first few days were okay because she didn’t feel good, but after day four of mandatory naps (probably more for Mama than Emma) Emma was reminding me that in Kindergarten, she doesn’t have to take a nap.

Dustin finally started feeling better on Saturday.  He actually made it outside and put up our Halloween spider web.  We all ventured outside and what a great day it was.  I think Dustin even managed to get tired of playing his PS3 games.  He never did take up the idea of reading like I did though.  Even on Dustin’s deathbed he wouldn’t take up reading.  He did however tell me that looking through his Harley-Davidson catalog was like reading?!?

I on the otherhand managed to start the Twilight series again since the New Moon movie is coming out next month and I’m going with my friends to the midnight release.  I turned in all my books at the library I borrowed thinking it would take me a while to finish the 500 page book, but I finished the first book in less the 24 hours.  Dustin scared the crap out of my Friday night/Saturday morning.  I still wasn’t in bed, so he came into the livingroom to cover me up thinking I fell asleep on the couch while I was reading.  He was greeted with a scream from me when he walked out of the hallway and scared me half to do death.  Doesn’t he understand that no one should be up wandering the halls at four in the morning, especially when I’m reading vampire related books???  I usually read a few books at the same time, and my preferences are murder mysteries, vampire-related and movies that are coming out that say “based on the best-selling novel. . .”  I tell you, My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult will have you bawling like a baby at three in the morning when you are reading that one.  I wonder if anyone else forgoes sleep for the sake of a good book. . .or is that just me?

Well, I’m off to eat some lunch and read my book.  Ellie’s asleep, Dustin’s already called and there’s nothing ever to do on Monday.  Hope everyone is fighting off the flu!!



Well, three out of four Tows have the flu at our house.  Emma and I both had a really bad headache Monday afternoon/evening and by bedtime, Emma was running a fever and crying because her head was hurting so bad.  She was up at three in the morning, coming in to our room to go to the bathroom and burning up.  Emma asked if we could go to the livingroom and watch cartoons, but even if you’re sick around here, Mama doesn’t have much sympathy at three in the morning.  She was up again at four crying that her head hurt and she was cold.  Needless to say, she didn’t go to school on Tuesday and then by that afternoon came on the coughing. . .followed by me coughing and Ellie coughing.  

Ellie was running a fever last night and Emma’s cough leads me to believe she’s been smoking since the age of two.  The medicine she is taking known to Emma as “the really bad grape medicine” is helping the girls make it through the night.  Ellie takes “the really bad grape medicine” like a champ and asks for more, while Emma almost throws it up.  She has a medicine in one hand, water in the other and I’m holding her nose. . .I don’t know where she gets this from?!?  Surely I wasn’t like that at all!!

Emma has to be fever free and not taking any medicine for 24 hours to go back to school and she started up with a fever right before bedtime again last night.  So no school for Emma again today.  Ellie’s coughing up a lung and her eyes are really puffy and let’s not forget about the fever too.  Funny enough, while I’m typing this, it’s almost 80 degrees outside, 73 in our house and I’m wrapped up in a blanket and stretching my head back and forth because I’m so achy all over and freezing.

After checking on the girls last night before I went to bed, I got into my bed and it felt like someone had turned the heating blanket on high. . .we don’t have a heating blanket.  It seems as though the fourth Tow aka Dustin was freezing cold but felt like he was on fire.  Thank God for Dustin stocking up on flu medicine that afternoon from the pharmacy because that’s all that’s saving us right now.

Mom made a trip to our house or as far as the driveway (let’s not forget Ellie taking out the Matriarch two years ago when she, Dad, Dustin, Emma and I all got the stomach flu. . .compliments of little 20-month-old Ellie).  Cans upon cans of chicken noodle soup and crackers will be our dinners for the next few days!  The girls stood on the porch and waved at Nana while Nana stayed safely in her car.  Emma cracked me up because she said, “We don’t want to get our Nana sick because we love our Nana.”  So apparently, if your kids give you the flu, they don’t love you!

As soon as I started to put the girls down for naptime, Emma started complaining that her head hurt and I felt her saying a silent prayer before I felt those warm cheeks and feverish forehead.  The thermometer read 100.4 and Ellie’s was 99.6.  Another day at home tomorrow.  I called the doctor and their appointments were full for the rest of the day, but nurse told me to keep up with the fluids like gatorade or as Ellie calls it “alligator” and to switch between motrin and tylenol.  What I told her about the girls and my symptoms, she said we had the flu and to just take it easy and not to get out of the house.  When I called Emma’s school and told the secretary Emma wouldn’t be at school tomorrow and also told her what the nurse said, she said, “We’ll see Emma on Monday!”  I’m not sure how bad the flu is at the school, but I think at least two kids in Emma’s class has been out everyday with the flu.

So now, the girls are watching movies and cutting up anything they can get their hands on with their scissors.  I’m about to start our third meal of soup and Dustin’s making him some spiced tea.  I’ve just been informed by Ellie that she needs some more “alligator” so I guess that gives everyone an update on the Casa de Tow.


A three hour nap does an Emma good.


Ellie drinking her “alligator” and coloring. . .notice Dustin in the background taking a nap. . .at 5:15 p.m.