Oklamahoma. . .

No, I did not misspell Oklahoma, but according to Ellie, we went “Oklamahoma City” last month.  Rather than let me go to a huge craft show by myself, Dustin thought he ought to accompany me along with the girls for a little weekend vacation.  We really had a blast and I am now three for four on hotel stays. . .let’s not forget the hotel we stayed at for our honeymoon the day before we could start our stay at the resort!


We missed the Oklamahoma state line sign because Ellie was sleeping.  Good thing Dustin’s coffee kicked in and we had to make a pee break at this lovely gas station.  Such a wonderful idea to add a “Welcome to Oklahoma” sign at the entrance to the gas station.  However, they seem to have forgotten the “ma” in “Oklamahoma.”


The girls big day with Daddy.


Emma the Mall Cop. . .I never did see that movie with Kevin James, but every time I see one of this ride-on-thingy-majiggies, I think of Paul Blart Mall Cop.


What a big girl!


Where’d she go???


Climbing to the top of the slide.


This was the three-story slide that Emma told me she was backwards, forwards, upside down and right side up. . .it was awesome!  She added the sounds she made while going down the slide too.  Dust said it was more of a challenge for him and Ellie and he more or less scooted a little, stopped, scooted a little more, stopped.  I think his hips were a little too wide for the kids’ slide!


The tree house area of the museum.


This really put our Discovery Center to shame.


I think the girls were either flying to the moon or one of the planets.  The space ship went up and down with the girls inside. 


Emma listened to Mission Control while Ellie had a field day with all the buttons and no one telling her not to push them.


A little bit of unknown knowledge brought to you by Dustin and his camera.


While the girls and Dustin went to the museum, I Christmas shopped along with hundreds of other people.  I even got a little “too many people in my personal space” feeling.  Granted I got most of my Christmas shopping done, but I’ll only do that once a year.


I splurged and bought these dresses for the girls.  The front has white and silver scroll designs with guitars.  This is so my girls!


Enjoying a little Food Network before bedtime.


No amount of flipping on the lights and drying my hair and toilets flushing were going to wake up this tired Ellie Belle.


My goober monkies riding the luggage cart down to the car.  Notice the very stylish headphones we “thought” were a good idea making a little quieter while the girls watched their movies and listened to their CDs. . .totally not the case.  Apparently since they couldn’t hear themselves, they had to sing louder. . .so maybe we didn’t think that one through. . .


The little things in life that make children smile.


Yeah!!!  Texas. . .wait, what’s with the wind. . .ohhh, we’re back in Texas. . .yeah.


Me and Dust.


Pumpkin Patch 2009. . .

For the past five years, we have gone to a pumpkin patch, taken silly pictures involving said pumpkins and then I have posted in an email or on my blog.  This year was a little different.  Out of the five Saturdays we would go, here’s what happened. 

We do didn’t go the first Saturday of the month because that was just too soon. . .were there even pumpkin patches around town yet???  Halloween being on a Saturday somewhat through off our chances of going to a pumpkin patch not to mention that wonderful flu that wiped us all out.  That’s three Saturdays.  We went to Oklahoma City one weekend in November which gives us four out of five Saturdays without a pumpkin picture in sight.  Well, the one weekend we did try to go to the corn field maze and hay ride and all the other activities that are involved, it was raining and freezing.  Luckily I had my camera ready to take our 2009 Pumpkin Patch pictures at. . .Wal-Mart.


I promised the girls that if the weather was too bad, we would paint pumpkins instead.  I’ve learned after five years, ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP PLAN.  There will be less fit throwing and crying involved when Plan A doesn’t work out.


Dustin and I looking for the Great Pumpkin. . .yep, that’s us in the middle of Wal-Mart on a Saturday taking pictures in the Halloween/Christmas section.


What a great family picture!


I don’t know who was more annoying, me or the girls telling Papa, “The other pumpkin, the bigger one.”  Dustin said it was me.


Dad and his well earned pumpkin that had very little deformities unlike most of the Wal-Mart pumpkin selection.


Ellie, Emma, Mama and Nana.  Yes, that is Christmas lights in the background.  Happy Halloween!


Emma’s baby pumpkins she just had to have at United.


That is an evil smile for my 2-year-old.


Silly Emma.


Goofy Ellie.


Did anyone else see The Mist with Thomas Jane?  Okay did anyone else make it halfway through the movie before turning it off and giving up on it being a good movie?  This is going across the bridge to Mom and Dad’s house.


I was out on the boat dock looking across the lake.  A little creepy if you ask me.


Another of the mist coming to get us with its octopus like tentacles.  I could be wrong, but that movie was just really not good.  Did it get any better once the giant bugs got into the store?


Emma painting a landscape scene on her pumpkin.  She used a marker to outline her design and is painting it now.


Ellie’s just excited that she is left to her own devices and paint was involved!


Emma wanted me to help her paint the rainbow and Ellie wouldn’t let anyone come near her masterpiece.


Nana called her “Ellie-casso” for her unique style of painting.  I’m sure if you look closely, there’s an eye or a nose painted on that pumpkin.


Me and the girls. . .no, do not adjust the color on your monitor, those are some pretty jacked up pajama pants I am wearing.  Mine were in the dryer from all the rain and I borrowed Dad’s because I wanted long pants.  Why Dad has geometric prism pajama pants I’m not sure?


You’re trying to get a closer look at my pants aren’t you???


Ellie and Emma’s pumpkins for 2009.  Happy Halloween!


Tooth Fairy/Molenator. . .

First Kindergarten, now she’s losing her teeth???  What’s next??  Emma’s too scared of needles to get a tattoo and piercing her ears hasn’t been the best experience, so hopefully we won’t have any more baby book entries any time soon!

It’s official, Emma was visited by the Molenator last Thursday.  Watch Santa Clause 2 and you’ll see that the Tooth Fairy wants a more butch name and contemplates the Molenator.  Emma told me the next morning that she got her Tooth Fairy Pillow and held onto it for dear life so that when the Tooth Fairy/Molenator tried to get the tooth, she would wake up.  She has what 19 more tries, so I’ll bet she gets a little more creative to try and catch the Tooth Fairy/Molenator!

Emma and Ellie’s Meme and Papaw came over for dinner on Thursday and Papaw took a look at Emma’s tooth for her.  Dustin, much like his Dad, have the same theory when it comes to home doctoring.  Why go to the hospital when I can stitch you up?  Dustin would have been able to get the tooth out, but it didn’t help with me right over his shoulder going, “Ooooo, eeeee, don’t hurt her.  We’ve got alot of these to go and you don’t want to make this a bad experience for Emma.”  One might call it annoying, pestering, irritating, etc.  I call it motherly love. . .and Emma has a memory on her!

Needless to say, Papaw got a Kleenex and started wiggling the tooth.  Emma said with a mouthful of Papaw’s fingers, “tat’s ta wong toof.”  Her tooth was so small that Papaw had to wiggle her loose tooth and was barely touching the others!  But enough for Emma to notice!

I managed to get my camera right in time for Emma’s 1st tooth to come out.  She was on cloud nine!  Emma was jumping around and dancing. . .until she got a piece of toilet paper and saw the dot of blood.  My daughter cannot handle the sight of blood and dry heaving and gagging is involved.  She said that she could taste the blood and had the look in her eyes and waited in front of the trash can for her near vomit moment to pass.  Once the bleeding stopped, the dancing commenced!


Dr. Papaw, D.D.S. inspecting the loose tooth.


Emma’s tooth.


“I can’t believe my tooth came out.  I can’t believe it’s out.  It was there yesterday, and now it’s not.  I need to go was my tooth so I can get the germs off of it.”


Ellie heard something about money being traded for teeth and had Papaw work his magic on a few of hers!


Emma’s Tooth Fairty Pillow she helped Nana make over the summer.


I know, I know, the angle I took this picture makes that teeny, tiny pillow look huge as well as the two dollars that are the size of Emma’s head!


Okay, that picture is a little more realistic.


This was the second time Emma woke up that next morning.  I was greeted by a little toothless girl at 5:34 a.m. telling me that the Tooth Fairy came and left two dollars.  How many more times am I going to be waked up because of the Tooth Fairy/Molenator?  Times that by two because Ellie will be at this stage in three years. . .ohh dear.


Emma before we left for school.  What a cute smile!  She got to make an announcement to her class and show them her new smile.  She was so proud!

no more flu. . .

A few weeks ago, the flu bug hit our house and hit it hard.  Emma was out of school for a week, Ellie didn’t get to go to gynaskicks (gymnastics) and I was forced to stay at home, feel miserable and want pity.  My best friend Erin called and when I weakly said hello, she said, “I so pity you.  You have it the worst.  I feel so bad for you.”  Now that’s a great friend! 

When Dustin’s sick, he wants to be cuddled.  I don’t want to catch whatever he’s got nor do I want the girls to have it, so I force him to the bedroom and not to come out.  I’ll send food and drinks in whenever he needs something, but I totally blame my upbringing on this one.  It has been passed down from generation to generation, but the women in my family are not nurses.  Therefore, Dustin and I are not the best healers for each other when it comes to one of us being under the weather.  Shoot, by day three I think we’re both ready to put each other out of his/her misery! 

So when all four Tows had the flu, we each were ready to get back to our daily routines. . .away from each other!  Emma was begging to go back to school because she didn’t have to take naps there.  Ellie asked about gynaskicks everyday.  I caught up on my reading, so it wasn’t a totally loss and come to think of it, I didn’t do any cooking unless you count opening a can of chicken noodle soup just about every night.  And Dustin finally got bored playing his PS3.


This was easily $70 worth of medicine from our pharmacy. 


Day 6 ~ Out of the house and having enough energy to put up the spider web.  I think we had all forgotten how bright the sun was!


Ellie feeling daring and wanting to add a hospital visit to our day.  All I kept hearing was Ellie saying, “Watch Emma!”  No broken bones that day luckily.


Why is Ellie attracted to things that cause bruising, bleeding, concussion, vomiting, etc.???


Emma and the spider we kept in a bag up in the attic because I knew I would freak out everytime if I saw that thing hanging in the corner of the garage or shop.  Check out the spider’s eyes.


Another one of Ellie “helping” Daddy with the drill and nails.


Our finished spider web for Halloween.