hopping good time. . .

We had Ellie’s birthday party a month early because December gets so busy and the weather is a little unpredictable.  Looking back now, it was a really good idea because of Emma having her tonsils out.  See, planning ahead is a good thing!  We decided to invite only Ellie’s little friends and then close family.  We would not do another 50+ people in our 1,100 sq. ft. house again.  Dad figured that each person had 2.7 sq. ft. to move around. . .needless to say, it was a little cramped last year!

It was nice having a smaller party and I didn’t have to clean my bathrooms!  I mean right before the party.  Only Ellie would choose  kitten plates and napkins and her party favors were filled with monster tattoos, witch fingers, spider rings, noise makers and fish straws!  Ellie had a blast, and we got there an hour before the party started so the girls would have plenty of time to play.  We were one of two parties, so the kiddos didn’t have to wait to climb up the huge slides and jump in the bounce houses.    Ellie already said she wants to do this for her next party!  Sounds good to me!

Ellie’s “party dress” was a Harley-Davidson mechanics shirt and Harley pants.  She looked so cute! 

My (one month early) Birthday Girl.

Ellie by Daddy’s Harley.

Dustin doesn’t have a chance to talk with three women in the house.

Emma’s best friend Emi.


Chelsea and Ellie.  We love our cousin Chelsea.  Everywhere Chelsea goes, my children follow!

Ellie and her best friend Ady.

All of Ellie’s friends have older siblings that are the same age as Emma.

“Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you.”

“Happy Birthday dear Ellie, happy birthday to you!”

Make a wish!

Yes, I’m still too cheap to buy a cake from a bakery and I make my girls’ cakes!  Thank you to my best friend Amber (who ironically is Emma and Ellie’s best friends’ mama) for taking all the pictures!

Meme, Adyson and Ellie

Me with the Birthday Girl

Ellie and Daddy

Ellie and her boyfriend James.  James is Emma’s friend and Ellie has really taken to him.  She’ll ride his old tricycle and ask him to help her.  James will show her how to peddle her feet and spend time pushing her so that she can have fun.  What a sweetie!

TORNADOS!!!  This is what Ellie calls play-doh.  We love play-doh at the Casa de Tow.  I’m one of those weird moms that let their kids play with it!  I really like playing too!

The Paparazzi doing what he always does. 

I love the boys’ faces in this picture! 

Ellie got Spike (or as Ellie calls him, Spikey) the red dinosaur.  Funny how we thought she would love playing with this because she loves her cousin Lukey’s Spike. . .apparently a giant remote controlled dinosaur that roars and seems like it is chasing you because you are three and are randomly pushing buttons is not the best present.  So maybe we didn’t think this one through?!?

Ahhh, Papaw doing what he does best.

What a cute family. . .wait, those are my kids?  Aunt Katy and Uncle Wes with their neices.

I personally believe birthdays and Christmas are cruel for little kids.  It’s like, “Open your present, okay we can’t play with it because you need to open the next one.  No, no, we can’t take any of them out of the box because you need to go eat cake and play.”  I’m surprised any small child makes it through a party without tears of frustration!  Needless to say, we got every present out of the box and played with each one that night.  Not for too long because Emma had school in the morning, but Ellie got to play with her new gifts.

Our little princess!

Ahhh, party over, bring on Christmas!

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