meal fit for a king. . .

Only Thanksgiving pictures left to go. . .okay, then there’s Christmas which I don’t even want to think of all the pictures I’m going to take with my new camera this year. . .

We had a great a day on Friday.  Two out of four Tows celebrated their birthdays in a way I would never had imagined.  Dustin chose King & I for dinner.  Mind you the only times Dustin has ever choose King & I or any chinese eatery for that matter has been when I am pregnant.  Maybe that’s why the last two nights I’ve had dreams that I am great with child?!?

Anywho, documentation of such a night had to be made which lead to Dustin being embarrassed that I would bring my huge camera into the restaurant, but alas pictures (only four) were taken of the event.  Much to my shock and dismay, Dustin did agree to going to the mall and Wal-Mart which scares me to think, “What happened to the man I married?!?”  Never has Dust agreed to Wal-Mart AND/OR the mall and definitely not on his birthday.  Apparently change is inevitable in your 30s and you more or less just go with the flow. . .or wherever your wife tells you to go.

He was in true form Saturday night however when I asked (more like told) him to take off his shoes and good pants.  No, it was not Tuesday or his birthday, but I had already done the laundry and wasn’t going to until Wednesday and I am the shoe nazi at my house.  If I could have a NO SHOES sign placed on my door, I would be the happiest person in the world.  I swear I vacuum just about everyday because of the crap that gets brought in. 

Needless to say, he said he was “fixing to” take out the trash.  Four hours later when he “took out the trash” which involved stepping three feet into the garage to put it by the back door to take out tomorrow I asked him, “You kept your shoes on for that???”  Without missing a beat, Dustin responded with, “I did it more out of defiance.  I’m going to go take them off now.”  My family is filled with one and two liners that keep me on my toes day in and day out!


This is me asking Ellie,  “Let me see what your shirt says?” and Ellie saying, “Here’s my belly.”

So cold.  It was like 19 degrees outside.

Silly Ellie


Us at King & I. . .am I pregnant???  That would be a definite NO!

Totally buffet food. . .notice Ellie’s chocolate chip cookie while she’s eating my egg drop soup.  All we need is the buffalo wings and we’ve really hit an awesome all-you-can-eat buffet!

Dustin’s first plate of chicken fried rice with spicy relish and soy sauce accompanied with lemon chicken.  I still can’t believe we are eating here.

Yep, that’s my husband smiling while eating chinese food.  In case you didn’t know, Dustin loathes chinese food.  Hate is not a strong enough word for his feelings about chinese food.

Ellie and her new chicken slippers.  Thank you Grandma for the birthday money.  It lasted two and half minutes in my 3-year-old’s hands before we set our eyes on the chicken slippers that crow.  Do chickens crow or is that just roosters?  Don’t even start asking me the difference between cows, bulls and hefers.  We’ve had that conversation way to many times.

Emma’s monkey slippers that have been around for a while.

The Birthday Duo.  31-years-old and 3-years-old on December 11th.

Due to the early birthday party and hospital stays my children have aquired in the last month, we have been opening presents for awhile.  I saved Aunt Jessie’s gift to Ellie so she would have something to open up on her birthday.  This is actually the next day because we got home too late the night before.

A new cabbage patch baby Roselyn Wilhelmina (I love the middle name and keep saying it at random moments throughout the day.  It’s kind of like Stella, you can’t say it normally can you?  STELLA!!)  And our new rocker dress that will soon be joining the rest of the ensemble that Ellie will get as part of her Christmas from her hip and trendy Aunt Jessie.

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