Thanksgiving with my family. . .

We recently started switching Thanksgivings each year with Dustin’s family and my family.  Five and half hours to Jess Tuesday after school and work, started our Thanksgiving 2009.  Next came my and Jess’ road trip to Grandma’s that involved a stop at The Cheesecake Factory, doing a little off roading off the highway to get out of the road construction and then finally looking to see that I was on empty.  How long had I been on “e,” I’m not sure.  However, Jess, the boys and I and the girls arrived at Grandma’s making good time!  The five day mini vacation was a lot of fun and we look forward to another one in two years!!  Happy Thanksgiving!

This was the turkey bow I made this year.


The kiddos were having fun with Uncle Dust.  I’m pretty sure Ellie’s saying, “Say Uncle!!  I’ll get up, but not til’ you say Uncle Daddy!”

We got Nana a Kindle for her birthday/Christmas.  Happy Birthday Mom!

Jackaroo, Nana and Emmernoodle

G-G got all the great grandkids and great-great grandkids toys and had a little party for all of them.

I love being the youngest grandkid.  Yes, I’m 28-years-old and taller than all of them, but I’m still getting picked on.

Me and my big sister.

Ohhh yah, you’re scary.

Dustin taking his frustrations out on my sister/his sister-in-law.  We were playing around with my camera and trying to take some action shots.  Dust came up with punching Jess. . .what a great idea!!

Jess performing the ever so popular clothesline.

I said for Dust to get on the ground and Jess get on top and hog tie him.  She said no.

This photo prompted the Charlie’s Angels pictures.  Nice Farrah hair.

Jess and my “favorite” cousin Christi. . .wait, did I get a picture of Chase yet?!?

Ohhh yah, we’re are so hot.  And this was before the drinking started!

More action shots of us beating up Jess.

Poor Jess.

Playing spoons while the others played poker in the other room.  We were so much louder than them.  I only went on the table once for a spoon.  This particular game is where Mom walked by talking alot of smack and then sat down and won.  Yah, that so wasn’t cool!

My favorite picture!  Christi couldn’t find a lighter.

Ellie and her chocolate pie. 

Emma and her chocolate pie.

Emma taunting Ellie with more chocolate pie.

Ellie licking Emma’s face because she was trying to get the chocolate pie.

Ahhh, time to wake up and head home.

Okay, so we carry our own potty.  Needless to say, we had to open a window. . .

Ellie hiding in Nana and Papa’s car.  Nice try, but you’re coming with us!

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