level 1 completed. . .again. . .

My kids are not in it to win it.  They’re not even in it for the glory.  They’re in it because Mama wants to run to Wal-Mart or Old Navy or Kohl’s or all three for 52 minutes once a week by herself.  There, I said it. 

Both Emma and Ellie have done gymnastics since they were 2-years-old and potty-trained, that’s the big stipulation.  If the child is not potty-trained, you enroll them in a “Mommy and Me” class.  I can pay $68 for an entire semester where I do everything or I can pay $68 an entire semester and Miss Brandi can do everything. . .and I can go grab Starbucks and not have to share my chai tea latte with Ellie.  There, I said it again.

I think Emma wants to do dance once more in the fall and Ellie’s going for a third round of gymnastics.  Ellie loves the cartwheels and the flipovers and I haven’t even mentioned the trampolines.  Not too many pictures were taken because I was too busy running around chasing after Ellie!

“Hand hand foot foot. . .hand hand foot foot. . .hand hand foot foot.”  This phrase has been repeated down the hallway, in the livingroom, in the girls room, where ever there is enough room for a cartwheel, for the last four years!

This is Ellie if she were to have a face lift done at the age of three!

This is Ellie on the way down after the big jump before!

Ellie enjoying the gymnastics party.  Mmmm water.


edjukashun 101. . .

How many had to sound that out before you smacked yourself in the forehead and said, “Oh, education.”  I’m pretty sure this is how Emma would spell education because if you attended her birthday party and received a thank you note, she spelt everything out a 6-year-old would.  Or really sounded everything out and that’s how it was wrote.  “Ant Debee” was one of my favorite spellings along with thanking Nana and Papa for the “sun ceechers” (sun catchers).  I’m sorry Emma, but the English language is a tough one.

One more day of school tomorrow and it seems like this year has flown by.  Really since January, this year has flown by.  Separation anxiety got the best of my little girl and it was touch and go for the first three months of school.  We had a system and it was cry every morning before school, look like you were going to break down right there in the doorway of your class and then when I picked Emma up at 3:00 p.m. everything was great.  I know Mom is laughing because this was me for church camp almost 20 years ago when I called Mom crying to come pick me up and then by the end of it, I had the best time.  Yep, paybacks.

Emma was exhausted and emotional and we hadn’t even hit the teenage years.  When she was losing weight (which everyone knows she doesn’t have any to lose) and lost her appetite, something had to give.  Emma complained of her throat hurting and I don’t know why I didn’t look there months earlier.  Poor girl, her tonsils were so large they were overlapping.  The ENT we went to said those were the biggest tonsils he had ever seen and about two weeks into December and after her tonsils were taken out, we got our girl back.  All wonderful, loveable, non dramatic (well as dramatic as a normal 5-year-old is) Emma.

Life was now good with Emma and she loved school.  She wasn’t so cranky in the morning which meant that Mama wasn’t so cranky in the morning.  The months before the Christmas break made me think, “I don’t want this to be the next 13 years of school!”  We’ve always known that when Emma doesn’t feel good or is sick, that child is emotional.  Now we’ve got our routine down and every morning is a great morning and Emma talks non-stop until we pull into the driveway after I pick her up from school.  Shocker, I know.

She’s starts a new chapter after tomorrow and my little girl will be a 1st grader in the fall.  How many times have our friends with older kids told us that it happens right before your eyes?  Dustin says how six years has gone by so fast and soon it will be another six.  Soon Ellie will be starting school.  I dread and look forward to it at the same time.  Bittersweet you might say.  I don’t dwell on the past but look forward to what the future has planned for my girls.  But sometimes it is nice after a long day when they’ve had their baths and are in their pajamas, they crawl up in my lap and give me that moment of still being needed or really wanted.  Congratulations Emma on such a big accomplishment.  You’ve made it through Kindergarten, now you’re ready to take on the world. . .well, almost ready, Mama still has to help tie your shoes sometimes!

At the beginning of school, Emma’s teacher had the kids wear the color they were learning about that week.  I didn’t get them all depending if it was raining outside or if we were running late, which we were always running late.  RED day.

This was also Grandparent’s Day.  This was also when Nana, Papa, Meme and Papaw got to witness Emma’s breakdown at lunch time because she didn’t want me to leave her.  Today, the day before school lets out for the summer, was the first time I’ve eaten lunch with Emma since that wonderful day back in the fall.  We’ve come such a long way!  GREEN day.

Not to be left out, Ellie often wore the same color Emma did to school.  Ellie also found a rock she thought needed to be in the picture as well.  GREEN day.

There’s a little sassy in this picture.  By now football season had started and all (and I mean all) the kids in town wear their football jerseys and cheerleading uniforms to school every Friday to show school spirit.  This looks like her little cheerleader pose.  BLUE day.

Here’s my little angel.  Well into October and I am a sucker for Halloween shirts.  Especially after Halloween when they are 50% to 70% off.  You really need to go to Target and stock up, it’s awesome!  BLACK day.

Another one of Emma for the same day.  I tried to get Emma in the same spot for each picture.  You can notice the trees changing and the grass.  BLACK day.

Why is she wearing a mask?  Why does she look like Superman ready to take off his shirt to expose his superhero costume underneath?  She’s 5-years-old, that’s why.  The mask didn’t make it to school, but Emma did think it made an excellent accessory.  I really quit asking questions when she decided to wear her Snow White costume to Abuelo’s for lunch one day.  I went through a different colored sock phase. . .for 13 years. . .she’ll be just fine. . .look at me. . .crap. . .   ORANGE day.

luau and water wedgies. . .

And so begins another year with Emma choosing a swimming party which means every friend of mine hates me. . .lovely I know.  The thought of a bathing suit months before summer and with pale skin all a glow makes me not the most popular person in the room.  It was a really busy weekend and we ended up missing Emma’s second day of her basketball tournament, but her 6th Birthday Party was a blast!

This was the last picture of Emma’s M&M striped cake.  I silently prayed to the birthday cake gods and it made the 45 minute trip intact!

Me and my girls

You can’t tell, but I just went down the slide.  I’m under the water.  I held my boobs for fear of the impact since it’s only been six weeks since my surgery, which meant that I got a nose full of water. . .my boobs were just fine for those of you wondering.

Emma and her best friend Emi

Emma’s Daddy enjoy himself.  The lifeguard didn’t look to thrilled with Dustin not going down feet first.  He’s never been one to follow the rules.

And this sums up our marriage. . .

Emma went down the slide!  This was a pretty big deal.  Emma was offering up Ellie to go first and was even saying, “I think Ellie would be better at this.  Maybe she should go first.” 

 I told her to hold her nose and her Daddy would catch her before she went under.  Sure enough, she held her nose (I’m not sure she breathed the entire way down the slide) and her Daddy faithfully caught her.

Here comes Ellie. . .I told her to hold her nose and you see how well she listens to me. 

This would be part of the “water wedgie” title of this blog.  Or really the losing of the swim suit bottoms.  Ellie was wearing Emma’s old swim suit, so it was a little big and when she flew off the slide so did her bottoms.

And here’s my husband’s daughter, the one who’s not much for rules.  Ellie’s going head first.  How she flipped from me sitting her down at the top of the slide to here at the bottom, it’s a wonder to me. 

Look how skinny and tall Ellie’s got this year!?!  My baby isn’t a baby anymore.  😦

Dustin trying to catch all the girls. . .even the ones that don’t need catching.

It’s the “Papa”razzi!  Him and Dustin were trying to figure out a pulley system to get Dad to the top of the slide before we had the birthday party.  Dad said he could wheel himself into the kiddie part and then float around the lazy river.  Dad and Dustin both got one of the “Mom looks” from Mom.

This is where I got water shot up my. . .well, let’s just say when the water fall part of the pool is going and you’re stepping on the little water fountains, the fountains not covered shoot up with more pressure.

Ellie and her best buddy Ady

Uncle Wes didn’t make it too long before Ellie tracked him down and spent the party with him.

Mom took all the pictures this time around.  We have to come up with something better than “Nana”razzi.  She did carry on the tradition of excessive on the pictures because I think the total was around 175 pictures.

My poor mother-in-law. . .last year she was in the pool and managed to get soaked from my Dad flying down the slide and drenching her.  We’re talking about the ride at Six Flags where you stand on the bridge while the boat goes down the ramp and your thrown against the fence with the water force.  This was Terry last year.  As you can see in the photo this year, Wes is trying to explain (and apologize to his mother) for soaking her yet again this year.  Dad took the opportunity to shout to Terry, “It wasn’t me this year Terry!”

The Birthday Girl and her Mama

Dustin trying to catch more girls. . .so let’s see, my friends in their swim suits and now my husband won’t leave them alone. . .yep, I’m so not popular.

Aunt Katy, Ellie and Uncle Wes. . .don’t they look like the best babysitters. . .I’m thinking yes!

Emma’s request for her annual birthday pool party was a luau theme with leis of every color for EVERY person (adults included), cone hats and an M&M cake. 

making a wish and blowing out the candles

Emma and Ellie. . .typical Ellie refusing to wear the lei and cone hat.  Anyone got an Anarchy in the Pre-K t-shirt?  I think we’ll need one when she starts school in two years. . .

It’s not a party unless you’ve got a hula girl monkey wearing a coconut bra.

Let me tell you Zhu Zhu Pets are the in thing.  Maybe just at our house?  I’m constantly seeing hamster/mice looking creatures scurry across the floor.  At least they aren’t real!

This is Emma’s “OMG” face.  She always explains to me what OMG stands for like I’m not hip with the lingo or something?!?  Is this the first signs of me not being the coolest person she knows???

Only my child would make the OMG face for not just a regular watch, but a watch with a skeleton with a pink hairbow and crossbones.  She wore it to church the next morning.  I know Nana, one day she’ll have a tattoo just like me.  I should totally get a “I love Mom” tattoo for Mom to show her how much I love her. . .she’d totally appreciate that. . .and probably like Jess a little more than me that day. . .

Emi got Emma the watch

Hello Kitty is popular among the 6-year-olds this season, at least it is with my 6-year-old!

Emma’s cousin Alex gave her that.  Something tells me that his Mama had something to do with the very girly gift?!?

This is my best friend Amber and her daughter Ady. . .

This is my husband trying to make a move on my best friend while I’m taking the pictures.  You can totally see him doing his Brooklyn accent and saying, “How you doin’?”  You can see him can’t you.  His mouth is saying those words and I’m pretty sure he’s about to wink.  Next he’ll probably do the gun with his finger.

Even Ellie got a gift from her buddy “My Friend Roland.”  That’s how Ellie refers to him.  He gave her a piece of gum once and she talked all afternoon about how her friend Roland gave her gum.

“My Friend Roland” a little tired after swimming for two hours.  I don’t know if he even made it to the car after the party was over!

Nana got Emma a bunch of sun catchers and paint and put them in baskets for her.  Emma yells, “LAUNDRY BASKETS!!  Thank you so much Nana, thank you Papa!

My friend Robin (one of the ones not too happy with me about wearing a swim suit!) made Emma an adorable outfit.  It was so stinkin’ cute!

Uncle Wes, Emma the Birthday Girl and Ellie the girl who needs a nap

The whole party was focused around Emma’s love of the hula.  She is a hula dancing fool around the house.

She’s also a cone wearing fool.  She went into the restaurant with only one cone hat on after the party.  Ahhh, that’s my girl!!