last day of kindergarten. . .

It’s kind of sad that my little girl starts 1st grade in the fall.  First grade will come and go and then we’ll send Ellie off to Pre-K and then college for both girls. . .grab a kleenex. . .I can’t take it.  Wait, what’s that?  I get to delete my alarm on my phone?  No more waking up in the morning to an annoying ringtone?  No more looking in the mirror and thinking, “My hair totally doesn’t look like I slept crazy.”  That’s right. . .it’s time to get back into our old routine.  Nine months out of the year we are not in our routine, but for three glorious months, we do what we want.  And we stay up late and sleep in.  Goodbye school, hello summer!!

This was Dustin’s Friday off, so he got to experience the early morning drop off.  Actually, he got to sleep in two hours and wondered why it was after 8:00 a.m. by the time we left for school.  Silly man, the tardy bell doesn’t ring til 8:15 a.m. and there’s traffic.  Okay, so maybe our small town doesn’t have any traffic. . .ever, but it is humanly impossible for me to get out the door before 8:00 a.m.  Miracles are more likely to happen.

“Let’s go get Emma!”  How many times did I hear that the last week of school.  Ellie understands this nine months out of the year we aren’t doing our normal routine.  She loves summer because her Emma is home and they can have sleepovers in each other’s room every night!


. . .and rock on.

Dear Mrs. Thompson,

You’ve been there for all the ups and downs we had during Kindergarten.  From anxiety separation in which she begged you to let her call her Mama to getting our stick switched when she stepped in a rain puddle after you said don’t step in that rain puddle.  You’ve seen our alligator tears and you’ve difused the situation wonderfully.  We are going to miss you, but remember Ellie will be there soon!

Emma’s Mama

Dustin picking Emma up from her last day in Kindergarten.

Ohhh my baby is growing up. . .wipes tear.


pee wee track meet. . .

I have found out that my child was not built for speed.  Emma also is not the competitive type.  She tied for second to last in the 50 yd dash and the 75 yd dash and couldn’t be happier.  And this is why I love my little girl.  She actually told me after school, “Mama, I was so happy for my teammates!  Some of my friends came in first place and second!  We did so great!”  I wonder how long it will last before she gets a taste of victory.  For right now, watching her leisurely jog down the field during the race was definitely one for the photo books!

Each grade wore a different colored shirt that said, “OUR SCHOOL IS PAWSOME!”  The kids got to run through the panther like the football team does and with the same music.  It was really cool! 

We’re at the football stadium and I’m sitting up in the stands with the other parents.  Imagine roughly, two parents per child, not to mention grandparents and even some aunts and uncles all at this Pee Wee Track Meet.  Out of all those parents, Emma finds me in the stands and then jumps up and down waving.

Emma is the happiest runner.  She was actually moving pretty quick during this race where the classes race each other.

Emma looks like a cut out of a runner.

Emma is next to Sydnei with the pink hat.

She starts off strong and then starts looking around and noticing the wind. . .and the butterfly that the wind has brought in. . .and Sydnei’s cool pink hat. . .Emma gets a little distracted!

Big sister got to show little sister all the cool things a big Kindergartener does during the afternoon part of the track meet.

This was Emma’s excited face.  She loves bouncing all over the place on the boucers.

Dustin swears every time he sees this picture it looks like Emma is passing gas and out comes a yellow bubble!

Ellie and her acorn.  You can tell her it’s a pine cone but she won’t believe you.  We had a huge pile of acorns by the end of the afternoon.

Juliet and Romeo. . .I mean Emma and Spencer.  These two adorable kiddos played the leading roles in their class for the Romeo and Juliet play.

Pass the ball over the head, pass the ball through your legs, repeat.  Emma passed the ball over her head to Ellie and Ellie passed the ball through her legs to Spencer.  Emma is turning around and witnessing Ellie perform this correctly and is telling, “You are really good at this game!” and Ellie is responding with, “I know, I really am!” 

Here’s Emma telling me that Ellie really is good at this game.

Here’s Ellie doing her excited face because she’s proud of herself.  It’s funny because Ellie’s excited face and her shy face both involve her tongue touching her chin!

A friend of mine Maria and I had a bet going to see if her daughter Lexi or my daughter Emma would be the first to cry during the afternoon activities.  It was almost like the game Clue.  Instead of Colonel Mustard in the Library, it was Emma in the Bounce House.

Here’s Emma bouncing onto the slide after going crazy in the bounce house.  It was the second time in there that she managed to fall in a corner and get trampled on by four other Kindergarteners.  No bleeding or bruises, but she swore to me she couldn’t even walk!

Let’s do something a little easier and without so much contact with other kids! 

This girl can hula like no other kid I know.  She walks around carrying on a conversation with you and keeping the hula hoop going.

This was after a minute or two.  She started out with five hula hoops.

A little while later. . .

still going. . .

By now, Emma’s eased three of the five hoops down her legs and is just working with two.  Can I enter her into some contest for hula hooping that pays for a college education?  Surely there is some kind of sport that involves the hula hoop!

Rylee, Emma and Maycie being serious. . .

and the girls being silly!

Ellie latched on to Emma’s teacher Mrs. Thompson because she gave Ellie some goldfish when they had snack time.  We love Mrs. Thompson!  You talk about awesome Kindergarten teachers, here you go!  How are we going to get through 1st grade without Mrs. Thompson?!?  I think it’s going to be rough on us all!

Doesn’t she look so tiny?  Heck, all the girls look tiny!

Emma cleared 4′.  She didn’t want to sprawl in the sand like some of the other girls and get it in her shoes!

Here’s Emma jumping a little more than 4′.  She did awesome!

And that’s how it’s done. . .

Ellie gave everyone a congratulatory hug. . .she’s the class little sister.

Ahhhh, a sweet moment.