White Trash Formal. . .

The 3rd Annual White Trash Party took place at our house last month yet again.  This year we decided to theme it as “formal white trash” attire and as usual, our friends surpassed our expectations.  And to think, three years ago when Dustin and I were debating on a white trash party or a luau, I thought my friends were too sophisticated for wife beaters. . .I was mistaken.

Cousin Diana and Cousin Chuck in front of the “Welcome Cousins” sign we proudly display in the front yard every year.

Party decorations for everyone driving by to see.

Funny story, I was trying to burn an iron mark on my dress, but it was taking too long.  We decided to use the lighter and my dress caught on fire. . .quickly.  Dustin grabbed a glass of water and threw it on my dress and soaked the ironing board.  It was out in the front to dry but made for good decoration!

It looks like a bad senior prom photo.

Toni and Pat.  We kept asking Pat if he was a pimp and if Toni was his “employee.”

Dustin in his formal wear.

Karmen and Jerry.  Jerry’s clip on hair/mullet got quite a bit of attention.


One of the appetizers.  Dustin’s favorite vienna sausages and green olives. . .mmmmmm.

Crackers and spray cheese.

Lela and Steven

Chris and Lindsey

Mmmmmm Jack aka “The Winkie Man.”

Kim and Trevor and Trevor’s sock line.  He golfs alot.  Or he works really hard all year long to get that tan line for our party.

Me and Maggie.  Like my drink holder?

“NO SHUS, NO SHERT. . .NO PRABLEM.”  Do you know how hard it is to spell words wrong?

Jason and his Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt.  I was going to buy that shirt for Dustin as a shirt to wear out in public.  Another man’s white trash maybe your everyday wear!   We tell that to everyone.  You can’t get mad if someone is wearing what you would wear out in public!

It’s not a party until the “pregnant” lady shows up in a robe with PBR and smoking a cigarette.

Jorge and Mande

Amy, Diana and Tracy

Callie and me.  Drink holder still works.

The men.  Pat is by Dustin on the front row and started pimping out my husband for $10.  “Who wants my guy?  Who wants him?”  I thought $10 was a little low, but hey, $10 is $10.

The men, take two.

The ladies

The ladies, take two.

And the White Trash Queen is. . .Amy!

And the White Trash King is. . .Jorge!

Jorge claimed to not be the father.

The Queen and King.  This really is a great picture!

Lindsey and Chris

More words not spelled correctly.

Uncle Sam and his beer


The Amazing Jerry and his beer balancing act.  I think he’s going on the road with this. 

Dustin (see his drink holder too?), Chris and last year’s King Lee.

Some of the party people.

More of the party people.

My flash was a little bright on my camera.  Here’s Jeff and the aftermath of me taking a picture.

I’m sure my parents are so proud.

Lindsey and her table pool.  I never knew she was that competitive! 

Doug and Katie

Mande and King Jorge

At this point, Lela has my camera and I kept jumping in front of the camera when she would take a picture.  Not bad on this one!

See Trevor’s face?  The flash is still a little bright.  Jorge’s drank enough that it doesn’t bother him anymore!

Yep, that’s my husband next to Jorge.

“What time is it?”

Hands off ladies, he’s all mine.

Look at the picture above of Dustin and then this one of me. . .we were made for each other!  It looks like I’m saying, “Hey, who took my beer?”

Dust, Steven and me.  Dustin was pretending to lick Steven’s head and then Steven leaned back and Dustin ACTUALLY licked the back of his head!  It was awkward for everyone involved, but no hurt feelings.

Chris and his Coors suspenders.

The original Audio/Visual guys.

Taking my rollers out.

I had some huge curls.

At the end of the night, only a single shoe, a suit jacket and a tie was left.  Not too bad of a party!


summer fun. . .

The Tow girls have gotten together with the Sims boys quite a bit this summer.  It seems like at least twice a month, we are headed to Jess’ or they are coming up here to stay at Mom and Dad’s house.  Either way, we’ve all had a ton of fun and a lot of sun.  We go through a bottle in about a week and half!  Please summer don’t end, I can’t handle losing my tan!

Seriously?  One out of six looked at the camera when I said, “Hey guys!”

Even in her pajamas, Ellie takes after her Daddy and gets up early to fish. . .or she takes after her Mama and sleeps in til 10:00 a.m. and just wears her pajamas all day!

Daddy, the fish and Ellie

Mother shows son how to hold a fish after taking out the hook to deposit fish back in to the lake.  Son observes and is ready to try.

Son doesn’t realize how of a slippery little sucker that fish is and that it will wiggle in his hands and he drops the fish. . .

Mother shows son again that maybe two hands will help get the fish back to the lake. . .

Son attempts for the second time. . .

Second attempt failed due to fish probably peeing on the son.

Son gives it another try and goes in with two hands.  Fish is quite still.

Son successfully “shoots” the fish back into the lake like a basketball.  Time elapsed. . .5 1/2 minutes.

There’s Papa.

If there was more than three feet of water below Dustin and tree stumps, I would have pushed him in.  Instead, I told my daughter to pretend to push her Daddy in.  He totally would have done it to me.

Uncle Dust preparing to launch Luke.  This game lasted for hours.

See the kids in the background?  Emma’s is saying, “Awesome!” because that is her word for everything.  Jack is barely able to contain himself so he can be next in line.  Lukey is loving every minute of it!

Jack and Uncle Dust

Jack and Dustin’s arm that is already getting tired.

Ellie wasn’t all about the throwing so early on in the day, so she opted for being gently tossed into the pool.

Emma can’t go anywhere near water without holding her nose.

Ellie is like a fish.  That kid loves the water more than anyother kid I’ve ever met. 

I’m so glad she didn’t start out holding her nose.  She’s the one you have to watch because she thinks she’s invincible. . .why do I feel I’m going to have problems with her later on???

Throw no. 54

Mom and Dad’s patio furniture by the pool. . .don’t mind the child being thrown in the pool.

The rocker and fire pit table is a nice touch as well. . .again disregard the falling child.

There’s the Ellie we all know!  The no fear Ellie that will leap off of anything whether you are ready or not.

Lock up you daughters. . .

Luke (4-years-old, Jack (6-years-old), Emma (6-years-old) and Ellie (3-years-old)

I love this picture.

Here’s our first attempt at a nice family picture.  Look at Dustin.

I know the sun was bright, but c’mon Dust.

Dustin looks a little possessed here.

Jess was trying to take “sexy” pictures of me.  First of all, me and sexy is just a funny combination and then the fact I was laughing and Jess’ knees were in the picture is a nice touch.  Grrrr baby!

Dustin laying the smack down on his nephew.

Ohhh wait, someone’s taking pictures of us?

Notice the flying child about to crash into Jack and Dust? 

We introduced the kids to the game of chicken and then it was on!

Nana and Papa

I love Luke’s expression!