White Trash Formal. . .

The 3rd Annual White Trash Party took place at our house last month yet again.  This year we decided to theme it as “formal white trash” attire and as usual, our friends surpassed our expectations.  And to think, three years ago when Dustin and I were debating on a white trash party or a luau, I thought my friends were too sophisticated for wife beaters. . .I was mistaken.

Cousin Diana and Cousin Chuck in front of the “Welcome Cousins” sign we proudly display in the front yard every year.

Party decorations for everyone driving by to see.

Funny story, I was trying to burn an iron mark on my dress, but it was taking too long.  We decided to use the lighter and my dress caught on fire. . .quickly.  Dustin grabbed a glass of water and threw it on my dress and soaked the ironing board.  It was out in the front to dry but made for good decoration!

It looks like a bad senior prom photo.

Toni and Pat.  We kept asking Pat if he was a pimp and if Toni was his “employee.”

Dustin in his formal wear.

Karmen and Jerry.  Jerry’s clip on hair/mullet got quite a bit of attention.


One of the appetizers.  Dustin’s favorite vienna sausages and green olives. . .mmmmmm.

Crackers and spray cheese.

Lela and Steven

Chris and Lindsey

Mmmmmm Jack aka “The Winkie Man.”

Kim and Trevor and Trevor’s sock line.  He golfs alot.  Or he works really hard all year long to get that tan line for our party.

Me and Maggie.  Like my drink holder?

“NO SHUS, NO SHERT. . .NO PRABLEM.”  Do you know how hard it is to spell words wrong?

Jason and his Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt.  I was going to buy that shirt for Dustin as a shirt to wear out in public.  Another man’s white trash maybe your everyday wear!   We tell that to everyone.  You can’t get mad if someone is wearing what you would wear out in public!

It’s not a party until the “pregnant” lady shows up in a robe with PBR and smoking a cigarette.

Jorge and Mande

Amy, Diana and Tracy

Callie and me.  Drink holder still works.

The men.  Pat is by Dustin on the front row and started pimping out my husband for $10.  “Who wants my guy?  Who wants him?”  I thought $10 was a little low, but hey, $10 is $10.

The men, take two.

The ladies

The ladies, take two.

And the White Trash Queen is. . .Amy!

And the White Trash King is. . .Jorge!

Jorge claimed to not be the father.

The Queen and King.  This really is a great picture!

Lindsey and Chris

More words not spelled correctly.

Uncle Sam and his beer


The Amazing Jerry and his beer balancing act.  I think he’s going on the road with this. 

Dustin (see his drink holder too?), Chris and last year’s King Lee.

Some of the party people.

More of the party people.

My flash was a little bright on my camera.  Here’s Jeff and the aftermath of me taking a picture.

I’m sure my parents are so proud.

Lindsey and her table pool.  I never knew she was that competitive! 

Doug and Katie

Mande and King Jorge

At this point, Lela has my camera and I kept jumping in front of the camera when she would take a picture.  Not bad on this one!

See Trevor’s face?  The flash is still a little bright.  Jorge’s drank enough that it doesn’t bother him anymore!

Yep, that’s my husband next to Jorge.

“What time is it?”

Hands off ladies, he’s all mine.

Look at the picture above of Dustin and then this one of me. . .we were made for each other!  It looks like I’m saying, “Hey, who took my beer?”

Dust, Steven and me.  Dustin was pretending to lick Steven’s head and then Steven leaned back and Dustin ACTUALLY licked the back of his head!  It was awkward for everyone involved, but no hurt feelings.

Chris and his Coors suspenders.

The original Audio/Visual guys.

Taking my rollers out.

I had some huge curls.

At the end of the night, only a single shoe, a suit jacket and a tie was left.  Not too bad of a party!


Christmas, take four. ..

Finally.  Christmas has come to a close.  Round 4 is over.  Hands down, these were the funniest pictures I’ve ever taken at Dustin’s parents’ house.  We had a ton of fun and again took the girls’ pajamas because we knew we wouldn’t get home until way past bedtime.  Playing Nerts was definitely the most hilarious part of the day, but then again, opening up more presents was the highlight for the girls.  Hope ya’ll enjoy and we’ll see you next year!

Oh yah, I’ve still got it!  I don’t want to start over again mind you, but I’ve still got it. . .after Tacie brought me Adyson’s blanket and told me exactly how to get her to sleep. . .I’ve still got it!

The pandamonium of Christmas.

And the Most Photogenic Couple of 2009 Award goes to. . .


Emma and her apron from Aunt Katy.  I could say that Uncle Wes took part in buying this, but something tells me it was more Aunt Katy.

This was Adyson with all of her presents.

Uncle Wes teaching his niece Ellie how to block a punch.  I think next came how to take a punch in the face!

Ellie and her Uncle Wes.

Emma’s new earrings.

Someone (I think Katy drew his name) got Dustin a Harley-Davidson giftcard at Mema’s house on Christmas Eve.  Trae assumed it was from him and Tacie and started telling Dustin how Tacie felt awkward at first going in there.  After realizing he just told Dustin what they got him for Christmas in a few days, Tacie thought she’d fool Dustin by writing this on the card.

Papaw opening an Academy giftcard from us.  See Adyson eyeballing that giftcard?  We start them out young going to Academy.

The girls having fun with one of two 75′ of butcher paper Aunt Tacie bought them.  We didn’t break out the paints at Meme’s house but it did take a while to find all the paintbrushes Emma threw everywhere when she jumped up and down because she was so excited about the painting.  There was a hole in the package and paintbrushes went flying.

Dustin had no idea about the camera his parents got him.  Unlike myself, my husband loves surprises.

Trae and Tacie

Dustin wearing my new hat. . .at this moment, I’m so glad I didn’t get underwear!  I think you are too!

I know, you have no idea who got this for Adyson.

I got this at the Oklahoma City craft show back in October.  Startin’ them out young to look like biker kids!

My gun knowledge is very limited, so when I asked the question, “Is this a real gun?” only a few people laughed.  Katy didn’t know either.

Darrell’s new gun.

Wes’ ginormous hand holding Darrell’s new gun.

We love us some Hello Kitty.  I finally had to make Emma let me wash her hoodie because she wore it quite a few days in a row.

Ellie painfully watching Pas open up a present.

Ellie deciding to help Pas open his Christmas present.  The anticipation was killing her!

Trae and Adyson

Kristen and Shannon (Dustin’s cousins) came to Texas for Christmas and brought the girls a ton of Princess goodies.

Dr. Ellie’s Vet Office is now open.  The thought of giving an animal a (pretend) shot made Ellie so happy.  Again, why do we not do good with live, breathing animals?!?

Emma waiting for the doctor to call her back for Catty’s check up.  Ellie walked around all afternoon with her doctor’s coat and had decided early on in the day to put her pajama pants on.  I swear she looked like Hugh Hefner!

Is it a guitar???  Is it a fishing pole???  Okay, that last one is a stretch.

Ohhh wait, this is Dustin’s family we’re talking about. . .it’s a gun case.

Poor Adyson.  Paying her dues early on as the little cousin and being dragged around the livingroom in a box.  At least she’s smiling!

This is exactly why we have that talk before Christmas and in the car before going to someone’s house to open presents.  “Emma, what do you do if you get a present you already have or don’t know what it is?”  Emma responds with, “Say, ‘Thank you very much.’ and then ask Mama about it later.”  Apparently she didn’t listen too well.  I just love her facial expression.

Ohhh now she gets why she got staples.  She got her very own stapler.  This is such a better face.

Ellie listened a little more than Emma and that’s why she’s like, “yeah, tape?”  Then she found her stapler and all was right with the world.  Their stockings (as well as all four rounds of Christmas) were craft related.

Katy and Wes

Trae and Dustin got gun holsters (I know, total shocker) in their stockings.

Yep, that’s them drawing their pretend guns.

Gun powder was in Darrell’s stocking.

Meme’s stocking had a gun pouch in it.

And this is where the Nerts game started and you got to see everyone’s competitive side.

Katy won that hand.  Dustin won’t get in her way again!

Everyone had to do their serious face aka their poker face.  This is Tacie’s first attempt.

Here’s her second.

Meme’s serious face. . .remember, she’s got a gun pouch.

Wes’ first attempt at a serious face.

Wes looking like he is posing for a statue built in his honor.

Now we’re getting the seriousness.

Emma, while eating a cookie, is doing her serious face. . .or pooping, I’m not sure.

Shannon’s face. . .or she just smelt Emma’s poop.

“You want some of this?”

This is actally Ellie’s “show me your muscles” pose.  Her serious face and muscle face are both the same.

Seriously, would you mess with this guy?  Drinking a beer and wearing an NRA shirt, would you really mess with my father-in-law??

I’m totally about to laugh because I have no poker face.  If I get a pair of queens, I just start smiling and then Dustin looks and me and shakes his head in dissapointment.

Wes was the score keeper of Nerts.  No calculator, adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. . .he and Katy are the big winners. . .yah, I’m thinking he cheated too. . .I’m also a sore loser and hope my girls don’t inherite that lovely trait!

How many times did we “pretend” we were burning ourselves with the fake candle flame???  The best is when Darrell put his tongue over it and it looked like the flame was burning through his tongue. . .best Christmas ever!

Christmas, take three. . .

It’s me again Margaret.  Yep, back for another round.  That would be Round 3 of Christmas 2009 and wait, we’re still not done!  This was Christmas morning at our house.  Mom and Dad have started coming over with lunch on Christmas Day the last couple of years.  This year, Dad brought over what we called “Sausage Surprise.” 

If you know Dad, you know that he likes to experiment with food and leftovers are usually his specialty.  How many times did we have chicken???  Leftover chicken always turned into chicken mixed in a sauce pan with barbecue sauce. . .I think there was a chicken surprise once or twice!  I think this reverts back to Dad’s childhood of having roast on Sunday and Grandma making it last until the next Sunday.  I have to admit, the crockpot Sausage Surprise was really good.  Imagine if you will, all the ingredients (potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.) for a roast only replace the roast with sausage and add barbecue sauce.  There you have Sausage Surprise!

It’s so nice not to have to rush through Christmas Day with the girls and they (and we!) can just sit back and relax.  We’ve spaced out Christmas, so it’s like we celebrate Hanukkah because I’m pretty sure we made Christmas last at least eight days.

This was actually the second time Emma saw what Santa brought her and Ellie.  They went and looked before they ran into our room and woke us up!  They couldn’t stand the excitement.  I had them make their surprised faces for Daddy (he was a little dissapointed they peeked!) and here’s Emma’s face.

Here’s Ellie acting surprised or getting robbed. . .let’s just say that acting is not going to be a future profession.

Ellie’s new puppy, Cinderella from Santa.  I was all for the Furreal animals this year.  If it don’t poop in my floor, we’ll take it!!

Emma’s cat, Catty.  She was so excited because if you pull its tail, it hisses at you. . .gee, I don’t why we don’t make it too long with pets?!?

A good one of my girls.

I told Ellie no candy and this is her almost eating the candy, but not eating the candy and saying, “Peas cherry peas Mama?  Ellie have one bite?”  This is her version of “please with a cherry on top.”

One of my favorite ornaments on our tree.

Emma, our crafty one, made this one afternoon as well as an envelope with a piece of paper and 32 strips of tape for her Daddy for Christmas.

Dustin and Emma

Emma’s beloved high heels.  This kid takes after her Mama.

I love her face!  She wanted some high heel shoes so bad.  I’m sure I make this face too when they actually have my size in the shoe stores.

Emma says, “Ohhh Mama, you shouldn’t have bought me Texters that are too complicated to understand that even you with your college degree cannot figure out!  Thank you so much!!”  I reply, “Baby, you’re worth every penny and of course I wouldn’t read the instructions on the outside of the package and notice that even with my college degree no amount of holding my tongue the right way will get these things working.  I love you!”  I added a little bit to the actual conversation, but in the end, the Texters are in the top of the closet awaiting Emma’s 25th birthday when she’ll be able to work those things.  In the end, we got her a V-Tech handheld that she loves and can actually play.

The girls got hula hoops because they love Alvin and the Chipmunks and had heard the hula hoop song over and over and over.  Dustin hid them in the truck for two days and didn’t know that inside the hula hoop was water.  When he brought them inside for me to wrap after the girls went to bed, Dust couldn’t figure out why they were so heavy.  The water had frozen during the night!

Ohhh yah!  Have you ever seen the girls in deep concentration.  They take after their Daddy and stick their tongue out.  All of them do this.  And they all grind their teeth at night.  Good thing they didn’t take after my sleep walking!

Ellie got tired of playing animals with Emma and protested by laying in the puppy bed.  She also felt that even without a college degree, she could master the Texters.

So, we broke out the Pictionary during Round 1 of Christmas at Mom and Dad’s house and they brought it to ours for Christmas Day.  Dad and I vs. Mom and Dustin.  Here’s Dad’s drawing of “radiation.”  We’re so screwed.

Ellie got her 42nd box of Play-Doh for Christmas and this latest one was a kitchen.  Here’s Emma using the recipe card for a taco.  I thought it was pretty good!

Mom draws this and Dustin yells “Texas.”  We’re so screwed.

Yah, rub it in.

Emma’s brief stint as time keeper.

I think this was Dad’s drawing for “Bite.”  Dad had a calling for an Art Major.

Ellie’s brief stint as time keeper.  She looks just like Dad when he was her age.

On an “all play” Mom got a little violent even though we were losing.

Everyone in deep concentration.  What am I doing?

Who won???  WHO WON???  It was us.  And we won on Dad’s drawing of “Mushroom.”

Nana, Emma, Ellie and Papa on Christmas Day.

This happens every year on Christmas Day.  We always take down the tree that night because we run out of places to put all the newly acquired gifts!


Christmas Holidays, take one. . .

So here is Round 1 of the Christmas holidays.  I cut the pictures down from 230+ to only 55 or 56.  I totally cut out the voguing I did during our Win, Lose or Draw game.  Let me tell you, it was hilarious.  You would have laughed so hard, you might have peed your pants.  Possibly even snorted a little.  Trust me, it was.  Would I lie to you?  But I did save you the viewer nine pictures of me doing my imitation of Madonna.  So in the end, you’re welcome.

Christmas at Mom and Dad’s involved games from the late 80s early 90s, perhaps a few alcoholic beverages (but then again it is the holidays) and some deep fried turkey.  All in all, a Christmas to remember.  Enjoy the pictures!

One thing or more like two things you can always count on for Christmas presents from Mom is underwear and socks.  As you might be able to tell, mine got some holes in them.  Thanks Mom!

Aaron wanted some boots for Christmas.  He’s so stylish and fashion forward. . .or Mom printed off a picture of some boots and attached the money to the back of the paper.

Anyone remember the “dickie?”  Maybe it’s known as the mock turtleneck?  I found it while Jess was going through Mom’s clothes and choose to wear it for most of the pictures.  Mom just kept saying to take the thing off, but I felt like it was more a tribute to Mom’s earlier years.  Many a Christmas seasons were celebrated wearing this very dickie.  I’m wearing Mom’s dickie. . .okay, I just snorted a little.  I’ll stop.

Jess said it looked like an adult bib. . .sweet!

At what age is it appropriate to get appliances and bakeware?  Apparently it is in your middle to late 20s.  I received a gift like this a few years ago, but this bakeware is awesome!  You don’t even have to put cooking spray on it and everything comes right off.  Burnt on grease, totally wipes off!  I’m refusing to spray the cookie sheets to see if something sticks.  And let me tell you, I am impressed.  And I’m officially old now.

Thank you, back to my 20s.  Yep, I’m a scary biker lady.

I amazingly enough got this picture of Dust pointing out that his current  motorcycle antenna is exactly at eye level and whacks him in the eye when he walks around his bike.  The new antenna is ironically enough around the crouch area, so here’s hoping he won’t have any problems with this one!

Bob was the trash man collecting wrapping paper.

Mom and her girls. . .I feel loved!

No, no.  This is more like the red-headed step child I feel like.  Yes, this picture is more accurate.

Jack reading the Christmas Story from the Bible.  This is a 28-year (at least for me) tradition.

Ellie and her Nana on “Christmas Morning.”  Or a week before.

The one of many “OOOOHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGGGOOOOOSSSSSHHHHH” faces and bead sets.

Goofy Lukey with the spray bottle.

I love this one of Jack.

I didn’t know whether to rotate the picture to where you could see Emma’s face up and down or rotate it to where you were turning your head completely sideways.  So this is what you get.  Emma loves her Tag Reader.

Ellie getting her hair done.

Yep, the crazy socks have been passed down!  I can only hope she sports different colored socks on each foot soon.  Like mother like daughter.

Yeah. . .I can’t wait for the teenage years.

How Luke didn’t throw up on Uncle Dust while he was being spinned around and around and around and around is a wonder to me.  Luke loved it though.

Dust says, “SAY UNCLE!  SAY IT!!  SAY UNCLE!!”  Luke says, “You’re funny Uncle Dust.”

Ellie crawling around with her new crawling baby doll.  Thank God we didn’t get one that pees and poops.  I couldn’t have posted that picture!

These are the best boy cousins ever!

Yah, a friendly game of Twister. . .I was “sorely” mistaken.  My 55-year-old mom slaughtered me, twice.  I’m like, “Let’s play a fun game,” and Mom was like, “YOU’RE GOING DOWN TOW!!”  Okay, maybe it wasn’t like that but I didn’t know you were supposed to make strategic moves in Twister?!?

This is where I think she broke one of my ribs and I know my spleen is in bad shape.  OHHH MY PANCREAS!!!

Yah, Jess and Mom played too. . .Mom won again.

Jess and Aaron really losing bad at Win, Lose or Draw.  Like really bad, it was really, really bad.  Jess had that look of defeat pretty early on in the game.  I think Aaron might have been trying to decide whether or not to put ice cream on the peach cobbler he was fixing to get.  I’m not sure though?!?

If you can’t read this, it has a teeny tiny paintbrush and a 90 degree angle towards the corner of the page.  Mom said, “painted in to a corner.”  You gotta to be freaking kidding me?

I’m a little more agressive when it comes to family board games. . .

Yep, Mom won again.  And Dad too.  I am shocked and speechless.

The Happy Winners.

My two favorite men.  This is a good one of them.

“Now children, do you think you should put your finger in the boiling oil to check the turkey???”

Bob and the turkey.

Jess with the look of, “While you were taking a shower and getting ready, I was helping Mom cook.  Have fun doing ALL the dishes.”  And yes, I ended up doing the dishes.

The handshake of the weekend was, pound it. . .activate.  I’m laughing right now.  Maybe it would make more sense if you were there???

No family resemblance at all?!?

Another good one of Jess.

My brother-in-law Aaron.  He’d give me the shirt off his back if I needed it. . .

maybe not.

My Grandpa, Winston, was so surprised that Ellie ran up and grabbed his hand for the prayer.  Yep, that his surprised look too.

This is Jess’ Biker look.

Jess’ first ride on a motorcycle.

I love this one of Mom.  I’m not sure what Dad is doing in the background though?!?

We’ve converted her!!  Throwing the “rock on” after only one ride!  I’m so proud.

These are Dustin’s nut covers for his Harley he got for Christmas.  I swear to you that’s what the package said.  Okay it didn’t say “Dustin’s Nut Covers” but I’m laughing at my own caption!  Crap, I snorted again.

The only two people in the world that like fruit cake.  My daughter and her Great Grandma.  When Grandma was opening it up, Emma was like, “That looks delicious.  Are you going to eat some?  Can I have some?”

Ahhhh, a surprisingly sweet moment between the loving couple. . .

Yep, that’s more like it.

I love these of Mom and Dad. 

What a great picture.  I love my camera!

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!  What a hottie!  I don’t know if I should let him go out on his bike alone?!?

Ellie telling Daddy to rock on.  I think this is our family sign.  No, in fact I know this is our family sign.

And as much as I love that good picture of Dust above, this is the one that will make me fall in love with the father of my girls over and over again.  Only a Daddy will be a bad biker one second and then make sure to throw the “rock on” to his little girl.

Ellie kept yelling bye to her Daddy.  I think at one point she said, “BE CAREFUL!  WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT!”

 Ellie watching her Daddy ride away. . .okay, that sounded kind of sad.  Ellie watching her Daddy leave. . .nope, still sounds bad.  Ellie watching her Daddy head back home because he has to go back to work tomorrow while she stays at Nana and Papa’s another night with her sister, Mama, cousins, aunt and uncle to have fun.  A little on the detailed side, but not as depressing!


Thanksgiving with my family. . .

We recently started switching Thanksgivings each year with Dustin’s family and my family.  Five and half hours to Jess Tuesday after school and work, started our Thanksgiving 2009.  Next came my and Jess’ road trip to Grandma’s that involved a stop at The Cheesecake Factory, doing a little off roading off the highway to get out of the road construction and then finally looking to see that I was on empty.  How long had I been on “e,” I’m not sure.  However, Jess, the boys and I and the girls arrived at Grandma’s making good time!  The five day mini vacation was a lot of fun and we look forward to another one in two years!!  Happy Thanksgiving!

This was the turkey bow I made this year.


The kiddos were having fun with Uncle Dust.  I’m pretty sure Ellie’s saying, “Say Uncle!!  I’ll get up, but not til’ you say Uncle Daddy!”

We got Nana a Kindle for her birthday/Christmas.  Happy Birthday Mom!

Jackaroo, Nana and Emmernoodle

G-G got all the great grandkids and great-great grandkids toys and had a little party for all of them.

I love being the youngest grandkid.  Yes, I’m 28-years-old and taller than all of them, but I’m still getting picked on.

Me and my big sister.

Ohhh yah, you’re scary.

Dustin taking his frustrations out on my sister/his sister-in-law.  We were playing around with my camera and trying to take some action shots.  Dust came up with punching Jess. . .what a great idea!!

Jess performing the ever so popular clothesline.

I said for Dust to get on the ground and Jess get on top and hog tie him.  She said no.

This photo prompted the Charlie’s Angels pictures.  Nice Farrah hair.

Jess and my “favorite” cousin Christi. . .wait, did I get a picture of Chase yet?!?

Ohhh yah, we’re are so hot.  And this was before the drinking started!

More action shots of us beating up Jess.

Poor Jess.

Playing spoons while the others played poker in the other room.  We were so much louder than them.  I only went on the table once for a spoon.  This particular game is where Mom walked by talking alot of smack and then sat down and won.  Yah, that so wasn’t cool!

My favorite picture!  Christi couldn’t find a lighter.

Ellie and her chocolate pie. 

Emma and her chocolate pie.

Emma taunting Ellie with more chocolate pie.

Ellie licking Emma’s face because she was trying to get the chocolate pie.

Ahhh, time to wake up and head home.

Okay, so we carry our own potty.  Needless to say, we had to open a window. . .

Ellie hiding in Nana and Papa’s car.  Nice try, but you’re coming with us!


meal fit for a king. . .

Only Thanksgiving pictures left to go. . .okay, then there’s Christmas which I don’t even want to think of all the pictures I’m going to take with my new camera this year. . .

We had a great a day on Friday.  Two out of four Tows celebrated their birthdays in a way I would never had imagined.  Dustin chose King & I for dinner.  Mind you the only times Dustin has ever choose King & I or any chinese eatery for that matter has been when I am pregnant.  Maybe that’s why the last two nights I’ve had dreams that I am great with child?!?

Anywho, documentation of such a night had to be made which lead to Dustin being embarrassed that I would bring my huge camera into the restaurant, but alas pictures (only four) were taken of the event.  Much to my shock and dismay, Dustin did agree to going to the mall and Wal-Mart which scares me to think, “What happened to the man I married?!?”  Never has Dust agreed to Wal-Mart AND/OR the mall and definitely not on his birthday.  Apparently change is inevitable in your 30s and you more or less just go with the flow. . .or wherever your wife tells you to go.

He was in true form Saturday night however when I asked (more like told) him to take off his shoes and good pants.  No, it was not Tuesday or his birthday, but I had already done the laundry and wasn’t going to until Wednesday and I am the shoe nazi at my house.  If I could have a NO SHOES sign placed on my door, I would be the happiest person in the world.  I swear I vacuum just about everyday because of the crap that gets brought in. 

Needless to say, he said he was “fixing to” take out the trash.  Four hours later when he “took out the trash” which involved stepping three feet into the garage to put it by the back door to take out tomorrow I asked him, “You kept your shoes on for that???”  Without missing a beat, Dustin responded with, “I did it more out of defiance.  I’m going to go take them off now.”  My family is filled with one and two liners that keep me on my toes day in and day out!


This is me asking Ellie,  “Let me see what your shirt says?” and Ellie saying, “Here’s my belly.”

So cold.  It was like 19 degrees outside.

Silly Ellie


Us at King & I. . .am I pregnant???  That would be a definite NO!

Totally buffet food. . .notice Ellie’s chocolate chip cookie while she’s eating my egg drop soup.  All we need is the buffalo wings and we’ve really hit an awesome all-you-can-eat buffet!

Dustin’s first plate of chicken fried rice with spicy relish and soy sauce accompanied with lemon chicken.  I still can’t believe we are eating here.

Yep, that’s my husband smiling while eating chinese food.  In case you didn’t know, Dustin loathes chinese food.  Hate is not a strong enough word for his feelings about chinese food.

Ellie and her new chicken slippers.  Thank you Grandma for the birthday money.  It lasted two and half minutes in my 3-year-old’s hands before we set our eyes on the chicken slippers that crow.  Do chickens crow or is that just roosters?  Don’t even start asking me the difference between cows, bulls and hefers.  We’ve had that conversation way to many times.

Emma’s monkey slippers that have been around for a while.

The Birthday Duo.  31-years-old and 3-years-old on December 11th.

Due to the early birthday party and hospital stays my children have aquired in the last month, we have been opening presents for awhile.  I saved Aunt Jessie’s gift to Ellie so she would have something to open up on her birthday.  This is actually the next day because we got home too late the night before.

A new cabbage patch baby Roselyn Wilhelmina (I love the middle name and keep saying it at random moments throughout the day.  It’s kind of like Stella, you can’t say it normally can you?  STELLA!!)  And our new rocker dress that will soon be joining the rest of the ensemble that Ellie will get as part of her Christmas from her hip and trendy Aunt Jessie.


feel the pain. . .

We’ve hit Day 16 on our P90X work out.  Every day is getting a little easier and sadly I’ve become that person that actually feels bad if I don’t do the work out.  Mind you I didn’t say I enjoyed doing the work out, I just feel guilty.

We made it two weeks sticking to the diet and then decided that cooking a minimum of three hours a night was not going to work.  Lunches are the chef salads or tuna salad/chicken salad.  Those meals are so much easier and contain fewer ingredients!  We’ve moved the more difficult meals for our dinners and are doing some of our own recipes that are healthy.  The first week I lost eight pounds.  I think my body was in shock that I was putting it through such rigorous training and denying it butter among other foods.  Going into the second week I started going up on the scale and then back down.  Going from Atkins to eating a lot of carbs was a big change, but now I’m back to Atkins.  I don’t want to eat rice or potatoes, I’d rather eat extra broccoli or spinach.  Call me crazy but everyone we’ve talked to that has done P90X NEVER does the diet, so I’m thinking working out seven days a week at an extreme level would make anyone lose weight! 

Yesterday, I really noticed a difference in the “muffin top” area.  That would be the extra skin that falls over your jeans if you wear jeans lower than your waist.  My “muffin top” is slowly going away and I even agree with the compliment that made me almost hit my husband, “my back fat is not as bad as it used to be.”  You have to love the way a man thinks he is giving a compliment! 

Dustin is definitely having results too.  His stomach is becoming more defined, but when you do 349 crunches every other day, you too would see results.  He gets home every afternoon a faithfully does his work out.  Anybody that looks into our front door and sees Dustin sweating like a pig and me sitting on the couch reading and eating a cheese stick or sugar free jello cup would think I’m a bad wife!  I work out in the morning with my friend Robin so that I don’t have to dread the upcoming torture that awaits for me everyday.

All in all, I’m amazed that I’m in better shape, hell, I’m actually in shape now.  The fact that after two c-sections, I’m doing crunches and sit ups again amazes me.  I was doing volleyball rolls in the livingroom this past weekend that I haven’t been able to do in seven years.  Thank you P90X for making me break down and cry because I was so sore and miserable.  Thank you P90X for making me feel guilty that I don’t want to go into town and eat a huge bacon cheese burger with a side of ice cream with caramel and marshmallows (yep, that’s what I’m craving) because I’d rather do my work out and eat chicken salad for lunch.  Thank you P90X for showing me how ungraceful I can be during the yoga segments but still proving I can put my legs over my head while still laying on the ground. . .granted I can’t breathe very well and Robin has to tell me what the next move is because one of my boobs is sufficating me, but I CAN DO THAT YOGA MOVE!!  And lastly, thank you P90X for even making an “easy day” still make me sweat.  I never knew that the day designated for only stretching would make me hurt a little.


This was I think day seven.  Obviously it was a tough work out.  Ohhh, I remember, this was right after the AB RIPPER.  See, I’m still smiling. . .I think?!?


I stayed like this for a while. . .


Here’s the vegetable stir fry.  It was really good.  The diet is really pretty good, but it just lacks something. . .BUTTER!!!


We splurged one night and had pizza.  Dustin said that this better be worth it and I think his next words were, “Ohhgg, my ggggoogg, dis iz gggooodgg.”  Needless to say, sometimes you just have to reward yourself.


Dustin and the best piece of pizza he’s ever had in his whole life!!