edjukashun 101. . .

How many had to sound that out before you smacked yourself in the forehead and said, “Oh, education.”  I’m pretty sure this is how Emma would spell education because if you attended her birthday party and received a thank you note, she spelt everything out a 6-year-old would.  Or really sounded everything out and that’s how it was wrote.  “Ant Debee” was one of my favorite spellings along with thanking Nana and Papa for the “sun ceechers” (sun catchers).  I’m sorry Emma, but the English language is a tough one.

One more day of school tomorrow and it seems like this year has flown by.  Really since January, this year has flown by.  Separation anxiety got the best of my little girl and it was touch and go for the first three months of school.  We had a system and it was cry every morning before school, look like you were going to break down right there in the doorway of your class and then when I picked Emma up at 3:00 p.m. everything was great.  I know Mom is laughing because this was me for church camp almost 20 years ago when I called Mom crying to come pick me up and then by the end of it, I had the best time.  Yep, paybacks.

Emma was exhausted and emotional and we hadn’t even hit the teenage years.  When she was losing weight (which everyone knows she doesn’t have any to lose) and lost her appetite, something had to give.  Emma complained of her throat hurting and I don’t know why I didn’t look there months earlier.  Poor girl, her tonsils were so large they were overlapping.  The ENT we went to said those were the biggest tonsils he had ever seen and about two weeks into December and after her tonsils were taken out, we got our girl back.  All wonderful, loveable, non dramatic (well as dramatic as a normal 5-year-old is) Emma.

Life was now good with Emma and she loved school.  She wasn’t so cranky in the morning which meant that Mama wasn’t so cranky in the morning.  The months before the Christmas break made me think, “I don’t want this to be the next 13 years of school!”  We’ve always known that when Emma doesn’t feel good or is sick, that child is emotional.  Now we’ve got our routine down and every morning is a great morning and Emma talks non-stop until we pull into the driveway after I pick her up from school.  Shocker, I know.

She’s starts a new chapter after tomorrow and my little girl will be a 1st grader in the fall.  How many times have our friends with older kids told us that it happens right before your eyes?  Dustin says how six years has gone by so fast and soon it will be another six.  Soon Ellie will be starting school.  I dread and look forward to it at the same time.  Bittersweet you might say.  I don’t dwell on the past but look forward to what the future has planned for my girls.  But sometimes it is nice after a long day when they’ve had their baths and are in their pajamas, they crawl up in my lap and give me that moment of still being needed or really wanted.  Congratulations Emma on such a big accomplishment.  You’ve made it through Kindergarten, now you’re ready to take on the world. . .well, almost ready, Mama still has to help tie your shoes sometimes!

At the beginning of school, Emma’s teacher had the kids wear the color they were learning about that week.  I didn’t get them all depending if it was raining outside or if we were running late, which we were always running late.  RED day.

This was also Grandparent’s Day.  This was also when Nana, Papa, Meme and Papaw got to witness Emma’s breakdown at lunch time because she didn’t want me to leave her.  Today, the day before school lets out for the summer, was the first time I’ve eaten lunch with Emma since that wonderful day back in the fall.  We’ve come such a long way!  GREEN day.

Not to be left out, Ellie often wore the same color Emma did to school.  Ellie also found a rock she thought needed to be in the picture as well.  GREEN day.

There’s a little sassy in this picture.  By now football season had started and all (and I mean all) the kids in town wear their football jerseys and cheerleading uniforms to school every Friday to show school spirit.  This looks like her little cheerleader pose.  BLUE day.

Here’s my little angel.  Well into October and I am a sucker for Halloween shirts.  Especially after Halloween when they are 50% to 70% off.  You really need to go to Target and stock up, it’s awesome!  BLACK day.

Another one of Emma for the same day.  I tried to get Emma in the same spot for each picture.  You can notice the trees changing and the grass.  BLACK day.

Why is she wearing a mask?  Why does she look like Superman ready to take off his shirt to expose his superhero costume underneath?  She’s 5-years-old, that’s why.  The mask didn’t make it to school, but Emma did think it made an excellent accessory.  I really quit asking questions when she decided to wear her Snow White costume to Abuelo’s for lunch one day.  I went through a different colored sock phase. . .for 13 years. . .she’ll be just fine. . .look at me. . .crap. . .   ORANGE day.


luau and water wedgies. . .

And so begins another year with Emma choosing a swimming party which means every friend of mine hates me. . .lovely I know.  The thought of a bathing suit months before summer and with pale skin all a glow makes me not the most popular person in the room.  It was a really busy weekend and we ended up missing Emma’s second day of her basketball tournament, but her 6th Birthday Party was a blast!

This was the last picture of Emma’s M&M striped cake.  I silently prayed to the birthday cake gods and it made the 45 minute trip intact!

Me and my girls

You can’t tell, but I just went down the slide.  I’m under the water.  I held my boobs for fear of the impact since it’s only been six weeks since my surgery, which meant that I got a nose full of water. . .my boobs were just fine for those of you wondering.

Emma and her best friend Emi

Emma’s Daddy enjoy himself.  The lifeguard didn’t look to thrilled with Dustin not going down feet first.  He’s never been one to follow the rules.

And this sums up our marriage. . .

Emma went down the slide!  This was a pretty big deal.  Emma was offering up Ellie to go first and was even saying, “I think Ellie would be better at this.  Maybe she should go first.” 

 I told her to hold her nose and her Daddy would catch her before she went under.  Sure enough, she held her nose (I’m not sure she breathed the entire way down the slide) and her Daddy faithfully caught her.

Here comes Ellie. . .I told her to hold her nose and you see how well she listens to me. 

This would be part of the “water wedgie” title of this blog.  Or really the losing of the swim suit bottoms.  Ellie was wearing Emma’s old swim suit, so it was a little big and when she flew off the slide so did her bottoms.

And here’s my husband’s daughter, the one who’s not much for rules.  Ellie’s going head first.  How she flipped from me sitting her down at the top of the slide to here at the bottom, it’s a wonder to me. 

Look how skinny and tall Ellie’s got this year!?!  My baby isn’t a baby anymore.  😦

Dustin trying to catch all the girls. . .even the ones that don’t need catching.

It’s the “Papa”razzi!  Him and Dustin were trying to figure out a pulley system to get Dad to the top of the slide before we had the birthday party.  Dad said he could wheel himself into the kiddie part and then float around the lazy river.  Dad and Dustin both got one of the “Mom looks” from Mom.

This is where I got water shot up my. . .well, let’s just say when the water fall part of the pool is going and you’re stepping on the little water fountains, the fountains not covered shoot up with more pressure.

Ellie and her best buddy Ady

Uncle Wes didn’t make it too long before Ellie tracked him down and spent the party with him.

Mom took all the pictures this time around.  We have to come up with something better than “Nana”razzi.  She did carry on the tradition of excessive on the pictures because I think the total was around 175 pictures.

My poor mother-in-law. . .last year she was in the pool and managed to get soaked from my Dad flying down the slide and drenching her.  We’re talking about the ride at Six Flags where you stand on the bridge while the boat goes down the ramp and your thrown against the fence with the water force.  This was Terry last year.  As you can see in the photo this year, Wes is trying to explain (and apologize to his mother) for soaking her yet again this year.  Dad took the opportunity to shout to Terry, “It wasn’t me this year Terry!”

The Birthday Girl and her Mama

Dustin trying to catch more girls. . .so let’s see, my friends in their swim suits and now my husband won’t leave them alone. . .yep, I’m so not popular.

Aunt Katy, Ellie and Uncle Wes. . .don’t they look like the best babysitters. . .I’m thinking yes!

Emma’s request for her annual birthday pool party was a luau theme with leis of every color for EVERY person (adults included), cone hats and an M&M cake. 

making a wish and blowing out the candles

Emma and Ellie. . .typical Ellie refusing to wear the lei and cone hat.  Anyone got an Anarchy in the Pre-K t-shirt?  I think we’ll need one when she starts school in two years. . .

It’s not a party unless you’ve got a hula girl monkey wearing a coconut bra.

Let me tell you Zhu Zhu Pets are the in thing.  Maybe just at our house?  I’m constantly seeing hamster/mice looking creatures scurry across the floor.  At least they aren’t real!

This is Emma’s “OMG” face.  She always explains to me what OMG stands for like I’m not hip with the lingo or something?!?  Is this the first signs of me not being the coolest person she knows???

Only my child would make the OMG face for not just a regular watch, but a watch with a skeleton with a pink hairbow and crossbones.  She wore it to church the next morning.  I know Nana, one day she’ll have a tattoo just like me.  I should totally get a “I love Mom” tattoo for Mom to show her how much I love her. . .she’d totally appreciate that. . .and probably like Jess a little more than me that day. . .

Emi got Emma the watch

Hello Kitty is popular among the 6-year-olds this season, at least it is with my 6-year-old!

Emma’s cousin Alex gave her that.  Something tells me that his Mama had something to do with the very girly gift?!?

This is my best friend Amber and her daughter Ady. . .

This is my husband trying to make a move on my best friend while I’m taking the pictures.  You can totally see him doing his Brooklyn accent and saying, “How you doin’?”  You can see him can’t you.  His mouth is saying those words and I’m pretty sure he’s about to wink.  Next he’ll probably do the gun with his finger.

Even Ellie got a gift from her buddy “My Friend Roland.”  That’s how Ellie refers to him.  He gave her a piece of gum once and she talked all afternoon about how her friend Roland gave her gum.

“My Friend Roland” a little tired after swimming for two hours.  I don’t know if he even made it to the car after the party was over!

Nana got Emma a bunch of sun catchers and paint and put them in baskets for her.  Emma yells, “LAUNDRY BASKETS!!  Thank you so much Nana, thank you Papa!

My friend Robin (one of the ones not too happy with me about wearing a swim suit!) made Emma an adorable outfit.  It was so stinkin’ cute!

Uncle Wes, Emma the Birthday Girl and Ellie the girl who needs a nap

The whole party was focused around Emma’s love of the hula.  She is a hula dancing fool around the house.

She’s also a cone wearing fool.  She went into the restaurant with only one cone hat on after the party.  Ahhh, that’s my girl!!

Easter egg fight. . .

I’m not sure why, but I forget every year of my sister-in-law’s love of confetti eggs at Easter.  Tacie loves those eggs and for the last seven years, we have found confetti in places that you wouldn’t think confetti could get.  At this point, I’m so glad I have the $800 camera so no one comes near me with any eggs! 

Ellie dumping confetti and Tacie and Trae’s dog Memphis.

Ellie’s witch cackling laugh because she dumped confetti on Memphis the dog.

I love this “you want some of this Mama?” face.

The girls got Papaw eventhough he was carrying a video camera.  I don’t think they knew the rules!

Aunt Katy gets the girls. . .

Aunt Tacie gets Aunt Katy. . .

Uncle Wes gets the girls. . .

Katy gets Uncle Wes. . .good. . .down the shirt, in the arm pit hair. . .she got him good. . .

This one was funny.  Emma smashed that egg on her Daddy’s head so hard, but it didn’t break.  I’m pretty sure he had an egg shaped bruise from it though!

Sneaky Uncle Wes hiding the Easter egg.  He and Ellie have a special bond.  I think it’s the second born thing.  Ellie’s his buddy and follows him everywhere when they are together.

It took Ellie a little bit, but she found the egg. 

The money egg!

Again, sneaky Uncle Wes.  Ellie opened her money egg and Uncle Wes got the money.  He kept putting it in eggs she’d already opened and getting it back in her bucket.  By the end of the it, Ellie had opened five money eggs and Emma didn’t think it was very fair that she had only one.

See the family resemblance of the center child and the one on the right?  Their smiles crack me up?  Adyson’s probably in mid yawn and I don’t have an excuse for Ellie.

It looks like Emma didn’t even move from the last picture.  There’s Adyson’s smile and Ellie’s wondering what candy she’s going to eat first.

Emma poses for another picture, Adyson’s concentrating on getting the sucker to her mouth and Ellie’s finally smiling.

And it’s not a family get together without a picture of my brother-in-law Wes posing for the “statue of Wes” photo.

The Tow Family

The other Tow Family

The married into the Tow Family:  Adyson and her Daddy

Easter pandamonium. . .

We had a great Easter weekend that involved beautiful weather with surprisingly very little wind.  Friday was a little cold, but Emma’s class got to go to the gazebo across from the courthouse for her Easter Party.  I was in charge of desserts and yet again, was not allowed to go.  Emma will tell me, “Mama, I know I’ll cry if you come up to the school and I don’t get to leave with you.  I know I’ll get in trouble at home for crying at school, so I don’t want you to come.  We’ll try this maybe in the 1st grade.”  At least she’s being honest with herself!

We also are trying a new church here in town.  How awesome is it to sleep in Sunday morning, leave three minutes before church starts and still get there with two minutes to spare?!?  Dustin was the time keeper and kept telling us that we had to get going.  We got in the truck and when he sat down in the driver’s seat, he spilled his coffee on his dress pants.  How I managed not to hold my tongue on not make a comment about the time is still a wonder to me!  The girls had fun hunting easter eggs and ate at least two pounds of sugar during church.

Another round of cupcakes.  They are supposed to be easter eggs sitting in grass.

The chocolate cupcake is supposed to be the dirt on the ground.  I asked Emma if she knew what everything was and she got it.  She also loves cookies and cupcakes and would have told me anything I made looked wonderful.  Sweet girl.  Knows exactly what to say to make her Mama feel good.

easter egg #24

Emma the Kindergartener

Emma wanted to hold the easter egg cupcakes and then was saying, “This is really heavy Mama!  Hurry and get the picture!”

“I found an egg.”

“God Almighty!  Who put lemon drops in these eggs?!?”  I love this picture.

Emma here is thinking someone is about to grab this egg she saw from the next lawn over. .

She dove on the ground and in the process lost all of her eggs.  Silly girl! 

Ellie’s not too sure about the Easter Bunny.  This so reminds me of Steel Magnolias!!  “We’ll talk about uncomfortable when you’re nine months pregnant!”

I had on 4″ heels and apparently my head kept getting cut out of the picture.  We opted for a sit down (or as Ellie thought lay down) family photo.

This is the ultimate big sister/little sister picture.  “I’m not touching you.”  “She’s touching me!”

Now they are friends again.

Ellie’s facial expressions are priceless.

Notice the t-shirt Dustin chose to wear on Easter Sunday.

This is one of the 200 pictures Dustin tried to take of us girls.  Ellie smiled for two of them.

The sugar made her a little tired and she was ready to lay down.

This is one of the two of her smiling.

We got the girls some easter toys and I cracked up when I saw the bunny mask.  The girls are such suckers for glasses or masks!  They love anything that has a “Super Hero” look to it.

As always, Ellie can never puts her mask on straight.  So she always ends up being the trusty sidekick. . .with alot of bruises because she can’t see where she’s going.

It’s the Easter Dinosaur?!?  I love the toys in the Easter aisle at Wal-Mart!

Nurse Ratched. . .

Let it be known that the Jackson women are not good nurses.  It must be passed down from generation to generation.  My Grandma almost electrocuted my Papa when she got a bucket of warm water to soak his feet and then thought it might be a good idea for him to shave with the electric razor.  Jess and I would complain about our stomach, head, left pinky, etc. hurting before school started and Mom would tell us exactly how we would spend the day in bed. . .with no TV. . .no music. . . no coloring. . .no play-doh.  It’s a miracle!  My left pinky feels better.  I think I’ll go to school.  And don’t even think of getting sick on a Wednesday. 

Now Mom has had her fair share of nursing Dad over the years.  I would have thought Dad would have learned by now, but he must really love the care he gets from my mom.  I hope that’s not interpreted as a sexual reference because. . .yuck.  Dustin has learned about this family trait and knows that if he gets sick, I do not have sympathy.  I will follow you around with Lysol and make you stay in one designated area.  I will not boil a chicken for chicken noodle soup.  He’s lucky he got a better job because I’ll buy Progresso soup rather than Campbell’s chicken noodle.  Dust would rather  fight the flu for three weeks without medicine, but in the process get all of us sick.  I don’t want to hear that you have coughed so hard your back hurts.  I think he knows this statement just irritates me.  But in my defense, it’s not my fault.  Really. 

I’ve spent a few days this week over at Dad’s to “take care of him” when Mom has to go get something.  By taking care of him, I’ve got him some water with lemon, some fruit and I’ve fetched a walker.  I must be doing a good job because he’s only called me Nurse Ratched one time.  I’ve never seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but something tells me that being called Nurse Ratched is not a compliment.  Besides the fetching I have done, I have got to have some good conversations with Dad and watched quite a bit of Food Network. 

So all in all, this week has been a lot of fun for me.  Maybe not so much for Dad or  Nurse Nana, but I’ve enjoyed myself.  Ellie can’t wait to go over there and see Dad’s leg.  She’s all about the scars and blood or lack there of.  If there ever was a nurse in our family, it would be Ellie.  Wait, I’ve seen her throw her babies down when they cry, spank them for being bad or step on them if they are in the floor.  We might have to re-evaluate that career choice.  I think if you asked her right now what she wanted to be when she grows up, I’m pretty sure a puppy or a kitty would be at the top of her list.  She just came in from outside and said she wanted to be the Tooth Fairy.  I wonder if they have a good dental insurance. . .okay that was lame but pretty funny!

Dad has to give himself a shot twice a day.  Ellie’s fascination tells me that someday in the future, my child will come home with a tattoo and I will experience what Mom and Dad went through with me.  I know, paybacks a b*%$@#.

I’m surprised Ellie didn’t offer to give Papa the shot.  At this point, if Emma were in this picture, she’d either be dry heaving off the edge of the bed or passed out on the floor.

Papa at work and Ellie getting settled in for the afternoon.

Ellie hard at work while Papa is at the “office.”

Papa and Ellie

In the previous post about Dad, the doctor went through his knee to “pound” out the shaft.  Here is Dad’s bandage for that one.

He has 20 staples in his knee. . .

and 64 staples in his hip.  Funny story about Ellie after I had my surgery.  The doctor wrote on my chest with a marker so he would know where to cut.  I couldn’t take a shower for a couple of days, so I had marker still on me when the girls came back home.  One day I noticed that Ellie had marked on her chest like Mama.  We had to have a conversation about staples and how they only go on paper.  I bet not too many 3-year-olds have this conversation with their Mama?!?

Nurse Ratched, I mean Mom cleaning Dad’s hip incision.

This kind of makes my toes tingle. 

The modesty police. . .aka Mom. . .kept telling me not to get Dad’s hiney (I have small children, therefore, I have not used the word butt in about six years).  Ironically enough, the word “crap” flows freely from my mouth??? 

Ellie was holding Papa’s hand and making him feel better while Mom doctored him up.

Me being the curious one in the family got a tape measure for Mom to measure Dad’s new scar.  Straight across it’s 17″ but following the curve of the scar it’s about an inch or two longer.

If you take into consideration that Mom has changed Dad’s bandages twice a day for 10 to 14 days after surgery for the past six hip replacements, she has done this approximately 120 to 168 times.

The “AB” on Dad’s leg is his doctor’s initials.  That way when he gets into the operating room, they know who’s patient he is.  I’d just check the chart, but that’s me.  I also like to sign my handy work too!

I don’t know what hurts more.  A hip replacement or taking off a sticky bandage twice a day.  You can’t do the count to three and rip really fast approach.  That’s a toss up.  Or maybe eyebrow waxing.  Geez Louise, now that’s painful.

Dad’s mysterious bruise.  I’m not sure if it looks better or not?

A good one of Ellie and Dad.  She told Papa she would pray for his bruise on his arm when she went to bed that night.  He said, “What about Papa’s leg?” and Ellie was like, “Okay, I’ll do that too.”  Ellie’s thinking, “Nevermind Papa’s hip, did you see that bruise?”

Nothing like a hug from your granddaughter to make you feel better.

I love Ellie’s face.  This is her “Ohh me goss” face.  (oh my gosh)

When you’re as crafty as Nurse Nana, you learn a few tricks over the years.  She uses saran wrap or a ziploc bag to keep the gauze in place while she pulls the stocking over it.  Once the stocking is in place, pull the saran wrap slowly and the gauze stays in place.  I tell you what.  Mom’s handier than a pocket on a shirt.  And in the words of Mom, “This isn’t just a stupid face.”  Yah, she said stupid rather than pretty.  We’ve never let her forget that one.  I love my Mom.  🙂

no road rash. . .

Emma turned six last Thursday and started the surprisingly painless process of riding a bike without training wheels.  Daddy’s only slammed her into one parked car, so we think it’s going pretty well!  Today we moved from Ellie’s bike to Emma’s bike.  Her bike is very heavy, which probably means it’s really well made, so she was pretty funny to watch swirving back and forth.  How she didn’t fall is a wonder to me, but she did great.  I don’t know how Dust didn’t trip over her, but both stayed up and Emma totally has riding a big girl bike with no training wheels down. . .as long as it’s a straight path with few parked cars in the street.

Not to be left out of quality “Daddy Time,” Ellie ran down the street to have Daddy put on Ellie’s helmet.

You can tell this helmet is Dustin’s old helmet and is somewhat too big for Ellie.  She kept raising her head up and letting the weight of the helmet pull her head back.  Then she’d look down and her head would whip back down.  How she managed not to fall is wonder to me as well.

Dust is giving Emma a pep talk.  Over the last six years, he’s learned you can’t tell you little girl to suck it up and just do it.

His version of the “suck it up and do it” speech was, “You’re just going to have to be tough and ride without training wheels.”

And there she goes. . .

This is one of the many times up and down the block. . .

I’m sure Dustin can tell you exactly how many times he ran up and down the block.

He was smart not to drink a beer before the riding lesson this time.  I kept telling him this was good cardio.  I thought it was pretty funny.  At this moment, I’m so glad I had a breast lift and can’t run!

There they go. . .

Emma thinks that her bike is the one in charge, so she kept saying, “Steer straight, steer straight Bike.”  Silly girl.

This is just the first of many “Mama?!?” looks I’m going to get over the next decades.  I’m so glad the child doesn’t know how to roll her eyes.

And the coolest part of not having training wheels is you get to use the kick stand.

Emma and Daddy pounding it after a job well done.

Then Dustin got the “Daddy?!?” look when he bent down and kissed her because he was so proud of her.

my really hip Dad. . .

When the “Papa”razzi can’t take pictures, leave it to his daughter to fill in and get the job done.  I guess for this blog entry, I’m the “Mama”razzi?!?  Still doesn’t have as good of a ring as Dad’s nickname nor did I take enough pictures.  I think I’ve disappointed him!

Dad had his 6th hip replacement Tuesday.  His leg started making a crunching sound when he walked two weeks ago which landed him a doctor’s appointment with his orthopaedic surgeon.  That informative appointment made the discovery of not only did Dad need a new hip, but the pop sound he heard and felt six months ago in his shoulder was him tearing his rotator cuff.  He needed to get his shoulder fixed first because he has to use crutches for a couple of months with no weight on his leg.  Where’s our time table?  That’s right, crunching noise made dr. appt. on Thursday.  Pop noise makes future shoulder surgery in the very near future.  Thank God his hearing is intact to hear all these wonderful sounds. . .and the fact that he has a full head of hair, that’s always nice when you’re a man in your 50s (poor Dust, he’s only 31-years-old).  Now we’re up to date.

So why did Dad have a new hip put in on Tuesday?  Sunday afternoon Dad slipped but didn’t fall on the wet grass at the house just enough to probably make a really horrible sound which ambulances and emergency rooms were involved.  But leave it to my Dad to know the EMTs whom he’ and Mom had dinner with the night before at a golf association function.  The man is fastened to a stretcher while they are probably taking his blood pressure and talking to the EMT in the passenger seat about how his daughter (me) and her son graduated high school together.  The gift of gab my father has even when he can’t move! 

Now it’s Thursday and Ellie and I had lunch with Mom at the hospital.  Ellie’s all about the blood and wires and needles.  She watched Papa get his blood drawn when he went into the hospital while Emma curled up in Nana’s lap and covered her ears while Nana covered her eyes so she couldn’t hear or see anything.  Ellie had Dustin pick her up so she could watch the needle go into Papa’s vein.  Emma is so sensitive and wears her heart on her sleeve, she kept asking me if it hurt my heart that Papa was in the hospital and if was making me almost cry like it did her.  Sweet girl.  I don’t even have the heart to tell her what child birth is like.  However, Papa proved to be a fun lunch date for little Miss Ellie Bellie.  She was not disappointed with the wires and tubes coming out of Papa today.  Plus the noises his bed made when it aired up the mattress and his leg she’s got enough to talk about all weekend. . .she’s can’t wait to go back!

Papa the patient. 

One of the many bruises Dad has on his body.

The doctor had to go through Dad’s knee to “pound” the titanium hip out.  Dad’s doctor later told Dad he got quite a workout during his surgery removing Dad’s hip.  Just thinking about that makes me a little queasy.

I never asked, but like all of Dad’s other hip surgeries, I think the hip incision is about a foot long.  I could be wrong.  I’m sure Dad will leave a comment with the exact measurements!

This is a tradition passed down from my sister and I and now to Ellie.  Ellie is holding Papa’s old hip.  How many show and tells did we take one of Dad’s hip to in elementary school?  Guaranteed show stopper right there.  Dad’s hip even outranked my autographed New Kids on the Block poster and Jonathan Knight pillowcase.  Okay, when you’re done laughing, you can go to the next photo.

My 3-year-old and her Papa’s hip.  And yes, she’ll carry on the tradition of taking Papa’s hip to show and tell.  I don’t think Emma will touch it though.  If she knows blood has been anywhere near something, she starts dry heaving.  Good times at our house with Ellie constantly hurting herself and Emma finding a trash can.

Nana explaining the way Papa’s hip looked before Sunday.  Not connected and in need of a replacement.

The placement of Papa’s hip after Sunday.  I think I might be in need of a trash can. . .move over Emma.

Dad explaining what a hip should look like for everyone.  Mom kept telling Dad to cover up eventhough you couldn’t see anything.  I told him my blog is rated PG-13, so I’m pretty sure nudity is prohibited (I frequent the word damnit occassionally, so it gets a PG-13).  Plus my Dad naked is not on my TOP 10 THINGS TO SEE list.  His bacon wrapped chicken is on my TOP 10 THINGS TO EAT BEFORE YOU DIE list though.  Am I the only one with multiple lists???

The breaking of the hip.

I wish my camera would have focused on the bottom of the rod rather than Dad’s fingers.  The end is supposed to be smooth and it was being “pounded” out of Dad’s leg so it’s a little banged up.  Little queasy and my knee just started hurting.

Papa’s lunch date.  Ellie enjoyed the pepperoni pizza and Papa’s milk and he also saved her his runny milkshake.  Gotta love liquid diets.

If you know my Dad, he carries pictures of his grandkids in the front pocket of his dress shirts.  Mom took these off the fridge at the house so that Papa could have some pictures in his hospital room.  He could also show the doctors and nurses which grandkid he was talking about at that given time.  I guarantee you, his nurses will know my and Jess’ kids’ names, ages, favorite colors, what they want to be when they grow up and funniest moments before he gets out of the hospital.  What can I say, Papa loves being a Papa.  🙂

I thought Dad’s yellow foot was funny looking.

Ellie and I couldn’t agree on the kabloom (she’s thinks they are called kabloom rather than balloon) for Papa.  I wanted the Bob the Builder or Handy Manny giant balloon and Ellie wanted the heart shaped very grandmotherly kabloom.  We found one with butterflies and flowers and the fact it did say “get well” was awesome.  I’m positive if Ellie would have seen the balloons with babies on them, Dad would have gotten a balloon that said “Congrations on your new baby girl!” 

Papa and Ellie before we headed back home to pick up Emma from school.  She’s looking at the bruise on his forearm!  Get well soon Papa.  We can’t wait to color monster trucks and sit in your lap and watch Kung Fu Panda with you!